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Mod: FYI, your single deleted reply included these sentences, e.g …

Not true. I also had a reply deleted yesterday in which I simply said “You got what you asked for” when Clark lamented contact tracing. If that’s not fair comment what is?

Plus how is this not playing the man : “Maybe all this death and suffering is just a game to you.”

Plus He’s calling me a liar here : “Angry that commenters including you are attempting to undermine public understanding of science, trying to mislead readers into believing that SARS-CoV-2 is not a major threat, despite clear and unambiguous evidence that it is. Oppose the stay-at-home laws by all honest means, but not by deception, because readers deserve respect. Readers have a right to make their own decisions, but misleading and confusing them undermines that right.”

Whatever my other faults, it ought to be plain to anybody that I am sincere in my belief that Covid-19 is being used by sinister powers to extend control over the world. But Clark can call me a liar with impunity. I understand why Clark gets special leniency from the Mods but you are not doing Craig;’s blog any favours letting him have the run of it like a spoiled child.

I remind you of his accusations towards other posters:

John Goss is “actually campaigning to maximise death and suffering”
Rhys Jaggar wants to “effectively waterboard half a million people for between a week and a month each, many of them to death,”
Loony is “trying to increase the death rate.”

You wouldn’t let anyone make the same accusations about Clark. Let’s have a level playing firld.