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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – I am grateful for your appreciation of what I am attempting to do with my prolific writing here. For some people it seems my efforts and my motivation may require a bit more explanation.

Clark – You say that, “This forum is far too long and verbose; I will never have time to read it all.” While I can totally accept your criticism of my shortcomings both as an investigator and as a writer, acknowledging that many of these comments are indeed lengthy, please be assured that no one will force you to read through each and every post in its entirety. On occasion you may just find the odd useful nugget of information, a few interesting Links or some shocking new piece of evidence revealed, but all of that requires a lot of dedication in order to accomplish a high standard on such a regular basis. I do the very best I can.

You go on to state your personal needs, that I am certain are shared with a great many other readers, “What I need is evidence – in a structured list of topics, each linking to a section that supports it, so that the evidence can be examined topic-by-topic.” I’m sorry if you don’t think that might be expecting a tad too much from private individual contributors? What we all desperate need ASAP is to entice a strong team of professional investigative journalists to consider working full time on investigating the Covid 2019 Rigged Election. This is our only hope of fully exposing the truth to such a degree that this nationwide act of fraud is widely and unequivocally accepted as fact with such certainty that it totally delegitimizes the Tory Government forcing them out of office.

Until we can attract that vital level of professional engagement I am trying my level best to fudge the gap and keep the reality of this gross injustice a live topic rather than a well buried, easily forgotten rumour. Several factors could potentially play a very significant role in helping to achieve our goal aside from attracting professional investigative intervention:
1. A dramatic increase in Social Media, Alternative Media and even Conventional Media publicity.
2. Growing widespread public concern over the Tory Government’s gross mishandling of the Covid 19 epidemic with the UK death toll spiralling out of control.
3. The emergence of a credible Whistleblower or several Whistleblowers coming forward to reveal critical pieces of evidence implicating the Tory Government in wide-scale electoral fraud and corruption.

I have already admitted in past comments that I am not well connected on Social Media; despite trying to interest people with a far better chance of being heard, this remains a weakness. However, I am trying to contact people all the time and sometimes it only takes a tiny spark to ignite a media firestorm; the more that appears in writing the more chance of fanning that flame of resistance. If the gross injustice of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election is an issue of serious concern to you, it is important to realize that nothing can be accomplished by complacently waiting to be spoon-fed information. If you expect results you must be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get involved. If you have a well established Social Media presence exploit that asset, if you have any valuable contacts please get in touch with them and I hope that if you uncover any pertinent information you will share it with us here.

Serious concerns over the Tory Governments abysmal, self-serving manipulation of the Covid 19 crisis are increasing with each day that their chaotic eugenics “Herd Immunity” plan claims more lives. Under more vigilant media scrutiny they would probably have been forced out of office by now, but it is only a matter of time. The shambolic shift in policy in an effort to force the working poor to risk their lives travelling on crammed public transport to get back to their jobs will cause another preventable spike in cases and increased mortality. The BBC and compliant media will not succeed in glossing over the stark facts much longer; in the end it will be one or two heart rending news stories that bring the UK public to the tipping point of what they will no longer tolerate.

The new Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has failed to impress with his insipid enabling of this out-of-control Tory Government. You were right to be suspicious of the UK Labour Party leadership election result; I too share your concern as it makes no sense. No one has even attempted to explain how Starmer, a seriously committed remainer, managed to secure the leadership after so many Labour voters supposedly “lent” their votes to the Tories over the stance on Brexit that he aggressively championed. These former Labour voters had a perfect chance to make a statement with their choice for a new Labour Leader, but they chose the man advocating for a second referendum? For me this unfathomable anomaly is further proof that the so called “borrowed votes” that Boris Johnson claims were responsible for his fake “landslide victory” were stolen in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

The ruthless smear campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn with lies about anti-Semitism is starting to come unravelled with the release of an investigation that was leaked to the media; Craig has also passed it on to the EHRC! Starmer’s attempts to cover it up have not helped him gain credibility or support as he is steadily being exposed for dubious donor support, dragging the party to the right and failing to call out the Tory Government for their catastrophic errors and dangerous policy strategies. Both Starmer and the Tories might have hoped that Jeremy Corbyn would quietly remove himself from any offending acts of rebellion, but they were very wrong. Corbyn is a relentless campaigner and he hasn’t stopped speaking up for the poor and disadvantaged in Parliament as highlighted in this recent Article in the Canary: “Everything that’s wrong with centrist politics today, in one anti-Corbyn rant.”

