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Node, when people adopt a new name – as some legitimate commenters do from time to time – we expect them to retain the same email address (or at least a similar variant to generate a new gravatar). The adoption of a new name and a new email address is clearly designed to thwart moderation.

Moreover, I notice that you did in fact use a separate IP address for your alternative persona – but we have more sophisticated methods of sockpuppet detection. We repel numerous attempts at malicious interference from known individuals every day – particularly from the commenter formerly known as ‘Habbabkuk’/’Charles Bostock’ and the even more vainglorious sockpuppet cluster known as the ‘James gang’ – in spite of their habitual use of random anonymous proxies, unrelated names and novel email addresses. (Currently a more honest manifestation of the James gang is being permitted to comment, on condition that he behaves himself.)

Unfortunately, due to your deceptive sockpuppetry, you are now banned from commenting on this blog for an indeterminate period (just like HabbaBostock). The duration depends on a number of contextual factors. If we detect you appearing with an alternative identity during this time, you will be excluded permanently.

Thank you for your co-operation.