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Paul Barbara

Dragnet Strikes Again (YouTube) – ‘Bill Gates, No more Public gathering until EVERYONE Gets the Vaccines

Neat trick, eh? Kinda like 9/11, and the way ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ have said things are going to go: Jeremiah Project – ‘Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic‘: Problem – Reaction – Solution

Al Capone understood it, the Cray Brothers understood it, and the Shadow Government and their puppets understand it.
Collect relatively harmless or very dangerous virus’s/diseases, work on them in labs to weaponise them (make them more dangerous/easier to spread); find a ‘vaccine’ which is problematic in itself (this step may be left till after it has been spread around – bit dodgy, that – it might bite the PTB and their puppets, so I suspect they have a vaccine already, but it won’t be the same as the one the general public get) and mandate universal vaccination or prison/fines/children ‘taken into care’/no access to transport/shops/work/public spaces.
And, obviously, no mass demonstrations (or even small demonstrations).
When the ‘weaponised’ virus/whatever is released, it’s best to release it in a perceived enemy’s territory, both to hit them first and to be able to ‘(falsely) blame them for the outbreak (as in Wuhan, and I suspect in previous ‘Foreign’ virus/disease ‘outbreaks’).

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