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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Don’t we all feel so secure in the knowledge that our leaders have consistently made all the right choices? Not! Why squander money on protective kit for your expendable NHS staff in preparation for a global Pandemic that might still be a few months or even a few years off? Instead you should prioritize the renewal of our Trident Nuclear deterrent so you can claim strategic importance in a war that would totally annihilate almost everything on the entire planet! To an Eaton educated toff that makes perfect sense… A really “strong leader” is going to opt for complete wipe out of the human race; why doesn’t Corbyn get the importance of that? How unpatriotic! Now Jo Swinson, she is on side; Boris can count on drafting her in to push the button as she’s said she was up for that.

So here we are grotesquely unprepared for the biggest challenge our nation will face since the Second World War knowing that our Government has funded those Nuclear subs to protect us from an enemy that will probably never be foolish enough to strike even if they had a valid reason to do so. The jingoistic politicians will invent a reason just to ramp up the fear and concern over an enemy that has never attempted to be openly hostile towards us. We need to construct an enemy or we cannot justify the need for a deadly deterrent and without all that animosity and sabre rattling our MPs would shrink back down to the scared, diminished little boys they really are behind that Eaton arrogance.

Without that constant fear of the Russian threat we might have progressive Socialist politicians trying to divert the funding for our precious arsenal towards programs that are genuinely needed to secure public safety and the tangible welfare of us all. How unspeakably abhorrent that, after the neo-liberal decimation wrought by Thatcher and a decade of austerity, we might actually vote for a Government that was firmly focused on the public good. It was such a crying shame that when the progressives offered real hope to our nation, desperate for change, their victory was snatched away by Tory fraud in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

It was such a cruel trick when Tories doubled down to gloat, brandishing that grotesque lie about “borrowed votes” and forcing Labour MPs to grovel in humiliation to reinforce the validity of that totally inexplicable Covert 2019 Rigged Election result. They would have worked hard to end the grinding poverty, deprivation and suffering that a decade of unnecessary austerity cuts had inflicted on most UK citizens. They would have raised the living wage, and scraped Universal Credit: the driving force of destitution, homelessness and reliance on food banks. They would have build affordable homes for ordinary people to live in ending the insecurity of the private rental profiteering.

Aside from the enticing election pledges, there were sound underlying policies like the “Green New Deal,” Nationalization of utilities and transport, but also the investment in neglected infrastructure gutted by years of senseless Tory cuts. There would not have been time to strengthen our flood defences to avoid the deluge that swamped so many homes, but it would not have been ignored by a part-time PM holidaying on a Caribbean island and immediately forgotten the second the water subsided! The years of underfunding our NHS could not have been fixed overnight, but it would have been an urgent priority under Labour.

When Covid 19 first appeared in Wuhan a responsible Government would have assessed the inherited lack of vital kit and staffing resources, quantified the potential risk to our country and prepared accordingly by first making sure that our NHS was braced for the devastating potential of a global Pandemic. We knew this was on its way in January so this urgent task should have been at least partially accomplished before the end of February with a basic set of precautionary restrictions advised for the most at risk groups, vigilant checks at points of border entry, testing and tracing. We will never get on top of this crisis until the Government adheres to the WHO demand to test, test, test!

There will be little to celebrate by December of 2020 as the Tory team plan to crash us out of the EU without a deal, severely compounding the extreme hardship that will be gripping the nation even if we have managed to emerge from the trauma of the Covid 19 Pandemic. It would be typical of the sick mind of Boris Johnson to promote Covid 19 Christmas decorations in “fever red” and iridescent bilious green, obscene blobs with lots of protuberances to lodge on the festive tree! I doubt it would occur to him that half the population would be too impoverished to celebrate even if they were not starving.

In really does not have to be this way, but we cannot afford to procrastinate any longer; we must take the actions necessary to remove this rogue Tory Government ASAP before their abysmal poor judgement causes even more catastrophic harm. December is a harsh deadline where we will lose any right to appeal to the EU for justice and help to correct the Covert 2019 Rigged Election the result that scuppered our right to a democratic confirmatory vote on Brexit. It is not too late to challenge the rigged vote if we can gather the crucial evidence.

The EU cannot ignore the risk of the far Right Nationalist takeover in Hungary and Poland; they must try hard to re-establish the democratic rules that govern the EU and maintain a peaceful collaboration between all member states. The EU should also act swiftly to prevent the UK from becoming a Singapore style tax haven on the edge of the continent, exploiting its citizens in a virtual slave state; they could try to help us rescue our democracy. The consequences of refusing to get involved will see the EU dominated by dangerous authoritarian Dictatorships. We cannot allow Covid 19 to become the vehicle helping to enable this nightmare scenario to evolve in the UK.