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The Daily GasLamp Article entitled “Covid 19 Policy Patchwork” attempts to identify the “Winners and Losers” under the Tory Government’s Covid 19 crisis coverage. Describing Boris Johnson’s shambolic leadership it concedes that “Since their initial stumble, the government has unveiled a patchwork of policies to support industries, particularly the financial sector, then almost as an afterthought, a further patchwork of policies to support workers, a novel concept for Conservatives.” We were all shocked that there was any safety net there at all, but the various piecemeal offerings are almost certainly the result of serious pressure from the opposition and the devastated public as a whole.

The Charitable sector was the very last forgotten group of workers to be mentioned by Sunak at the end of last week. While their efforts remain vital to core logistical support of the most vulnerable right across the country their plight was of little concern to a Tory Government eager to capitalize on Covid 19 to double-down on the poor and inflict more hardship on the many. The Blogger states that: “The following is a review of job type by social grade and it illustrates that over 50% of the working population cannot work from home with only a third of the self-employed able to keep working, (assuming, that is, there is enough economic activity to keep them going),” and goes on to supply a breakdown of the social grade statistics.

Relying on data obtained from the Office of National Statistics to obtain a figure of 31,800,000 as an estimate of our total workforce in the UK with the self-employed making up 15%, a breakdown across all social grades described by the writer as “not quite realistically” apportioned was used to develop a number of pie charts. Perhaps that was a reference to those who are only really self-employed by the ruthless technicality of modern gig economy exploitation. These groups are identified as: “The AB are Dark Blue – winners – they can work from home – except if they are self-employed! The DE are light blue and C2 are yellow – they can’t work from home – serious losers – either they are on the front line or financially impacted… This probably does not say anything new. But it does say it with pie charts. Even the BBC (now finally) are pointing out that the poor are losing out while the rich sit around.”

Under “Front Line Thanks” the writer lists the groups of vital key worker who we rely on so heavily to keep working: “Obviously the people on the front line have guaranteed jobs but their health is at risk. Many are working without adequate PPE.” The daily Tory propaganda broadcast, that masquerades as an official “press briefing,” tries desperately to dodge the question of critical supplies by conveniently diverting our attention with grateful accolades for the NHS and Care staff they are letting down so badly. Clapping for Carers is a distraction tool to paper-over the continued exploitation by a Government committed to dismantling our NHS. “Now is not the time to discuss pay rise for Nurses,” according to Mat Hancock who will benefit from that extra £10,000 for his home working expenses during the crisis.

The shallow presenters of the facts according to Tory spin, cannot even manage a degree of honesty in revealing the number of NHS and Care workers who have died of Covid 19 in the line of duty: they say 19, but the real figure is 31 so far. Craig picked up on something that I had also noticed, the disproportionately greater number of these deaths that were of overseas decent: the immigrants so badly maligned and mistreated by the Tory Hostile Environment. To crown it all Mat Hancock had the gall to suggest that NHS staff were squandering precious PPE supplies and had to be reminded that it is our NHS staff who are precious and it was his job to make sure they had enough of the right kit to keep them safely protected while treating Covid 19 patients.

In a later post from the Daily GasLamp entitled “Rich Rewarded by Covid 19” some of the obscenities of the wealth targeted Tory bailout are exposed as it points out: “The transfer of risk is a key concept within modern contract deals, in big business and government. However this concept is about to have its ultimate realization with Covid-19… Here are yet more examples of how the rich are taking a holiday, having a sing-song and getting bail-outs. Meanwhile front-line workers aren’t even getting PPE while putting their lives on the line. Most of these workers get poor wages and may soon become homeless.”

The Blogger starts out by highlighting US examples: “As part of the bailout, half a trillion dollars is available as backstop cash to be splashed out on big business,” but then switches to the reality here in the UK naming: Easyjet, Virgin Atlatic and Rolls Royce and pointing out that “In fact the UK is in lockstep with the USA approach.” The article looks to the other end of the scale described as “Exhibit B: Mass unemployment with rent arrears soaring and the housing market in free fall are all affecting the 99%. The unemployed and the self employed are being stuffed by small print in the government support schemes. There are so many holes that the support system is a sieve.”

The writer concludes by targeting the obscenity of Boris Johnson’s Covid 19 treatment taking up one of the scarce ICU places without the requirement of a ventilator and how the press fawned over him during his hospital confinement. With a growing list of neglected investigations, that the public really should already have been informed of, it describes how “the newspapers and mainstream media continue to gaslight the population… gaslighting by omission… what has happened to all the other investigations.” Those listed range from misallocation of public money, the controversial Russian report to the “…illegal use of social media data and possible postal vote fraud in the General Election,” reported on so well in previous posts from the Daily GasLamp.

We cannot take our eye of the ball as the consequences of the reckless Tory exploitation of the Covid 19 crisis would never have been enabled in the first place if it were not for the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. We must continue to demand an urgent nationwide investigation into what occurred with the postal votes in December. Ignoring the dire need to expose the truth will mean a continuation of the chaos of inequality and deprivation inflicted on the most vulnerable as the Tory agenda of exterminating the elderly while endangering those who care for them will accomplish a “Holocaust of Care!” We cannot afford to allow this atrocity to proceed as planned; that requires removal of this Tory Government ASAP: do not give up the fight.