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I am delighted for Peter Moore and his family. The invasion of Iraq was very wrong, but Peter Moore was not a combatant or engaged in reprehensible occupation activities. My own FCO contacts tell me two interesting things: firstly that claims there was something sensitive and secret about Peter Moore’s IT work, aimed at Iran, are wrong, and secondly that the Guardian take on the release is essentially right.

Which is interesting, as Miliband is strenuously denying the Guardian story about the link to the release of Qais al-Khazali. My friend – who is a senior member of the FCO and has been operationally involved in the case – says that there was a link and the FCO were very conscious of it.

Looks like Miliband is lying yet again. Now there’s a shock.

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8 thoughts on “Peter Moore

  • Hugh Kerr

    Thanks for that Craig as usual your post is well informed which is why you must keep blogging even if you do anger a few! Happy New Year to you and Nadira and Cameron.

  • dreoilin

    I’d say David Miliband lies through his teeth at the drop of a hat. And he’s as hard as nails, much harder than his brother – which means he’ll go far. But what do I know? I make snap judgements about people I’ve only seen speaking on TV, and never met in my life. But I wouldn’t trust David Miliband as far as I could throw him and I couldn’t even pick him up. He’ll make PM, for sure. He has both the hardness and the deceit, IMO.

  • ingo

    I’ll second your thoughts on Milliband, dreoilin, you catch him, I’ll do the throwing and picking up (:-), well I would try, if his bouncer would look away…

  • Ingo

    A friends post reminded me of the kidnapped Chandler couple, wanting to be free by Christmas has not come about and the FCO seems to be dragging its feet, all fervour is directed on blaming and shaming Iran in an ever increasing crescendo of aquisations and bad mouthing.

    This is the last I have heard, does naybody have any ideas what the state of play is with these two OAP’s?

  • tony_opmoc

    I know absolutely nothing about Peter Moore, but for a bloke who is 36 years old – when I saw his photo – he reminded me of Bill Tarmey.

    But working in IT can take it out of you.

    Jack Duckworth is only 68


  • Anon

    Peter Moore went there for the money but got alot more than he bargained for. He is very lucky to have come out alive albeit somewhat older than when he arrived.

  • Peter McBride

    I just wish those Africans had got Tim Spicer, along with Mann, and given him a dose of his own medicine.

    I’m against torturing human beings.

  • Goldfinger

    Funny thing is, if you look at that video of him when he was captured he had a thick head of dark hair and a bushy black beard. Now he’s totally grey.

    Unless of course it was a disguise to make himself more Arabic looking.

    I wonder does Rory Stewart have disguises like that?

    I see that that dimwit Iain Dale has a stupid article about Rory walking the length and breadth of his constituency with nary a mention of Rory’s secret life.

    What a total waste of space.

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