Crashed Egyptair Flight 450

I have had occasion before to praise Sam Kiley, Sky News security correspondent, who often seems to be fighting a one man battle against rampant Islamophobia and alarmism in the media. He has just given an extremely sensible analysis. He counselled against rushing to brand the crash as terrorism without evidence, discussing both mechanical failure and pilot suicide. He added that even if it was terrorism it was not necessarily Islamic terrorism. He quoted Anders Breivik and the fact that early reporting speculated that massacre was Islamic terrorism. Kiley even went so far as to state it was a possibility that, if it were terrorism, it could be carried out by a fascist group attempting falsely to implicate Islamic groups and stoke Islamophobia. Kiley also outlined the possibilities for various Islamic groups to be involved.

His summary was as balanced and sensible as it could be possible to make. Indeed Eamonn Holmes felt it necessary to ramp up the terrorist narrative by stating there have only ever been 68 mechanical failures on Airbus 320 aircraft. That is true, but it is a very much larger number than the number of terrorist incidents on A 320 aircraft.

I do not know what happened. I do know that it is remarkable that anybody as balanced as Sam Kiley – who four years ago stated on Sky News that Israel was perceived as “moving towards an apartheid state” – continues to be employed by the mainstream media. I frequently criticise corporate media journalists for doing a bad job. When one is doing a particularly good job I should in fairness note it.

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  • MJ

    At least it’s in the Mediterranean and not the Atlantic. Locating the black box recorders should be pretty routine. If they don’t materialise then there may be something fishy going on here.

  • Republicofscotland

    “The decision on Monday in Vienna to provide ‘arms’ to a Libyan Government that exists in name only, the GNA, has taken the international communities stance from the sublime to the completely ridiculous.”

    “To keep it simple, the West has decided to supply ‘arms’ to a not yet in existence Government of National Accord (GNA) sometimes referred to as a Unity Government yet its core, the nine-man Presidential Council and its Prime Minister were not at all selected by any Libyan but by a combination of the UN, EU, US and UK. Within the EU the primary mover with the most commercial interests of that side being Italy.”

    The West has set out its stall out early in Libya, in a outright push to form a government that suits its needs, more than the needs of the Libyan people.

    As I’ve previously stated don’t be at all surprised if the downing of Egypt Air MS804, is somehow traced back to IS, in Libya. It would give Nato the perfect opportunity to put boots on the ground, in Libya and cement their puppet governments position.

    Worth a read.

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile the head of the Russian FSB, Aleksandr Bortnikov, has said regarding the Egyptian airliners demise.

    “Unfortunately, today there was another incident with an Egyptian Airlines plane. Apparently, it is a terrorist attack, which killed 66 people from 12 countries,” Bortnikov was cited as saying by TASS.

    The FSB chief urged “all concerned parties, including our partners in Europe, to undertake joint measures to identify the persons involved in this heinous act.”

    Egypt’s Aviation Minister Sherif Fathy has told journalists that the missing plane is more likely to have been brought down by a terrorist attack than a technical failure.

    Both parties appear to be alluding to an act of terrorism as the reason for the downing of the Egyptian airliner.

    Do you think they’re preparing us for the news that it was a terrorist attack?

    More to the point, do we believe, it was a terrorist attack?

  • Republicofscotland

    “The CIA inspector general’s office — the spy agency’s internal watchdog — has acknowledged it “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of a mammoth Senate torture report at the same time lawyers for the Justice Department were assuring a federal judge that copies of the document were being preserved, Yahoo News has learned.”

    “The 6,700-page report, the product of years of work by the Senate Intelligence Committee, contains meticulous details, including original CIA cables and memos, on the agency’s use of waterboarding, sleep deprivation and other aggressive interrogation methods at “black site” prisons overseas. A 500-page executive summary was released in December 2014 by Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the committee’s outgoing chair. It concluded that the CIA’s interrogations were far more brutal than the agency had publicly acknowledged and produced often unreliable intelligence. The findings drew sharp dissents from Republicans on the panel and from four former CIA directors.”

    How convenient that both were wiped clean, Donald Trump has intimated that if he becomes POTUS, he’ll up the use of water boarding.

    • Jim

      Interesting read. There is at least one other vopy though that Diane Feinstein is trying her best to get hold of if you read the whole article. It just makes me think of the comparison with, say China just for one example, where nothing like this level of scrutiny and oversight would be approached. Not saying it’s good or anything, but it’s worth putting in perspective.

