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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The Covid Budget: The Tories want you to believe they are ready to “Level Up” after a decade of “Decimating Down!” Boris Johnson has tried to disown the appalling past track record of the Tory Government in which he was a prominent serving minister, but we cannot let him get away with this “not me Gov” deception. The majority of us suffered under the wholly unnecessary Tory Austerity Agenda, so let’s get the catch phases right on the money, so that the glossy new coating slapped on by callous Tory spin doctors, with the help of our compliant right wing media, does not continue to own the narrative. Promote the Hashtag: #TORIESDECIMATINGDOWN

What were the Tories responsible for? There must be a few choice phrases that would really sum up the pain inflicted by Tory greed on large sectors of the UK population through their ten years of ideologically motivated exploitation and neglect. They have been consistently Uncompromising to the Unemployed; Defiling the Disabled; Pummelling the Poor; Debasing the Destitute; Hammering the Homeless; Deporting the Defenceless and Brexit will further decimate the life chances of all the children growing up in poverty along with our underappreciated and overburdened young people in the UK.

We cannot remain so desperate to appease and cooperate in this time of national crisis that we allow the Tories to inflict even greater harm under the ruse of combating the Covid 19 virus. If the virus is not appropriately contained it might present a unique opportunity for these proven unscrupulous politicians to cull vulnerable sectors of the population by conveniently Extinguishing the Elderly; Annihilating the Addicted and “cleansing” our streets of rough sleepers under a sudden rapid deployment of their pledged expansion of the trespass laws designed to target the gypsies. First they came for the gypsies…

The reality of what was not mentioned in the Budget should deeply trouble us all, because while the assistance to small businesses will bring welcome relief to that sector, it is their business rates that cover the spiralling cost of Social Care, Youth Services and all of the other vital public services Councils provide with less and less support from this Tory Government. There was a casual mention of the barest minimum of funding to local authorities that will struggle to combat the impact of a dramatic fall in their current revenue while experiencing an increased burden of responsibility due to the demands of combating Covid 19.

By leaving this gaping hole in the social safety net unaddressed the Government must fully understand which citizens, in which vulnerable sectors, will be hardest hit by the consequences of their repeated deliberate neglect. Luckily for the Tories, during a time of national crisis the inadequacies and failings within our infrastructure can be just written off as unavoidable collateral damage. This will be especially true if the Tory Government policies come under the grotesque total absence of scrutiny that will no doubt be gifted to them by the BBC and our right wing media in general.

There was vague mention of the huge sector of our working population who are engaged in zero hours contract jobs, where their employers have no obligation to cover sick pay and they cannot afford to take time off. The expendable work force of poorly paid slave labour individuals might try to access the dysfunctional benefit system to undergo the humiliation and torment meted out by DWP in the hope of receiving £93 a week to subsist on. The UK has the lowest statutory sick pay in the EU despite being one of the wealthiest countries in the world: this is truly a disgrace.

Ricky Sunak gave the strong impression he was preparing to “Splash the Cash” in his “End of Austerity” Tory Budget a day ago, but as per usual much of the money belonged to repeat announcements of pledges that habitually remain unfulfilled year on year. “Potholes over People” and bold proposals for infrastructure spending that could evaporate after the lengthy obligatory reviews. This was just a massive distraction technique as these serial liars promise to repair the “Decimating Down” of a decade of Tory damage and neglect.

The “Magic Money Tree” was repatriated from its overseas tax haven and Boris found a few billion stuffed down the back of that wine stained sofa; all of a sudden the Tories went on a Keynesian spending spree: big-up the hype over innovation and don’t forget to mention that “Green crap!” Tories are incapable of any real change of direction… Undoubtedly it was considered best not to mention the much anticipated end to the cruel benefit freeze that has impoverished so many throughout the UK; that might remind recently deceived voters of who put this draconian measure in place.

No one is supposed to notice this sleight of hand over trotting out former abandoned financial pledges and downplaying the catastrophic of “Decimating Down” harm caused by austerity that has left our NHS grossly unprepared to combat the Covid 19 pandemic. It is time to start screaming “First do no Harm” as the current planning does not focus on the elderly and most vulnerable because these people are an expendable burden on the wealthy elite. A measured and humane policy would isolate those most at risk so that our NHS is not suddenly overwhelmed, but do not expect compassion from a Conservative: that is just hype.

So many disabled and vulnerable people have already died unnecessarily due to the work capability assessments, DWP sanctions and being driven onto the street in destitution with cruel restriction the Tories have enforced to deliberately target the poor. We could endure even greater carnage, with an accelerated death toll, as a result of policies driven by their greed as we get set to endure another decade of Tory punishment if we fail to remove them from power. Or, we could fight back. Please, read, sign, share and Link to this vital Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.