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I have read bad pharma. But I have also personal experience of the sharp practices. Two drugs that have been used for many years and had been available generically for tens of years, thalidomide and hydroxyurea were found to have other uses years after they had been invented and used. The developmental work for the new uses, in multiple myeloma for thalidomide, and hydroxycarbamide for sickle cell anaemia were Done by many outside pharma but then appropriated by pharmaceutical companies and licensed for them to use for these indications On rather tenuous grounds. It’s a long story but this device enabled the companies to be able to charge 6 times the price of generically available drugs on the basis that their products were licensed and generic ones were not. The nhs then was forced to use the expensive drugs. I don’t know that this has ever been openly discussed.
But for both of Clark and Paul, I stated that pharma profiteers, not as condoning big pharma, just stating that this is a fact of life according to the system we live in, corporate capitalism. In fact this was the original definition of fascism, but nowadays the term is more likely to be used to mean right wing totalitarianism.