      • Jim

        copy not vopy! Sorry for returning, it’s just hard to stay away, I promise I’ll try ?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain

      RoS, torture is as American as apple-pie. Water-boarding, for instance was used against the ‘Injuns’ and in the Philippines during the genocide there, and in Vietnam. The US trained Latin American butchers in torture techniques for decades at the infamous ‘School of the Americas’. And torture is rife in US prisons, gaols, secret torture centres and even in schools. The torture program in Iraq and in the ‘extraordinary rendition’ program was also aided by input from Israel, an expert in torture of Moslems and Arabs, gained from decades of practise on tens of thousands of Palestinians. Their expertise in specific practises involving dogs, forced nakedness and sexual shaming was evident in the Abu Ghraib happy snaps.

  • RobG

    These plane crashes have a very tired synchronicity to them, which largely ignores the poor bastards who died in the crash and the loved ones who grieve for them, except for propaganda purposes..

    EgyptAir flight MS804 has been top of the news agenda for more than a day now, even though I could name five big news stories that easily merit bigger headlines.

    But we live in the Matrix and flight MS804, just like other previous plane crashes, is being cynically used to push the ‘enemies of western freedom’ agenda: it’s the ‘terrorists’, it’s the Russians, it’s the Chinese, it’s the Martians. It’s anyone who opposes US hegemony.

    What’s terrifying is how the MSM all sing to this same hymn sheet. News coverage across the entire MSM spectrum is now totally co-ordinated. With each ‘event’ it’s the same script.

    Personally, I think this air crash was caused by Colonel Mustard, in the Library, using the lead pipe.

    Or it could have been an accident.

    It doesn’t really make much difference: the constant barrage of propaganda gets inside people’s heads and the ‘enemies of the West’ meme is planted (fear, fear, fear), regardless of what really happened.

    It’s a Stasi wet dream.

      • RobG

        Brazil, Venezuela, France, Bahrain and Russia, in no particular order; all examples of the neo-con/corporate attempt to take over the world; despite the fact that it is the neo-cons and their totally crazy ideology that crashed the world economy in 2008. But if you live in the Matrix you are told that the neo-con way is superior; which is yet another example of the Orwellian double-speak that the neo-cons use.

        These people are ideologues, no different from the Nazis, and if they’re not stopped we will have World War Three on our hands, which really will be the final war in human history.

        • Jim

          They’re not front page news, that’s true. I just can’t go along with all the Matrix stuff though, trying to decipher Paul Mason’s stuff is enough to keep me going!

          If Craig is reading this I’d be grateful if he’d block me for myself and everybody else’s sanity. It’s very unhealthy compulsive stuff this forum lark.

        • Neil Anderson

          It truly surprises me that anyone pays any attention to what the MSM (in any shape or form) says anymore. If you wish to avoid the “fear, fear, fear” repetition, don’t read or watch any of it. It’s quite simple. I’m as guilty as the next person of commenting on the ordure which passes as “news” from day to day in my everyday encounters with my peers, so I’m being a bit of a hypocrite really. I do, however, do my best to ignore all of the content of printed and broadcast media. Most of my connections to it are outlets like this one, where I catch up with what’s “current” in the world. Really, I’m much more interested in the people I meet every day at work, on the street, on the train. And what’s growing (or not) in my garden.
          Having said all of that, I would like to express my gratitude to Craig Murray and all of you lovely people who contribute to this blog. It’s always really entertaining. Even that Habbabuk person. Enchanting, thanks.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      I think there is more than a 50/50 chance that the plane did crash as described.

      However, I have not studied this event in any detail whatsoever.

      Everything reported may be completely true and accurately reported…

      But as I am 100% convinced that a lot of stuff in the Mainstream Media is not True…

      Some such events, simply did not happen as reported…

      Then I will reserve judgement.

      I have nothing much to go on, and am no longer that interested.

      I do understand the overall plan.

      I simply do not trust people, I know who I have proved to be extremely good liars.

      I don’t understand why people can’t simply tell the truth.

      It’s usually the best policy.

      We all make mistakes. If you confess them, you tend to be forgiven.

      If you lie. They know and they will not Trust You Ever Again unless you confess.


