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The British People v the Corrupt Tory Government: They admit that people are being overwhelmingly compliant with the restrictions and we are certainly doing our bit, but it is equally obvious that the Tories have no intention of matching our dedication by ramping up the testing as promised and delivery of PPE to NHS staff is still sluggish. However, we endured the same nauseatingly over exaggerated, self congratulatory diatribe again today at the Tory propaganda briefing. Today it was the turn of Chancellor Rishi Sunak to show off and splash the cash; this time he was pledging money for hard hit charities who were always bound to come dead last for any financial bail out.

What a shock to hear the ITV reporter Tom Clark ask tough questions and critically put the Tory Government fairly and squarely on the spot over their testing failures. Clark started his concerted attack with: “my question relates to testing” he demanded to know the truth, “in yesterday’s briefing the Chief Medical Officer made the honest admission that Germany’s lower death toll in the pandemic is due to their ability to test more people more quickly. Given that their death toll is three times lower than ours, is it now time for the Government to come out and admit that thousands of people have died and thousands more will die in this country as a result of our failure to test more people more rapidly?” Ouch! That had to smart, but did he really expect an admission of guilt?

Professor Steven Powis, Medical Director of the NHS, looked seriously rattled as he started into his dodgy denial of Government responsibility with the words, “to be honest” always a good phrase to obliterate trust. He put a lot of diversionary “thinking” into his obsequious unapologetic reply; “I don’t think that’s what the Chief Medical Officer did say,” he countered, trying desperately to reframe the shocking admission of culpability. “I think he did say that testing was many, one of many factors and I think the Chief Scientific Advisor spoke about this too.” Powis was grovelling for excuses as he rambled on; “it was one of a range of things, er in Germany and I think it’s difficult, er, at this stage to say, er what ranges, er what factors, er contributed to what…”

Unable to present a coherent argument Powis fixated a lot on “I think” as he asserted that “the Chief Medical Officer was also making clear, er that it’s important that all countries learn from each other. er and I have no doubt that other countries will want to learn from, er our experience and some of the things that we have done, er in the United Kingdom.” Really? What a statement; it left most of us thinking, sure the UK a perfect demonstration of how not to manage a crisis, but Powis wanted to offer an example: “for instance the work, er the work on modelling and predicting, er what the epidemic might do.” He was losing us with this waffle, but sure, British modelling, “Twiggy” that’s a fine example. Oh, you didn’t mean that kind of modelling, shame she was a real icon.

Powis prattled on with more diversionary “thinking;” “so I think the point he was making yesterday, er was that everybody should be learning from each other and indeed that is, er what we’re doing…” At that point I think Powis, er ran out of power and grasping for a life line turned to the third presenter, “Angela might have more to say on that?” Deputy Chief Government Scientific Advisor Angela McClain didn’t even warrant use of her surname; it was disrespectful, but perhaps “Angela” could pop out and make the tea? Powis was a tough act to follow but McClain put an equally nonsensical slant on the value of testing. “Yes,” she quickly piped up, “I would have thought the point would be that the, the rate of deaths of course appears much lower if you can count many, many more of the cases.” Interesting; that’s why we need to do the testing or did she not understand the question?

But McClain stubbornly persisted on the flawed logic saying, “that’s certainly one of the things you see if you see different fatality rates in countries, er that could be because you’re counting many, many more of the people who should be on the bottom of that fraction.” Got it, don’t bother gathering any accurate data through testing and fault those that do as showing less reliable results than your guesstimates! She felt the need to back Powis; “Um, in terms of modelling, that is something that we’re, er really very happy in this country to offer to other countries and I hope that’s one of the things we can contribute to the international effort.”

We set a clear example of what not to do in “managing” a pandemic; the dangerous outlier stance of the UK as we defied the WHO recommendations to put the lives of ordinary citizens at extraordinary risk with the failed “Herd Immunity” experiment was criminal. How do you respond to such an arrogant display of delusional British exceptionalism? Were they both totally unaware of the gargantuan cock-up we have experienced over the last few weeks? Rishi tentatively asked if Clark wanted to respond? Tom was not ready to let those Tory Government stooges off the hook so easily, he started in again still on the attack.

