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Kim Sanders-Fisher

If Boris Johnson continues driving the bus how many will die before the wheels fall off? In a Skwawkbox Article entitled “Johnson knew his ‘take it on the chin’ herd immunity would kill millions from the outset” they expose the fact that, “Johnson’s access to Cygnus results – hushed up by Tory government – and other intelligence means he cannot plead ignorance.” They emphasize that, “ In reality, the Tories have not changed their plan – only the language they use to describe it. Their ‘flatten the curve’ plan still assumes 80% or more of the population will catch the virus – it just spreads the ‘peak’ out over a longer period, which will save some lives by reducing the load on hard-pressed NHS hospitals. But even with the best care and no overload, the rate at which the virus kills victims could mean as many as two million deaths – just in a number of smaller peaks instead of one big one.”

Despite the vehement denials by various Government Ministers who claim that a there was no policy to transfer potentially Infected patients back into Care Homes Skwawkbox have exposed the truth, revealing, “Doctors and care professionals have accused the government of ‘seeding’ the virus among the most vulnerable by doing exactly that – after the SKWAWKBOX broke the news exclusively more than seven weeks ago and the NHS confirmed not only that it was happening, but that it was driven by central government policy. But it is still government policy to send confirmed-positive coronavirus sufferers back to care homes. The government’s ‘COVID-19 Action Plan for Social Care‘ on its official website (archived this evening here) confirms it.” This is an extremely damning piece of Government documented evidence that the Tory hierarchy could not deny in a court of law.

In another revealing Skwawkbox Article the reveal how the Tory Governments eugenics program for “Herd Imunity” has merely been rebranded; in reality this genocidal strategy has just been tweaked and carefully adjusted to obscure the truth from the British public. They highlight that, “Even the new language used still makes clear that the plan is to allow the virus to infect people – to ‘suppress and release’ it. To “turn it on and off like a tap”. In an alarming revelation, “The Tories claim they can do this with enough control to prevent NHS intensive care units being overwhelmed. But even if they were right, the death rate of the virus even under ideal treatment circumstances would mean a strategy of deliberately allowing huge numbers of people to die each time they ‘turn on the tap’.”

Alarming and disgraceful video footage of an interview with one of the “scientific experts” the Tories are relying on for their data is the feature of yet another Skwawkbox Article entitled: “This is one of the government’s SAGE experts on herd immunity. Watch and be afraid” The video goes well beyond the derogatory description of how this Professor managed to equip himself in front of a camera; it was both cringe worthy and nauseating to watch: it was identified as a, “‘Car crash’ as SAGE professor struggles to give a coherent answer, let alone a meaningful one, to questions about coronavirus strategy.” What must credible scientists overseas think of the UK’s “Scientific experts” advising our Government to ignore the respected consensus opinion and the WHO directives to place their population in severe jeopardy as the death toll soars to the second highest in the world.

So what will be the Tory Government strategy for driving round two of the “Slaughter of the Sheeple” among the UK population? The confusing messaging and total lack of preparedness as people were given less than 12 hours notice that they were expected to go back to work. The ram packed scenes of confused workers crowding onto public transport will be excused as a misguided lack of clarity not quite as blatantly obvious as the Liverpool Football match debacle and the Cheltenham Festival managed to drive event infection rates. The Tories are perfecting the art of inflicting damage by stealth; school children will become the next target. There are credible early warning signs that school children will be used as vectors for a new wave of Covid 19 infection that will devastate the working poor and especially BME communities as Skwawkbox warn in this Article that highlights a German video.

While the battle rages in the UK pitting the opinion of the Government’s discredited experts and advisors against our pragmatic, hard working teachers the evidence evolving with regard to schools reopening in France is being ignored by UK media. Once again Skwawkbox is on the case filling the void in an Article entitled: “More than 50 French schools now closed just a week after re-opening as new outbreaks spiral – yet UK media continue to ignore.” The article points out the massive difference in transparency between the approach of the French and British Government with the Tories trying to suggest we should follow the lead of Denmark that has a much lower, far better monitored and controlled infection rate.

While the devolved Governments are refusing to open the schools, Labour calls to wait until track and trace is properly established and we are no longer guessing over the ‘R’ rate are being ignored by the Tories are forge ahead with phase two of the “Slaughter of the Sheeple.” WE should be deeply concerned over what the Skwawkbox exposed saying that, “The French media have reported in full on the changed situation, but once again the UK media are failing to challenge the government and instead are in many cases actively colluding in a propaganda push to send our children into the front line of the virus threat.” The Canary are spot on with this depiction identifying, “What schools need vs what they’ll probably get!”

They Skwawkbox accurately conclude that, “The perception of much of the rest of the world is that this country is a coronavirus disaster zone blighted by a dishonest and incompetent government. But then, those country’s are not taking their ‘news’ from the UK’s supposedly ‘mainstream’ press and broadcasters.” The public need to pay a lot more attention to alternative news outlets like the Skwawkbox and the Canary as they are the only journalists prepared to be honest with the British public and expose the awful truth that the most vulnerable in our society have been targeted by the Tories at best as expendable collateral damage and at worst as part of a concerted program of negligent and intentional genocide.

The Canary featured Justice secretary Robert Buckland who “has labelled it ‘unproductive’ to blame scientists for decisions taken by the government during the coronavirus crisis.” They went on to explain that, “His comments came after Cabinet colleague Thérèse Coffey, the work and pensions secretary, tried to deflect criticism about key decisions, such as ending community testing, on to the scientists advising ministers on the UK response. Coffey, speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, said: “If the science was wrong, advice at the time was wrong, I’m not surprised if people then think we made a wrong decision.” We have to stop talking about what is happening as if Tory policy has just involved a few unfortunate “mistakes” for which they cannot be held accountable.

The evidence already demonstrates that all of the pertinent information was already in the correct hands of decision makers until they decided to scrub the appalling results and deliberately “Wash their Hands” of the sickening death toll. The Tories know their next move and opposition MP have a powerful duty to speak up loudly and rebel not help facilitate the impending genocide. Trying to be supportive of the Government in a national crisis is no longer a valid tactic when their known agenda is to precipitate literally thousands of unnecessary deaths in a targeted cull. A full investigation of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election could potentially remove the legitimacy of this Tory Government, restore justice and stop the looming genocide in its tracks. Only hope is to remove this corrupt Tory Government from office ASAP.