      • RobG

        Tony, as I’m sure you will recall, back in the 1960s and 1970s if you went by air you were literally taking your life in your hands. Apart from mechanical failures (do you remember all those Comet aircraft crashes?), you also had PLO hi-jackings etc, and the risk of being shot down by the Cold War lunatics. I’m too tired right now to list them all, but a number of civilian airliners were shot down by both the Americans and the Russians. A tradition that’s carried through to our present day.

        Does anyone have an Aeroflot story? I once flew from Beijing to Moscow on Aeroflot and am still having therapy.

        • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

          “Tony, as I’m sure you will recall, back in the 1960s and 1970s if you went by air you were literally taking your life in your hands. Apart from mechanical failures (do you remember all those Comet aircraft crashes?),”

          The two Comet crashes (metal fatigue) were in 1954.

          The Comet was taken out of service in 1954 and returned to service in 1958.

          Get it right.

          • RobG

            I was referring to prior Comet crashes, as you’ve pointed out, which most passengers were aware of in the 1960s and into the 70s when they stepped onto a passenger airliner. Back then, only a relative handful of people flew, because it was comparitively very expensive.

            But of course the 1970s and 1980s were great years for airline safety, weren’t they.

          • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

            @ Neil

            Do you believe that most of the regulars on here deserve a charming approach on my part?

        • Node

          We twice flew Aeroflot to New Delhi, India. Some of the highlights were : an Indian family cooking a meal with a paraffin primus stove, 2 Russians carrying in a huge TV and leaving it in the aisle, and a repairman with a toolbox wandering around the cabin tightening screws. When my girlfriend asked if there was a vegetarian option, the stewardess said “NO!” without breaking stride.

          • Anon1

            Ah yes, the Aeroflot flight to India. Our highlight was enjoying a a bottle of vodka. With the co-pilot.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain

            Node, I caught Air India from Singapore to Mumbai, and it was like an Indian bus. More passengers than seats, and the aisles piled high with luggage. Friendly people, and no open fires, thank goodness.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    This is a bit strong for The Telegraph

    They might start writing the truth next, now Dan Hodges no longer works there – which in itself is a funny story.

    The Telegraph Management, actually installed desk monitors on the journalist’s desks to record whether or not they were there.

    (that just shows how incredibly stupid The Telegraph Management are)

    Dan took umbridge.

    He is actually a very clever guy, and writes extremely well for the neocon team, but I suspect he would write well for anyone who paid him the most money.

    I much prefer his Mum – Glenda Jackson.

    He still lives at home with her, which is quite sweet.


    • Ben Monad

      “”Ya’alon is a brave man, who exposed the moral nakedness of Netanyahu to the world,” Margalit said.”

      The natives are restless.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      Trowbridge H. Ford,

      I wrote the word umbridge before you…but you spelt it right.

      I have a lot of respect for you…and have been reading what you write for several years, though I have no idea who you are and don’t care…

      Do you seriously believe the Official Story of 9/11?

      If they are still trying to Kill You – then I’ll Forgive You

      I know you ain’t thick.


      • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

        Thanks, Tony.

        I never believed the official claims about 9/11.

        I was saying it was some cockup which had to be covered up no matter what because it showed that the American neocons were willing to gamble with innocent American lives to help achieve their world ambitions, resulting in over 3,000 ones being murdered on that very day.

        About my being still in danger, I really just don’t know, and really don’t care.

        It took about five years for naive me to realize what was going on in the backwoods of Portugal, and then I prevented them from continuing by moving to Sweden where they ultimately tried again.

        Even tip-lipped John Young informed me so, hoping that I would survive by admitting I was someone’s spy, ‘Jihad Jane’s whitey assassin of loony Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, or that I was simply nuts.

        Then when I moved back to the States, the spooks, working with the Bureau, tried to kill me in a drugs ambush in the middle of June 2013 nights.

        Since then, they have been trying to connect me with John Wheeler’s alleged killer, Robert Andrew Levene, but with no success.

        Perhaps they will try harder now, so you can forgive me before it might be to late.

        • Republicofscotland

          Trowbrige H.Ford.

          What do you make of this, this is the official story

          But I can recall when it happened in the news, that black 4×4’s were seen parked in Mr Marshall’s driveway minutes after he entered the house. If I also recall correctly, the side door of the house was open. A door friends and family say was never used by Mr Marshall or his children.

