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Paul Barbara

@ Clark May 17, 2020 at 11:03
I understand the point about time – I’m also hamstrung by that. In my case, it is my lack of energy and constant tiredness that has me having to take naps at all times of the day.
Couple of points – we actually have only met once, when Craig was at the High Court.
We were about to meet again at the XR Demos when circumstances blocked that meeting. We’ll make it another time.
Re Judy Mikovits’ paper being ‘withdrawn’, I think it was withdrawn by the magazine or wherever it was published, not by Mikovits. I don’t really know anything about that aspect, but I do suspect if she found mouse viruses in a vaccine that she was right – mice have been used in creating deadly pathogens since at least the early ’60’s (and are still used to create vaccines), when they and monkeys were used to create a virulent fast-acting cancer that was created to infect Castro; it even involved the construction of an ‘atom-smasher’ (I forget the scientific name) which was dismantled after it malfunctioned and almost killed a doctor, who was subsequently murdered.
I have watched her video, ‘Plandemic’, and I believe her version of events rather than the host of ‘demonisers’. Good news (from my point of view) is she now has a #1 best-seller on the market. And in ‘Plandemic’, she categorically denies being an ‘anti-vaxxer’.