Tom Clark probed, “like you I just have, through the select committee hearing, on which you were a witness, we heard from the people in charge of testing in South Korea and in Hong Kong, who made it abundantly clear testing has reduced the numbers of cases of Coronavirus in those countries and Mr. Whitte, Dr. Whitte did say yesterday that it was in fact Germany’s ability to test that was yes, part of their lower death rate and that we had less…” Tom sounded exasperated by the Tory lack of awareness on this point. “There was no dispute that it is about testing, so can you tell me whether our inability to test will lead to greater mortality here, and can I also follow up, how dependant is the UK on a testing regime for us to be able to lift lockdown restrictions and are we on course to have sufficient levels of testing in the community to allow us to do that in anything like the next three or four weeks?”

Powis started in again with his familiar “I think” adding that “we all agree that testing is important, that’s not an issue at all.” Really? Powis back with more “I think” in a defensive tone he continued; “the point I was making is that testing is one part of a set of different things, er that will need to be considered in this country’s strategy, that is the case here, it is the case in Germany.” This totally ignores the undeniable fact that Germany has a workable plan due to the solid data provided by their extensive community testing program allowing them to be able to more accurately quantify their total Covid 19 caseload rather than trying to extrapolate backwards from the body count as we must do here in the UK.

Trying to reinforce his rambling message as if it was widely supported on a well informed basis Powis was in a hole, but he kept on digging; “and I have spoken to the Chief Medical Officer today” he said, asserting, “and I think, well I know the point he was making yesterday was, er that it is a part of the overall strategy, er and I think that it is almost certainly too early in all countries experience to know exactly which components of strategies have been the most effective or have been most important, but its highly likely that it’s a combination of these things rather than one, any individual part of an approach.” Sadly, Powis could not be any more succinct than that, er, er, rebuttal. My head was spinning; the above rambling excuse for gross incompetence typifies the daily Tory tripe.

Sunak must have been relieved as the focus of the subsequent press questions was a lot less accusatorial shifting to when might the lock-down come to an end? This issue helped pad out the Tory punch lines “Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives” as if the appalling loss of life so far was entirely up to us; had we not dutifully obeyed their commands? It was as if we were being primed to break the rules so that they could blame more deaths on us and avoid accountability for their own massive errors and miscalculations. Did that “modelling” that they were so proud of contribute to the junk science eugenics experiment that halted most testing or was it the sobering “modelling” that 250,000 dead was a bit too steep for the public to choke down?

There was a pragmatic press attack on the impracticality and costly impact of Brexit on top of the hit the economy will take over the Covid 19 crisis. Sunak insisted that negotiations were ongoing and the Tories will blast on with Brexit regardless of the growing prospect of deepening the recession. He looked incredulous that anyone might even question the insane logic of his deluded ERG extremist Brexiteer colleagues; we had already left the EU. The wealthy are right on track to make a killing, literally and with cash; no one is going to stop their insanity! Today Rishi generously tossed a bone to the charitable sector, belatedly remembered despite coming dead last. Then he had the gall to say; “we depend on each other….”

The press were so taken in and engrossed in Tory spin that they failed to comprehend that all Powis’s blathering and lame excuses over long delayed testing are the simple answer to the lock-down conundrum: we cannot relax restrictions until we quantify the level of infection within the population, isolate infected cases and tract down their contacts, but it all begins with test, test, test! Any reduction in restrictions that is allowed before mass testing is just another deliberate attempt to increase the number of infected individuals in a strategy of controlled Herd Immunity that will spread the death toll out over many gruelling months. This is a policy of Genocide deliberately targeting the culling of our elderly and most vulnerable, the Tory “Final Solution” for Social Care!

This warped set of priorities is getting elaborated on every day in these nonsensical rambling briefings from compliant Tory “expert advisors” spouting “reliable scientific modelling.” It was Dominic Cummings’s PsyOps techniques that fooled so many into thinking the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was legitimate and it was his eugenics modelling that got us into this mess with Covid 19. The only way to prevent the “Holocaust in Care” is to investigate the rigged vote and get these dangerous Tories removed from office ASAP.