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@ Michael

There are a range of interests behind the climate hoax or scam, including the nuclear lobby. They ‘justify’ the cost of Hinckley Point by saying its needed to save the planet, as only nuclear power is a viable alternative to ‘fossil’ fuels.

(I say ‘fossil’ as there is research showing oil isn’t formed from fossil deposits, but from something else, and that depleted oil fields refill after time from deposits deeper down in the earth).

There are different forms of nuclear power, but Hinckley Point is a very expensive form and isn’t really carbon free once you examine the change of construction and operation. So why?

The purpose of a civil nuclear power programme is to provide the skills and technology to renew the extremely expensive (and obsolete) Trident nuclear submarines/missiles programme and hide the cost in fuel bills.

Now unlike “man made climate change”, nuclear proliferation is a genuine man-made threat to the planet, but the Climate Jehovah’s, useful idiots and agents of the state help promote a real threat to humanity in the name of opposing a phoney threat!