          This link has some truth in it, in my opinion.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

            Looks like Marshall had part of the tale right about government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, but it was not a military stand down but a Bureau one, thanks to Robert Hanssen’s long-time spying for the USSR which led the CIA to believe that handling the hijackrers could not be trusted to the FBI, so the CIA decided to catch the alleged 19 hijackers on their own.

            The Agency which had worked with the Saudis in zeroing in on them in California vastly underestimated what they were uo to.

            Looks like Marshall became most distressed after he had picked the wrong culprits, taking out everything left that he could, and Wayne Madsen has come up with another tin-foil hat conspiracy theory.

          • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

            Oh, I think it does, Lysias.

            The whole operation of rounding up the occupants of the four planes at LA by the CIA rendered unnecessary any air defense along the east coast, especially since the POTUS was far away in Florida.

            When the hijackers turned out to be east coast suicide bombers, though, Rumsfeld belatedly scrambled the fighters but by then, it was too late except for the plane coming back to hit the Capitol, but since it had seven of the 15 unarmed agents on them, they managed to regain control of the plane, only for it to apparently be shot down by one of Rumsfeld’s fighters over Pennsylvania.

        • Tony_0pmoc


          Thanks for your honesty.

          I had to find out – cos it was Personal.

          We had two young kids. My wife gave up her job in a Bank in The City of London to be a Full Time Mum.

          We were a bit skint – and I had to work loads of overtime – just to pay the mortgage (mortgage rates as high as 15% on the home where we lived)

          It took a Year for both of us to get approved by the Authorities for My Wife to be an Official Childminder…which was fair enough..I wouldn’t want some psycho looking after my kid.

          And on September 11th 2001 My Wife was Looking After Twin Blonde Baby Girls..

          Their Grandmother was in One of The Twin Towers…when The First Aircraft Hit..

          She phoned the Mother of The Twin Baby Girls – they were only about 3 months old – My Wife was looking after them…

          From within One of The Twin Towers That Had Just Been Hit in New York (We Live in London)

          She thought she was certain to die…

          The Line went Dead.

          We tried to contact her…from London to New York..

          but all The Telephone Lines were overloaded and we simply could not get through

          We thought The Twins Grandmother had Died…

          But She Survived – She Escaped – She Got out and She Ran

          It took me 18 months to find out The Truth – and I was Highly Motivated for The Sake of The Twin Baby Girls – My Wife Was looking after.

          I would love to see them again.

          They will be 15 years old now and still at school.

          I bet they are Totally Beautiful.

          I do not make this stuff up.


          • Tony_0pmoc

            I just asked my wife, because I could only remember one of The Girl’s names..

            She said funny you should ask…cos I met their Grandad Yesterday or within the last week – I’m getting a bit deaf..

            You are Joking???

            “No – he looked in a bad way – and I helped him with his shopping”

            The Twins are Fine…Nearly 16 now.

            My Wife does not Lie

            She’s an Angel Too.

            Some people are like that..

            Get used to it.

            wtf are you evil [email protected] going to do?


          • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

            I have a similar kind of story about 9/11.

            In August 2001, I went back to the States to visit, especially my sister who then had a grand old19th century summer house at Sagaponack in the Hamptons.

            She was renting it to a family of four, and at the time, the wife and the two kids were there, though the husband was not, just working away in the WTC.

            He did not survive the attacks, and the poor wife never got over it.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      I think it’s worth recordijng what he said, before the disturbance is smoothed over and regevved.

      … I have found myself lately in deep disagreement over professional and ethical issues with the prime minister, a number of ministers and a few members of Knesset.

      “I have fought with all my strength against radicalization, violence and racism in Israeli society, which threatens its resilience and percolates also into the IDF, already causing it harm,” he said.

      “I have fought with all my strength against attempts to harm the Supreme Court and Israel’s judges, processes whose result will cause grave damage to the rule of law and could be disastrous for our country.”

      Ya’alon’s fiery speech, unusual for the soft-spoken former IDF chief of staff, makes it unlikely that he will find himself returning to Likud’s ranks anytime soon.

      “In general, Israeli society is a healthy society, and the majority here is sane and seeks a Jewish, democratic and liberal state, a state that accepts each person as a person, without distinction of religion, race, gender, ethnic origin or sexual orientation, a tolerant and accepting country for the weakest and the minorities, who we have a duty to embrace and not to incite against, a country that fights unequivocally against the marginalization of women, sexual harassment toward them, or turning the [woman who comes forward] into the accused,” he affirmed.

