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Here comes a fairly brilliant idea. In a time when everyone is worried, the chips are down for many, no cultural diversion, no sport and only a grainy netflix to sit on our backsides for, we need something to boost global moral.

1) Announce it worldwide to prepare one act per country, whittled down over two weeks to present the oline favorite in each respective country.

It is then that one camera wo/man films this act in each country, no touching at all. By a certain date, these acts are transmitted on TV for us to vote on, either online or by phone ( free or for a small fee,10n p, to pay for the camera work).

No need for large halls or bling or any presenters bar one who collates the votes.
It is open to any country worldwide and it is screened for as many days ( for one or two hrs/day) as it takes to see them all.
The final vote globally decides the numbers and we have one winner.
The can be one person or a group, an old or new song, it does not matter, the idea is to boost the moral of people that have been stuck at home for weeks.

I have talked to many, some who never were interested in Eurovision like me, and they all said its a great idea they would watch.
This is not about profits, but a cultural move to boost global confidence and moral.

I have no idea how to organise it as I do not work in the media, but the idea is to make it as safe as possible for all, without the bling, a simple cultural response to this wretched virus.
If everyone shares this widely, somebody with the nous will pick it up and run with it.
thanks in advance