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Paul Barbara

Talking about Seal Teams, you should watch the Jesse Ventura link above – he’d make a great President.
My take on 9/11 is it was planned in conjunction with a Middle East regime (not Saudi Arabia, though certain Saudis were probably told about it).
The ‘Saudi Hijackers’ business was a ‘red herring’ from the outset, no hijackers were on any of the planes allegedly used. OBL had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.
The video footage we saw of ‘Boeings’ hitting the Towers were faked; I don’t know if any aircraft hit the towers, but if so they were drones with no passengers and not the’planes’ shown in the fake TV footage (I am fully aware that even in the 9/11 Truth Movement, this idea is largely anathema).
No plane hit the Pentagon (nor did a missile), but a drone was shot down over the Pentagon lawn near the helipad.
Barry Jennings was murdered, as his testimony conflicted with the NIST WTC 7 Final Report.
Danny Jowenko was murdered, ‘Boston Braked’, because he was seen as a credible demolition expert whose testimony could cause trouble for the PTB and their ‘Official Narrative’.
Many very important eye-witnesses, whom William Rodriguez assembled, were not allowed to testify to the Commission, and William Rodriguez’ own extremely important testimony was held behind locked doors, and no mention of it was included in the Commission Report.
The Twin Towers were brought down with explosives (including nanothermite/nanothermate), as was WTC 7.
We know where we differ, and neither of us is likely to change our beliefs without a very substantial breakthrough, but I for one will continue to put up articles I believe help get to the truth.
And I believe that this Covid – 19 is another ‘False Flag’ event, blaming China, to be used to massively increase government control and to strike at Civil and Human Rights (including, probably, a mandated vaxx program – or limiting people’s natural rights if they don’t accept it).