      … to my great regret, extremist and dangerous forces have taken over Israel and the Likud movement and are destabilizing our home and threatening to harm its inhabitants.

      “This is not the Likud I joined — the Likud of Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Menachem Begin — and it is appropriate that the decisive majority of Likud voters, a sane, respectable and responsible public, understands the depth of the crisis and the recklessness of this spirit that is taking over the movement. I hope that the general public, too, on right and left, understands the serious consequences of the takeover of the center by an extremist minority, and will fight these phenomena. This is existential; the state’s existence depends on it.”

      And earlier, of course, there was this:

      In which –
      Benzi Gopstein, the ultra-right-wing leader of Lehava, was in April cleared of assault charges for attacking two left-wing Jews. He claimed he was acting in “self-defense” because he said he thought the men he attacked were Arabs. An Israeli court accepted Gopstein’s argument, before the right-wing extremist made further threats against the Jewish leftist activists.

      Gopstein has previously called Christians “vampires and blood suckers” who must be expelled from Israel.

      A widely circulated photo taken by Reuters on April 19 shows an Israeli at a protest holding up a sign reading “KILL THEM ALL,” effectively calling for the genocide of Palestinians.

      The right-wing extremist Israeli was at a demonstration in support of Sgt. Elor Azaria, an IDF soldier who killed an incapacitated Palestinian assailant in the illegally occupied West Bank.

      Hmmm. No racist problems there, then.

      • bevin

        Thanks for this. This puts the recent, surprisingly civilised speech, from the IDF General (Chief of Staff?) into perspective.
        It’s a reminder too that fascism itself is divided into several schools, including the modernisers and the satanic cults of death. As the inevitability of defeat becomes more evident the more rational regret not having made peace when the enemy was desperate, while the lunatics talk about the Sampson Option and killing everybody, before crawling back to their bunkers and poisoning themselves.
        Far be it from me to offend delicate susceptibilities by suggesting-perish the thought!- parallels between the Third Reich and Lieberman’s sort of Israel, but I suspect that less sensitive souls will.

      • bevin

        This is interesting. You’ve probably seen it but it was new to me and will be to others too:
        It concerns the growing gap between north American Jewish opinion, of which Sanders is a pretty good example, as anyone who recalls the exemplary role that Jews played in the Civil Rights movement, and the increasingly weird regime in Israel.

          • Chris Rogers

            Do we know if both Chalmers and Klemperer now face criminal prosecutions for ‘Hate Crimes’ given the anti-semitism smears they have spread across Oxford and the Labour Party. If they are not being investigated formally by the authorities, would it not be an idea to launch a civil suit against them?

            Not only should both this buggers be banned from the Labour Party for life, they should also be tarred and feathered for the liars they are. Not only have the bastards brought great shame on to the Jewish community in the UK, I honestly don’t understand what value they add to Israel or the Israeli authorities> Indeed, given their contempt for this country and its laws, perhaps the UK should just expel them, particularly given they have an automatic right to live in Israel, one it seems they don’t voluntarily with to exercise – which just about sums them up as the trouble making liars they no doubt are.

    • lysias

      Also looks like the speech of that deputy chief of staff of the IDF had been cleared with Ya’alon, and Netanyahu and others were not pleased.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    It is not 1924.

    Why the hell, are a large percentage of my taxes going – Yes I still pay a lot of tax – going towards building these bloody things…

    “Britain’s vast new aircraft carriers will make enemies ‘think twice’ about starting war ”

    They are Floating Bath Tubs of no use whatsoever and The F35 – whatever its variants…can’t Fly as well as a ‘ucking Spitfire

    Designed by Committee and as Fat as Windows Vista – and probably still running the same software

    Can you old farts please Retire with Your Gold Plated Pensions, so that us young people, with the money saved, can start building some New Hospitals in England, and Invest in Something Useful…

    How about Nuclear Fusion or Even “These”…and Getting Off Oil?

    These Eat all Your Bombs – and turn Them into Safe Electricity

    “This Nuclear Reactor Eats Nuclear Waste”



    “Russian Caspian Sea fleet launches cruise missiles against ISIS sites in Syria”

    • RobG

      You’re on the mark there, Tony.

      Aircraft carriers are totally useless in modern warfare. Just one missile will take out these sort of ships.

