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Node, thanks for that personal revelation; it gives me some insight into your anger. I lost a five digit Maplin customer number which they refused to restore, and I was actually gleeful the day they went bust.

However, your second paragraph is also pretty much a list of how you have treated me, for, apparently, working out the natural collapse times of the Twin Towers and thereby revealing pre-rigged demolition as pointless, and gathering evidence that WTC7 was possibly rigged for emergency demolition on the afternoon of 9/11.

There certainly is a pro-war lobby, partly covert; Craig reveals more of them and their activities in post after post. And they continue to fool the people, and crucially, the UN Security Council.

By contrast with Craig’s ongoing and diligent work, despite the high hopes of the 9/11 “Truth” movement, Twin Tower demolition theory has revealed precisely nothing in nineteen years.

I understand the desire for a quick fix; one world-shaking, indisputable fact that changes everything and wakes people up to the distortions of the pro-war corporate media. Unfortunately, or rather thankfully, the reality we live in is more subtle and complicated than that. We live in a diverse and interesting universe that is hard to fathom.

I ask you to consider the possibility that Twin Tower demolition theory is itself part of the psi-op. Please re-read my earlier link which I shall post again here, not as an insult but as a humorous anecdote carrying a vital message:

– “One reason our fine fraternity has controlled the world for hundreds of years is that we’ve managed to make “conspiracy theories” look stupid. You know how often you’ve ever heard someone suggest that possibility? None. You know why? Because it would be a conspiracy theory.”

The 9/11 Truth Movement loses credibility with the vast majority of the technical community by insisting upon Twin Tower demolition theory. I know why, because I did the maths. You watched me develop that theory piecemeal, attracting ridicule and insult from a dozen commenters the whole time. It is much clearer in my mind now, so if you’d like to go through it and check it with me, I will do that with you. I shall repost my list of evidence for emergency demolition of WTC7 in my subsequent comment; I can find the original sources for each point but some may take me some time and effort.