Crashed Egyptair Flight 450

I have had occasion before to praise Sam Kiley, Sky News security correspondent, who often seems to be fighting a one man battle against rampant Islamophobia and alarmism in the media. He has just given an extremely sensible analysis. He counselled against rushing to brand the crash as terrorism without evidence, discussing both mechanical failure and pilot suicide. He added that even if it was terrorism it was not necessarily Islamic terrorism. He quoted Anders Breivik and the fact that early reporting speculated that massacre was Islamic terrorism. Kiley even went so far as to state it was a possibility that, if it were terrorism, it could be carried out by a fascist group attempting falsely to implicate Islamic groups and stoke Islamophobia. Kiley also outlined the possibilities for various Islamic groups to be involved.

His summary was as balanced and sensible as it could be possible to make. Indeed Eamonn Holmes felt it necessary to ramp up the terrorist narrative by stating there have only ever been 68 mechanical failures on Airbus 320 aircraft. That is true, but it is a very much larger number than the number of terrorist incidents on A 320 aircraft.

I do not know what happened. I do know that it is remarkable that anybody as balanced as Sam Kiley – who four years ago stated on Sky News that Israel was perceived as “moving towards an apartheid state” – continues to be employed by the mainstream media. I frequently criticise corporate media journalists for doing a bad job. When one is doing a particularly good job I should in fairness note it.

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  • James

    I declined to give a link because I do not have one at my fingertips and have little time to waste on a matter that will only be cleared up when the US opens its secret files.
    As to Global Research the piece seems perfectly reasonable to me. I suppose that had I given The Economist or The Times, both up to their necks in imperialist propaganda mongering, you would have been silenced. You might want to wonder why?
    Mulga’s post may not be good enough for someone primarily concerned not with the historical record but in defending imperialism, but it makes two excellent points.
    1/ That the Unit 731 was not just not tried for its serial crimes but that it was taken over by the US and operated, at least experimentally (which in this context is horrific enough), during the Korean War. So the US had no compunction about using biological weapons- its record in Germany was the same.
    2/ The Chinese Communists were very familiar with Japanese biological warfare techniques. They knew what they were dealing with by 1950.
    Of course the Communists made propagandistic appeals to public opinion in the west. And their propaganda was not unsuccessful. The working classes of Europe and North America knew only too well how ruthless and callous their rulers were. So did the victims of colonialism.
    One of the advantages of this blog is that one does not need to provide the links that you call for: sooner or later someone who has the information at his (or of course her) fingertips will post it.
    In the meantime talking of ‘form’ the US military has lots of it in the bio and chemical warfare departments. It remains the only government which has employed nuclear weapons on civilians.

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    Dave Lawton
    May 21, 2016 at 23:39
    “Some guy whose name escapes me wrote a book about how the counter intuitive ideas of the philosophers of East Asia had long developed atomic physics before Einstein et al came along.”

    In fact Atomic physics was developed long before Einstein came along.He put no input into Atomic physics.

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    May 22, 2016 at 00:43
    I’ve always wondered if Einstein’s idea of space-time was inspired by the line in Wagner’s Parsifal: “Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit”. Einstein is known to have been musical.

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    May 22, 2016 at 00:46
    And isn’t Wagner’s line supposed to have been inspired by things that Schopenhauer, who himself was influenced by Eastern thinkers, had said?

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    May 22, 2016 at 01:41
    Ben Momad said: “Whew! I thought first you were just fishing. Now I see you’ve hooked and swallowed the Flounder whole. How did you know Oppy quoted that passage from Bhagavad Gita merely for effect? Please continue…..”

    Once I Had a Girl…..

    “Everybody is everybody else” as somebody once said.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

        It’s hardly better for Captain John Cox, an expert on airliner fires, telling BBC World that someone stepping on lithium batteries might have caused the fires in the avionics bay, one of the toilets, and the cabin of the EgyptAir liner.

        And I though it was just a fiery lizard running around.

        • Ben Monad

          Them lithium batteries keep coming up don’t they? Aren’t most cell phones (which occasionally blow up in your ear) and hover-boards exploding with lithium tech?

      • KingOfWelshNoir

        Going off-topic on page 4 of one of Craig’s posts is not ‘trolling’, it’s normal. There is a tacit understanding amongst most regulars here, I believe, that it is good manners to stick to the topic in the first few days but later once Craig has moved on it is fine to digress.

        • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

          By “to digress” I suppose you mean “feel free to return to their respective pet obsessions, to start shouting in this cyber-supermarket carpark and – most importantly – to reach out beyond the lonely futility of their own lives for a brief moment of vainglorious contact with their fellow beings”?

          If yo’ do, then we agree.

    • bevin

      Anyone with a brain can see that the “replies” to this came well in advance of the post itself. Mischief can be fun or tedious and time wasting.

  • giyane

    BBC Today 08.40 today, Jeremy Bowen on Erdogan’s illegal flattening of Cisre, a Kurdish town in Eastern Turkey.

    CM ” When “.. a journalist .. for the BBC even ..” is doing a particularly good job I should in fairness note it.”

    Jeremy Bowen points out that Erdogan as Turkey’s leader, part of NATO, Islamist participant in the war In Syria, cannot be trusted by the EU, if he’s going to illegally bomb his own people, (or his peaceful neighbour, Kurdistan).

    If anyone is interested, today’s episode will be available soon at:

  • Mark Golding

    Plausibly although not confirmed US/UK special forces were involved in an exercise to liase with a search vessel in the area where flight MS804 wreckage was found and make way to Cyprus Ayios Nikolaos Station in rubber marine landing craft. I ask what was picked up and transported… was it HMX??

  • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

    There are all kinds of black propaganda about the crash to deflect who did it and why, like the claim on French TV that its pilot spoke to air traffic controllers for several minutes about fires on board which he was making a rapid descent for in the hope of putting them out!

  • alibaba

    In French, the term Islamo-gauchiste = islamo-leftists.
    That’s basically what these comments, nauseating conspiracy pandering, and the post – a denunciation of common sense and accumulating evidence – amount to.

    the most plausible explanation right now for teh fall is terrorism. shooting down every piece of evidence is islamo-leftist conspiracy pandering.

    • The Pimlico Ponderer

      But there is no “evidence” as such, that’s just the problem.

      How can you claim to have the savoir faire to pronounce terrorism when there is no evidence of a 3rd party intervention?

      Furthermore, if it was terrorism then wouldn’t that group have claimed responsibility by now? It is important to question (rather than speculate) in order to arrive at the truth. It would be unfair to diminish the efforts of those with enquiring minds rather than suck up the spoon-fed drivel that our superiors would like us to believe.

    • fred

      About two miles down, water pressure going on for two tons per square inch.

      Not going to be easy.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        The Egyptians have co-opted an oil-industry ROV, apparently. Which can take it, probably.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      I had enough theories to uillustrate my point, T, and I know you never supply evidence for yours either. So you wouldn’t have made the cut even if I’d cared.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

        But I did supply evidence for the Asiana Flight 214 – i.e., the flash which the co-pilot Lee, aka Holy Lee Fuk by the NTSB, said he was blinded by when he was landing the plane, and the two fires in the cabin caused by the laser fired from one of its toilets and bringing down a lightning bolt before the crash which the crackpot investigators totally ignored.

        And you don’t even care about the truth, as you stated!

      • michael norton

        A French naval vessel was en route to the eastern Mediterranean on Thursday to join the hunt for black boxes from a crashed EgyptAir jet, equipped with three specialist probes from a French company recruited to accelerate the search.

        The French air accident investigation agency, the BEA, said in a statement the Laplace ship left Thursday from Corsica for the zone of the crash, with two BEA investigators aboard.

        The Laplace is equipped with three detectors made by the ALSEAMAR company designed to detect and localise signals from the flight recorders, believed to be about 3,000 metres underwater.

        France may also send an unmanned submarine and deep-sea retrieval equipment.

        ALSEAMAR’s equipment includes three of its DETECTOR-6000 systems, designed to pick up black-box pinger signals over long distances up to 5km, according to the company’s website.

        It works by dipping a slender probe into the water to listen for pings and then retrieving it to download the findings.

    • fred

      There are a lot of conflicting reports going about. The plane’s Emergency Location Transmitter wouldn’t work under the sea so it either broke off and floated or the fix was made by Airbus at the time of the crash. They automatically detach and float to the surface at 4m depth. It’s a week since the crash and the transmitter could have floated a long way from the wreckage.

      The flight recorders transmit a sonar signal which can be detected from under the sea but haven’t been detected yet.

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