In the Article focusing on Corbyn’s most recent response in Parliament it revealed that, “On 11 May, Jeremy Corbyn challenged Boris Johnson’s controversial coronavirus (Covid-19) speech the day before. In particular, he focused on how the government’s easing of restrictions would disproportionately affect working-class people the most, stressing that it would “make the inequalities in this country even worse”. He also signed a statement calling Johnson’s speech a ‘thinly veiled declaration of class war’.”

It was heart warming to read the compliment from SA that recognized what I am attempting to accomplish by the rather lengthy documentation of Prime Ministers Questions and interviews with the guests on Andrew Marr’s program on Sunday. I pick through these broadcasts and the daily propaganda “Press Briefings” to find and highlight revelations that trip up the Tory Ministers and the sycophantic expert advisors. When I catch them lying, glossing over the facts or grossly misleading the public, expect to see it in print here; it might be longwinded, but it is documented. Few people will take the time to wade through Erskine May to see a written record of what was said in Parliament and BBC broadcasts conveniently disappear when they are embarrassing to the Government. I will continue to point out the glaring hypocrisy and flaws here in case the news is “reinvented” to cover up the truth.

I believe that I have already shared my perspective on Whistleblowers here in past comments, but it is worth repeating. I was fired as a Whistleblower for attempting to raise issues of concern over patient safety in the US Hospital where I worked; here in the UK I suffered a similar experience that sabotaged my NHS retraining. In both situations they were extremely serious issues that I tried to resolve internally through discrete reporting to a line manager, which resulted in targeted persecution and removal. Innovative, analytical and creative people can unwittingly fall into the trap of uncovering a critical safety problem that controlling, profit driven, managers do not want to address; they are not “troublemakers,” but are often driven by a strong social conscience.

Being targeted as a Whistleblower can have a devastating impact on your life. The first component of discrediting the issue, that a line manager is concerned you will expose, is to isolate and thoroughly discredit you personally through false accusations of poor conduct. The term “disruptive” has become a euphemism for anyone prepared to speak truth to power. Former colleagues are too intimidated to come to your defence and you become totally ostracized in an effort to convince you that no one will ever believe what you have to say. One of the main objectives of my writing here is to convince any potential Whistleblowers, who might have critical evidence to impart, that there are people who will take that information seriously and support their exposure of controversial facts no matter how “disruptive” that exposure might be!

You say that I’ll, “get nowhere with Avaaz; they only promote certain campaigns.” While it is certainly true about their promotion strategy, I do not seek to blame Avaaz for the poor response to my Petition. Avaaz was chosen as a hosting site partially due to the appeal beyond the UK and my desire to make people in other parts of the EU aware of the protest. Most of the Petition hosting websites leave it to the petition writer to gain support and signatures on their own and Avaaz is certainly no exception. Sadly, I must take full responsibility for not doing a good enough job of promoting the Petition to Investigate the Covert 2019 Rigged Election; if I had a strong Social Media following I know it would have fared a lot better.

With regard to what might be accomplished via the Petition, the main benefit is to increase the profile of this very important Petition cause so that a significant number of people know that the Covert 2019 Rigged Election is in serious question and the legitimacy of the current Tory Government is in considerable doubt. To be certain, Boris Johnson could not be shamed out of office, as he has no shame, and his rabid Tory Ministers would not relinquish power without a fight, but massive public pressure has accomplished this goal in the past and we cannot afford to give up hope. SA I really doubt that the pro Brexit vote has gained any ground; if anything it has weakened as older supporters are being killed in the Tories “Holocaust in Care” and concern over crashing out without a deal has increased due to the Covid 19 crisis. Right up to December of this year we will remain in the EU transition period and could appeal to the European Court to correct this injustice that may also negate the legitimacy of the EU Referendum.

Yes, absolutely you are dead right, “UK democracy is now so hopelessly corrupted,” but we cannot fix the system without removing the prime perpetrators of that corruption. British politics is about to get warped out of all recognizable semblance of democracy as we move towards full dictatorship. There will be no new opportunity to vote for a change of Government in five years time unless we transform the electoral system to insure the safety of our votes. We need to “Rescue our Watchdog” and all the other neutered Watchdogs that have been corrupted by money, power and greed, but that cannot happen under this Tory Government. It is futile to even attempt to correct the multitude of grotesque injustices that have been inflicted on us through austerity and jingoistic foreign policies, without committing to fight tooth and nail to remove the usurpers from their highly damaging control over our governance.