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In 2002 I was banned from Audiogalaxy/General Chat forum for claiming 9/11 was an inside job. For years previously, any topic was fair game, I’d never seen anyone banned, or even censured, except for antisemitism. But the atmosphere changed after 9/11. I was accused of “insulting the victims” and “supporting terrorists.” I was “cherry picking evidence” because I was a “conspiracy theorist.”

I was mystified by the vehemence I encountered. Even then there was strong evidence that something fishy was going on – insider trading; at least half the accused hijackers were still alive; many credible eye witnesses to explosions; the complete failure of air defenses; and much more. Yet I (and others) were vilified for pointing out these obvious discrepancies. My posts would be delayed in moderation for hours then released far back in the timeline where they wouldn’t be seen. Eventually my account was rescinded (I’d had a 3-figure membership number when by then there were over a million subscribers).

There’s been lots of water under the bridge since then and now I understand that anger. 9/11 remains a keystone event to understanding the modern world and I’ve seen the effect its revelations have on people. To this day, many don’t know that 3 towers fell. When they learn, everybody is at first incredulous that they could be unaware of such a significant fact, then hungry to discover more. For some it is a gateway to realisation that the world is a very different place to the one portrayed on their TVs. For others, it is too much. They can’t assimilate the implications – total MSM control, rulers who kill 1000s of innocents for strategic gain, their country is not the good guys, etc. They go a certain way down the road then recoil at the horror of it. They find a cosy BBC debunking programme to cling to, then erect mental barriers to ensure they are never led down that road again. Their primary defense mechanism is to howl down anybody who reminds them of that dark place they dare not revisit. They discredit the messenger to justify ignoring the message.

19 years later, the official 9/11 account has been demolished by a meticulous 4 year investigation by the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Alaska Fairbanks which concludes that “fires in WTC 7 could not have caused the observed collapse.” So now it’s not “conspiracy theorists” claiming it was an inside job, its Science, complete with open source data and a challenge to officialdom to prove the report wrong.

What are the lessons?
(1) The MSM absolutely cannot be trusted – that it can and does maintain an illusion, day in day out year in year out.
(2) It does not need 1000s of people to be in on the conspiracy, just an elite setting the scene while those below realise (to a greater or lesser extent) what side their bread’s buttered on, not to rock the boat, and a sly few noticing: hey, promoting the elite’s agenda actually leads to career advancement.
(3) There really are powerful people who engineer history-changing events to facilitate increases in their global power.

Still, we’ve learned our lessons. They couldn’t fool us again …. could they?