      I believe that’s why the Russians only have about 3 aircraft carriers, and the Chinese only 1, even though both countries could easily afford to build more carriers.

      The USA, of course, has about 10 ‘super aircraft carriers’, and about another 12 standard size aircraft carriers.

      It’s not about defence. It’s all about corporations screwing over the American tax payer, and PR and Washington trying to swing its dick.

      I will remind folks that the US hasn’t won a proper war since 1945.

      • lysias

        Militaries have a history of fighting the last war. Like World War Two was fought with a lot of battleships.

        Navies, like all military organizations, are bureaucracies, whose main aim is to perpetuate the bureaucracy and if possible to expand it. The U.S. Navy has long been dominated by naval aviators, who require aircraft carriers.

        It was maybe 30 years ago that I read an article in the Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute by a submarine officer, who revealed that submarine people have a word for surface ships: “targets”.

    • Neil Anderson

      Yes, what we need is more aircraft carriers which are of better use. Better use to kill people, of course.

      You could always stop paying your taxes.

  • Mark Golding

    Most times I am guilty of describing an oppressive scheme without either offering a remedy or even worse a quick fix that I know is unsettled, changeable or mostly uncertain.

    Two million British people or less marched against the Iraq war and achieved absolutely nothing, zilch, diddly-squat. How did all that emotion, all that solidarity dissipate? Did the baby boomers just sit around and smoke pot? I believe that emotion still sits in ordinary peoples minds and certainly in the heads of the elite; the Blairites and the ‘invisible state’ knows it. That is why the Chilcot report is 7 years in the making and why the British security services has scanned it’s pages with their brightest resources (new MI5 recruits have been asked for their observation and judgement on it’s sensitivity to interrogation and third degree).

    Crucially that passive Iraq war emotion, still smoldering, is key to our extrication from the yoke of subjection, from the status quo, with no hope of transition to freedom and a better and true democracy.

    Mere mortal emotion broke agent Cameron’s so called ‘open society’ and the demise of WebCameron, a Cameron blog that was shut-down on recommendation from the intelligence services (theRealElvis) for exposing too many lies.

    I myself are fully convinced solidarity has it’s base as emotion and human emotion is a powerful tool for both the elite in their justification for war and more importantly for the masses which I will attempt to demonstrate if you allow me.

    Solidarity is quite dangerous for our masters who advocate you should care only for yourself. Reading between the lines here will prove my point. Sympathy is a fundamental human trait and that has to be driven out of people’s heads.

    Not caring about others is OK for the rich & powerful but devastating for everyone else.

    The welfare system is based on a principle of solidarity i.e caring for others. For a great deal of British folk this is what they survive on. It is of no use to the very rich, accordingly there is a concerted attempt through Parliament to destroy it by defunding causing disintegration, public anger and cries for something to replace it, a standard tactic for privatising some system.

    In the UK the attack on public schools to turn them into business academies is another example. Public schools are based on the principle of solidarity. Again I propose the elite must wipe out from society this normal human emotion to pay for other people’s children to be educated through taxes – . Does anyone remember free cod-liver-oil & malt and free school milk in a bottle with a straw?

    Most UK funding for education now comes from tuition fees and not from the state. In fact our students are burdened by big debts and are trapped into the corporate system.

    A pillar of British society is our health system free at the point of delivery. We contribute thru our taxes to pay the cost of healing the child across the road or pain relief for cancer ridden old lady next door but one. That is solidarity yet of no use to the Bullingdon elite with their private corporate Bupa health insurance.

    Solidarity and emotion are key to transition, key to revolution and a tectonic shift from a selfish, unjust and deceptive model of society we find ourselves in. To me it was a logical, commonsense benefit to move from a buried WebCameron to CraigMurray as a tribute to his courage.

    • Neil Anderson

      In a “country” where less than 2/5th’s of the electorate voted for the winning “party”, we have no democracy.

    • James

      she discovered his glucose level was 57 mg/dl — a low level.
      In France, it’s higher.

      Much higher to actually be low. How mad !

  • Ben Monad

    Are you sure that Rollei knock-off wasn’t Yashica? Excellent optics and cheap at 120 bucks. Yeah, these digital wonks don’t have any idea about the craftsmanship involved with film. But it’s still a Cult (film developers) and art will survive technology.

  • James

    My word…….is this it ?

