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I agree with all you say above but would just like to add a slightly different perspective of why all your splendid efforts are not producing more effects even on this somewhat varied but generally progressive website. The reason goes to heart of what the system does. Conformity is very important to get by. You describe your own personal experiences and it is the story that is a recurrent one. The system pays lip service to whistleblowers but only when the boat is not rocked. Corporations have departments for ethical practice, but only to enhance their image, drug companies sponsor medical research but only publish and promote that which brings in the money. Famous whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowdon are criminalised, whilst Journalists who expose wrongdoings are either criminalised, like Assange, or de-platformed, like Seymour Hersh. The system does not like whistleblowers.
But also the system has led to a general reduction of scrutiny on power. I put it to you as a thought experiment that the elections were really not rigged at all and the voting results were genuine. How? A lot of preparation into this has been in the making from 2015. Many attempts were made to replace Corbyn using all sorts of methods, from him being a friend of terrorists, to being a communist, to being a Russian implant, to being lax on the security of the UK. This was openly talked about including supposedly pep talks from security services, open criticism from military leaders and so on. None of this stuck and the results of the 2017 elections confirm this. They however finally managed to get through with the AS row, because of a very concerted effort to tap on a subject which has been elevated beyond discussion. The well documented racism of the Tories, despite the increasing Islamophobia and xenophobia engendered by Brexit were all glossed over and racism itself developed a hieratical system, which itself has serious racist implications, but it seems nobody noticed. It is possible that the landslide victory was not due to a faked result but due to the very meticulous propaganda which was put in place. It is not surprising if you look at this massive propaganda, plus the fact that his enemies were also within his party and even his cabinet that he lost.
If you look at the approval ratings of Boris Johnson you may get some insight into this. I know the limitations of these polls but nevertheless, despite this shambolic performance, his ratings are going up! it is only recently in April that there was a spike who thought he was doing very badly, but even this is coming down. Now how bad could he get before this changes?
Clark could come in here handy because of what he has written a lot about, and that is conspiracy theories. I guess what he is saying is that without facts it is easy to drift from a suspicion of a conspiracy, to a conspiracy theory. This slide comes when you get in a frame of mind that something has happened but cannot prove it. It seems to me that the fine line happens when instead of facts and findings dictate the conclusions or even suspicions, that the conclusions and suspicions start to guide the findings that are difficult to prove.
Please do not misunderstand what I say, I think what you are doing in terms of documenting all the current happenings is extremely valuable and is a repository for the future but the fight must be wider than focussing on rigged elections. After all the marked shift to the right is a very universal phenomenon, not confined to this country. It is a function of the predominance of neoliberalism and globalisation of capital.