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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Controversially, and to much public outcry, the Victoria Derbyshire has already been banished from the airwaves. Did you notice that now “Politics Live” has just disappeared from the schedule without warning? Obviously the Tories did not need any dissenting voices from the opposition or guests and they did not want their own MPs challenged live on air: it had to go. We inch closer to becoming a police state with total control over the state owned media. We must fight back.

So we are left with those dreadful daily “News Conferences” that are a one way indoctrination featuring Tory policy from the great leader; as uninspiring as a Tory Party political broadcast, but with supportive questioning cherry-picked from the right wing media. There are the two selected science “experts” chosen for their support of the dangerous eugenics experiment of “Herd Immunity!” Boris Johnson “wears” the loyal, quasi legitimizing powers of these two Tory science stooges like “the Emperors New Clothes,” hoping they will deflect the growing international criticism of his abandonment of UK Covid 19 reporting obligations to the WHO.

With his usual nauseating bluster Boris claims we will: “Get on top of it” as if he is talking of mounting the misses! Johnson blithely boasts of an end in sight twelve weeks hence with not a shred of evidence to support his delusional optimism. Best not to mention his cracking joke about alternative ventilator manufacturers producing equipment for a program he wanted to call “Operation Last Gasp!” He was advised that his comment really was far too sick for prime time.

Despite the increasing impact of the Pandemic, several much needed Hospitals will still close as nothing can be allowed to get in the way of the Tory stealth dismantling of the NHS. A pity he couldn’t sell that “Herd Immunity” strategy to the public; their confidence in the lying toad making disastrous decisions to sacrifice thousands of predominantly elderly patients was so unacceptable Johnson was forced to pretend he had never mentioned his “Final solution” for Social Care. Time to tone down the “many of you will lose loved ones” Churchill style rallying cry and put the onus on the public following orders: you will survive, but only if you’re good! That way if the death toll climbs you can blame public non-compliance.

One plan to “Slaughter the Sheeple” man not be foiled as his dithering over the logistics could abandon those forced into self-isolation to starve due to lack of funding and inability to access food supplies. Blame it on the confused elderly too “stupid” to order Online, blame it on lack of family support or cash strapped Councils not providing care or carers off sick; Johnson will walk away from the collateral damage unscathed as usual: it is never his fault. If Johnson can maintain his tight control of the media the public will never learn the most shocking facts. He has postponed important decisions until embarrassed into following the lead of the devolved governments – some leadership!

There are many important issues I am really passionate about aside from Covid 19 and crash-out Brexit, austerity, the plight of the homeless, destitution on Universal Credit, victimization of the disabled, our exploited and abandoned young people, but also the disastrous foreign policy towards the Palestinians, the children of Yemen killed with bombs we sell to the Saudis as well as the Persecution of political prisoner Julian Assange. None of these issues will ever be dealt with until we are able to remove this toxic Tory Government from office.

The 2019 General Election was rigged and we will continue to suffer the consequences until we Investigate the Election Result, expose the truth and overturn the vote. You were right to point out Ell, that our time to correct this injustice is limited, but we can potentially appeal to the EU as European Citizens at least until December. Impeachment may not have been resorted to for a very long time, but these are extraordinary circumstances and we cannot afford to be complacent or constrained by convention. Above all we cannot give up as Tory inaction, blunders and deliberate cruel neglect will cost lives: there is now far too much at stake.