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Kim Sanders-Fisher

“Are your rats dying in more than unusual numbers?” Well our King Rat, Boris, is still in self-imposed quarantine in his luxury Downing Street “nest,” but other Tory Rats have continued their relentless scavenging, tenaciously fighting to preserve their own privileged dominance as per normal. When you arrive in a foreign port it is a universally accepted procedure to fly a yellow “Q” flag to request quarantine clearance. I was told that the bizarre initial question used to be on the quarantine questionnaire presented to Captains sailing into Bermuda as it was once considered relevant information to determine the absence of infection.

In the Seychelles the Quarantine Officer arrived with a can of insecticide to spay the cabin of our boat, but I was told that they also took this precaution with incoming flights, to kill potential malaria carrying mosquitoes. In Australia they expect you to ditch all of your fresh produce before entry, but after a 7,650 mile passage from Uruguay on leg two of the Whitbread race fresh food was just a fantasy invading our minds as we crawled into a bunk. Varying from country to country, there are vaccination requirements that control entry, but such vital precautionary measures have been the accepted norm in place to keep our populations and the natural environment safe all over the world for hundreds of years. There is no major deviation from what is required as we must adjust quarantine appropriately in response to the threat posed by Covid 19.

Contrast the inappropriately nonchalant response at Heathrow Airport for those flying into the UK from overseas in the midst of a massive, very serious, global Pandemic. No questions, no health checks, no temperature check, no precautionary warnings or restrictions imposed and no advice on how to proceed despite the country being in a state of partial lock-down. In the Canary Article: “Britons cite ‘shocking’ lack of medical checks and advice after landing back in UK,” returning passengers remark on the difference between how this challenge is dealt with in the countries they have left and the shocking blasé attitude of UK authorities.

We were jolted by news of football fans flying in from the epicentre of Covid 19 infection in Madrid with no checks or restrictions, but that blunder was weeks ago before matches were cancelled and large gatherings banned. Have we learned nothing in the interim? It seems not. Why are we still taking such huge risks with the health of our citizens months into the onset of this crisis? Is this just an incompetent oversight or yet another component of “Herd Immunity” as we deliberately ignore the potential risk of more infected individuals entering the country to augment the expanding hidden statistic of people with Covid 19 in our communities?

Did the Tories really abandon Herd Immunity or is it secretly supported and encouraged while they do what Tories always do best, incessantly lie to the public? The total absence of any logical quarantine checks at UK points of entry is certainly not an isolated policy discrepancy, which begs the question is Herd Immunity still the core Tory strategy? Ongoing issues are troubling; the fiasco over providing adequate PPE supplies to NHS staff and delays over expanding testing beyond the pitiful number being done right now, with just over 2000 among the half million workforce in the NHS having been tested so far. These faults and failings diminish public confidence in the Tory leadership team even while King Rat and the menacing maniac that bites his tail remain confined to their respective nests.

King Rat and other dominant rodents are about to emerge from self-isolation following an amazing one week reprieve from having to constantly endure their daily preaching. Mat Hancock took to the pulpit with more promises of ramped up testing despite a scale back on what was boldly pledged by the PM in parliament an age ago. After we had patiently waded through the Health Secretary’s mix of accolades to abandoned NHS staff, over-egged speculation on future testing and self-congratulatory hype, we anticipated tough questioning. However the accommodating BBC abruptly broke away from the press briefing to spare the Rat Hancock any undue embarrassment. Did any reporters quiz the Rat on his shambolic personal failure to take up offers from multiple University lab teams to get that vital testing accelerated weeks ago? We will never know… cut to a breaking report on….the weather!

One question we did hear posed to the potentially Covid free Rat at the podium was about why the NHS advice is again at variance with WHO guidelines over post Covid infection isolation. Reminded that his brief period of confinement fell short of the recognized period for remaining an infection risk to others, Hancock hastily retreated behind the familiar shield of our superior UK scientific advice; this, despite receiving dubious council from the same advisory team in the past. I doubt that Covid 19 magically vacates its tormented hosts after exactly one week of symptomatic misery in all of the milder cases. Determined to deviate from the well informed recommendations of the WHO, advice driven by global scientific data on Covid 19 from around the world to remain in isolation for two weeks, the arrogant Brits always expect special circumstances to apply to them. Tories never learn!

How do you wipe out a veracious colony of scavenging Tory Rats? Set Traps: well most have been set by the Tory Government’s own chronic ineptitude and persistent blunders. Distribute Poison: Websites, the press and even the BBC are starting to scrutinize and fault the appalling mismanagement and sheer lunacy of current Tory policy. It has taken months of grotesque incompetence to get to this point, but the unbridled sycophantic adoration of Boris Johnson by the MSM might finally be coming to a cynical end with journalist of all persuasions starting to ask tough questions at last. I note that even the trashy tabloids are targeting the Tories now!

Last, but not least, we must unleash a few hungry Cats. We need our public spirited opposition parties to aggressively bare their claws, put this disastrous Government on the spot and get these Tory Rats on the run. This is no time for meek mewing that will enable further dangerous procrastination and lethal policy decisions to continue risking countless lives unabated. A new leader of the opposition reshuffling the deck is an unnecessary distraction during a time of national crisis. Corbyn is no tame pussy and we should demand immediate suspension of the leadership contest to unify behind the stable Labour team already in place, but too late for such sanity!

I continue to maintain that Covid 19 and the Covert 2019 Rigged Election are inextricably linked in that we have no control over critical policy regarding the former until we have dealt with the injustice of the latter. If an investigation exposed the fraud of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election then Corbyn should replace the part-time PM and sling the other rats out by the tail. We cannot afford to wait for Tory rats to desert their sinking ship after the Titanic disaster created by King Rat Boris in public office. We must campaign to rid this country of the pestilence infesting Westminster right now!