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Glad to see you posting again Paul; I was worried that the covid might have got you. I don’t seem to have had it yet.

Exhibits B and E are interesting. André Rousseau makes the common mistake of claiming that roofline acceleration at around g proves free-fall, but his interpretation of seismic data seems right. Exhibit E disproves the common fallacy that all the steel debris was shipped off to China before inspection.

The evidence for WTC7 explosives remains ambiguous. The partially evaporated steel debris suggests thermite, which does not explode. Many videos record WTC7’s collapse without the sound of explosions. Other videos suggest that sound has been muted, or the video edited, at collapse initiation, which suggests a cover-up of explosion sounds. But I would expect far more witness testimony of explosive sounds at collapse initiation had explosives been detonated.

From the A&E9/11Truth page linked:

“I was sixteen years old when my father was killed in the North Tower. In the past year, I’ve come to learn much more about his murder”

It is sad that A&E9/11Truth get people’s hopes up like this, because demolition of WTC7 is not in itself evidence for pre-rigged demolition of the Twin Towers.