    The “would be” revolutionaries and Truth Seekers ?

    It is of little wonder “The They” are winning, if “this” is what stands infront of them.
    One word…. “pathetic”.

    I bet Murray is “slapping his thigh”. It doesn’t take much to get you lot “going”.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford aka The Biscuit

    The Guardian still doesn’t list hijacking the plane’s transponder as the cause of the crash, only a bomb, a missile, sabotage, mechanical failure, or any combination of them.

    Terrorists, whoever and wherever you are, just keep hijacking planes and crashing them, and who will never even be a suspect!

  • Mark Golding

    Since the Shayler case in the late 1990s, other UK whistleblowers have hit the headlines: GCHQ’s Katherine Gun, who exposed illegal spying on our so-called allies in the run-up to the Iraq war in 2003. She managed to avoid prosecution because of a possible legal defence of necessity that resulted from Shayler’s case. Or Ambassador Craig Murray, who exposed the torture of political dissidents in Uzbekistan – and when I say torture, I mean the boiling alive of political opponents of the regime, with the photographs to prove it. Murray was not prosecuted, but he lost his career and was traduced with tawdry slurs about his personal life across the British media.

    Much love Annie – thank-you

    • Zeke

      Come on, do you not know where those Yankee cowboys came from? They came from Scottish cattle drovers.

      And what do we know about Yankees?

      Well as my Irish brother says:

      America is exceptional alright. It is the most frightened nation on Earth, subjected to hysterical propaganda over decades warning about foreign enemies and ideologies. No wonder its supposed democratic freedom is in so appallingly bad shape, when the preponderant population is imprisoned by their rulers in a virtual cage of fear.

  • James

    It was the middle of the night.

    No alarms were going off, Dorrie Nuttall wasn’t checking her 7-year-old diabetic son’s blood sugar and her family was fast asleep; it was at that moment things got “scary very fast.”

    Thankfully, the little boy’s black Labrador “Jedi” was nearby.

    Jedi sensed Luke’s blood sugar was alarmingly low, jumped onto Nuttall’s bed and laid on top of her until she woke up. When Nuttall pricked her son’s finger, she discovered his glucose level was 57 mg/dl — a low level.

    “Luke was laying right next to me, just inches from me, and without Jedi I would have had no idea that he was dropping out of a safe range,” Nuttall explained in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.

    VIRAL !
    It must be good, if it’s gone to “viral”

  • James

    ………..she discovered his glucose level was 57 mg/dl — a low level.

    I didn’t know that.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I do not know what is going on, and I cannot explain

    All I can say

    is that My Daughter Looked Beautiful Tonight

    We nearly lost her on Wednesday morning

    All I can say Is Thank You

    To Everyone Who Works For The National Health Service

    Who Saved Her Life on Wednesday

    It was an accident She lost a lot of blood

    The NHS Saved Her Life

    Thank You

    Tony & Wife xx

  • Tony_0pmoc

    When I came off my new bike I smashed the thing to fck..

    My Suzuki GS750 was just a heap of smashed up Metal…

    but it was cold – and I had my artificial heavy leathers on…

    and I just bounced slid along the road (same age as my daughter)

    I looked at my bike – and thought shiit you stupid cnt – you have just smashed up your brand new bike

    I have got to get it back on the road (and I did within 2 weeks)

    I was completely physically unharmed

    Her face is not affected…

    But her Bum Will Be…

    Skin Graft Next

    These things happen…

    Its just life

    Its our love that keeps each other alive

    (sorry – my family is a bit mad)

    and she didn’t fall off her bike -but she still lost a lot of blood – her blood pressure was so low – I am amazed she survived.

    Thank You – To Everyone – (including her new best friend)

    Who Saved Her Life


  • Silvio

    This could be of interest to some of this blogs readers as well as contributors to the comments section keen to learn more about the behind the scenes machinations and manipulations of the Deep State.

    2016 Left Forum – 6 “Deep State” panels to be Live Streamed from NYC Sat-Sun May 21-22

    This year’s annual Left Forum conference will include 6 panels with 15+ speakers — all categorized under a “Deep State” theme. The conference will be the weekend of May 20-22 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 11th Avenue & 58th Street, New York City.

    WATCH THE LIVE STREAMS BELOW, courtesy of False Flag Weekly News (No Lies Radio).

