A tweet from the Sun 9

A tweet from the Sun:

Sun_Election Tonight’s Sun/YouGov poll reveals that Nick Clegg has failed to repeat his poll surge after the second leaders debate…

The anti-Lib Dem campaigning by Murdoch is so blatant it is really not funny. Now when they release the figures for their daily poll, the LibDems are the only party who have increased their vote share on the day before.

Tory 34, LD 29 (up 1), New Labour 29

This was the first opinion poll taken after the hounds of hell of the entire Tory media were released on Nick Clegg yesterday. How Murdoch must be frustrated at the loss of his iron grip on British public opinion. Expect new heights of hysterical Tory attack in the week ahead.

I now have a source within YouGove who tells me that in fact the poll showed the LibDems in the lead and Con on 30, but that was before “adjustment”.

YouGove, you have some disgruntled employees. Again if you want to deny this, I will publish your denial. There have been visits to this site from the YouGove server all day.

A roundup of some brilliant dissections of media bias here.


I didn’t realise it was the great Justin who invented #nickcleggsfault.

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9 thoughts on “A tweet from the Sun

  • Titus

    Check this story from the bbc a week ago. Bare in mind that this story is all about the LibDems and what people think of them. Now check the words used in between the text of the piece, there are three of them. For no apparent reason the words they decided to use in bold type ‘facism”Conviction’ and ‘Just a show’ all very very negative. words placed into a piece discussing the lib dems and Clegg


  • Shaft

    Slightly off topic but…

    On the announcement today that “…the economy was 0.2% larger between January and March than in the previous three months,…”

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time. Yes ‘Recovery’ is one of those words that do it.

    … let’s explain it all again another way. Imagine you run a small company making £1 million per year. Your sales go down £300, 000 meaning turnover this year is £700, 000. You can’t pay the staff and you are going out of business fast. You borrow £350M, ooo from the bank. You add what you borrowed to your reduced turnover and now you have €1,050, 000. The you go round telling everyone that your turnover has increased.

    The government has done that. If Gordon Brown borrows and prints more money then that will go through the economy and it will look like growth but it’s not. They borrow money and add it to earnings and call it GDP. Then they say they are out of recession and the media apes the word recovery just in time for the election – nice. The private economy is not ‘recovering’, there is simply more ‘new’ money going through the system.

    Some interesting political blogging going on at:


    Check the article:

    The Election is a Charade!

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Agreed Shaft,

    Scrapping the Trident system would save us £30 billion which pays for new submarines, refurbished warheads (200), infrastructure and the cost of participation in the U.S. Trident D5 missile life extension programme.

    Running costs are about £3 billion a year and upgrading the Atomic Weapons Establishment about £2.5 billion on top of the £5 billion 25 year management and operations contract with AWE Management Ltd.

    £1 billion has already been spent by AWE in evaluating the new systems.

    Arguments against scrapping are limp.

    1. Britain’s position in the world. Without a nuclear deterrent we would lose our seat on the UN Security Council.

    2. Abandon our NNPT obligations to protect European countries without nuclear weapons.

    3. Harm our ‘special relationship’ with America which is based on the nuclear deterrent.

    4. Lose around 15,000 jobs.

    Operating out of Faslane we keep at least one submarine with up to 16 missiles sharing up to 48 war-heads. I cannot give you arming or targeting information and obviously patrol routes are secret. SSBN’s are normally submerged for about 12 weeks which is very stressful, necessitating ‘relaxed’ conditions.

  • joe90 kane

    ‘The anti-Lib Dem campaigning by Murdoch is so blatant it is really not funny.’

    – You get used to it after a while CM.

    The SNP get it from all the corporate news media, all the time, regardless of wether its election time or not. They still manage to get c.30% support in opinion polls.

    Of course, saying that, it depends on which opnion polls your read, as they also get nobbled too, to make the SNP seem less popular than they actually are, much as is happening to the Lib Dems at the moment. A good source of unfavourable anti-SNP opnion poll bias is TNS System Three Polls, a market leader in unreliability.

    all the best


    Future Feared by All.JPG




    An excellent source of online Scottish news and analysis (lots on Scottish Labour Party corruption, drug taking and drug dealing, links to gangsters etc etc) –

    Newsnet Scotland


  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    Cameron and George (Paralysis) Osborne want to cut the deficit by £6 billion but refuse to tell the British people how!!

    Osborne has vaguely said, ” IT project cuts, leaving posts vacant and striking better deals with contractors.


    Cameron’s Tories lack candour, frankness, openness and hide the unpalatable behind their backs.

    The truth is Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ plan with it’s ‘Big Society Bank’ is designed so that government can forget about the unemployed, the sick, the old and the single mums struggling to ‘bring up’ their children.

    The new system will rely on local ‘community groups,’ nurtured by ‘officers’ from the proposed 5,000 new elite government social trainers, to identify the ‘needy’ in their local community and suggest unemployment insurance, food stamps and handouts from a budget the ‘community group’ has managed to wrestle from the ‘Big Society Bank.’ When the money runs out, businesses within the local community will be given an incentive to take on workers(including disabled) at a subsidised rate and local charities and churches will be encouraged to provide help and look after children so single mums(and dads) can work without the outlay of child care provision from the State.

    The ‘Big Society Bank’ funded by an assortment of unclaimed assets will mean Cameron can slash family credit, child benefit, income support, incapacity benefit and disability benefit.

    Just a dream or a nightmare? Vote for the Tory ‘war’ party and find out!

  • George Dutton

    “The ‘Big Society Bank’ funded by an assortment of unclaimed assets will mean Cameron can slash family credit, child benefit, income support, incapacity benefit and disability benefit.”


    “We know that some people will claim that the minister’s comments are evidence that campaigning to save DLA was unnecessary. It’s a claim, however, that can only be be made by ignoring such as the following.”…Page 6…


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