    More details on the Deep State related panels to be webcast this weekend are here:

    Habachuk might find this forum on Sunday afternoon (UK time) of particular benefit:

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    Speakers: Kevin Barrett, Richard Dolan, Chris Emery

    The CIA/NATO created Operation Gladio after WWII in Europe to prevent communism. Stay-behind Cold War special forces unleashed terrorist bombings and murders and blamed leftists. These black ops continue today as a global Gladio–attacks that are staged and, post-9/11, usually blamed on Muslims. Also known as false flags–covert attacks created by one group then attributed to patsies–this terrorism achieves many shadow-government goals. Besides fomenting Islamophobia, false flags cow an unwitting public into supporting a militaristic, fascist agenda. Fueled by a neo-McCarthy, anti-truth climate, false flags intimidate activists from critical inquiry beyond levels of “acceptable dissent.”

    Kevin Barrett is at the forefront of challenging the false flag phenomena, from 9/11 to Mumbai to Paris, San Bernardino and beyond, he analyzes the similarities of the growing false flag industry. Ongoing attacks–both low-level and audacious spectacles–are required elements in maintaining a permanent security state. Richard Dolan tells the history of false flags since the 1930s, likening them to massive mind control ops. Chris Emery shares the case study of Oklahoma City.

  • Anon1


    Was the aircraft downed by

    A) A Zionist warship

    B) A Mossad transponder hack

    C) An as yet unknown Jewish Plot.


    Choose (C) if unsure.

    • Resident Dissident

      The correct answer as always is Trowbridge Ford’s imagination.

  • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

    Has anyone mentioned the proximity to the flight path of US & allies Phoenix Express 2016 – a joint naval drill in the Mediterranean Sea. The plane went left 90 degrees then another turn sharp turn to the right then . . . . . . . . . does that sound like a plane trying to evade a surface to air missile ???

    How many civilian aircraft have been shot down accidently by the military USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian Airbus during Aegis testing. TWA 800 dozens saw a missile heading skywards & there was a naval exercise going on. A Russian Aeroflot flight downed by the Ukrainians over the Black sea. And where MH370 first went off course was another naval exercise taking place. The rush to blame terrorists with zero evidence could well be spin /deflection for another snafu.

    • Resident Dissident

      “does that sound like a plane trying to evade a surface to air missile ???”


    • James

      …coz normally the navy just push off out to sea and sail about a bit !

      Inbetween “maintenance” and “patrols” there’s “exercise”. That’s all they do.

      A group of “twenty somethings” led by a couple of “forty somethings”, just wandering about, and parking up in some creek to fish for Yabbies in an 100 million plus gunship.

      Man, your world is f***ed up !

    • Silvio

      I think you are incorrect about the USS Vincennes shooting down the civilian Airbus while Aegis testing. The destroyer was in the Persian Gulf with a newly appointed captain eager to see action and looking to make a name for himself with the navy brass. Between captain and crew they mis-identified a commercial Iranian aircraft on a scheduled flight as an Iranian military aircraft on an attack approach towards the US Navy ship and decided to bring it down before it could start its supposed attack.

      Excerpt below from Sea of Lies, a Newsweek magazine article about the incident and the subsequent attempt at a coverup:

      Rogers was not absolutely sure that his ship did face an enemy warplane . The plane seemed too high – some 7,000 feet – for an attack approach. At his rear, another officer, Lt. William Mountford, warned “possible commair.” (i.e. commercial aircraft) Three more times, the warnings went out: “Iranian fighter…you are steering into danger and are subject to United States naval defensive measures.”

      Then something happened that psychologists call “scenario fulfillment” – you see what you expect. Petty Officers Anderson and Leach both began singing out that the aircraft, now definitively tagged on the big screen as an F-14, was descending and picking up speed. The tapes of the CIC’s data later showed no such thing. Anderson’s screen showed that the plane was travelling 380 knots at 12,000 feet and climbing. Yet Anderson was shouting out that the speed was 455 knots, the altitude 7,800 feet and descending.

      Rogers had to make a decision. An F-14 could do little damage to the Vincennes. The version that Washington sold to its ally the Shah of Iran in the early 1970’s was purely a fighter plane, not configured to strike surface targets. Still, if Rogers meant to attack it with a missile, he had to fire before the aircraft closed much within 10 miles. At 9:54:05, with the plane 11 miles away, Rogers reached up and switched the firing key to “free” the ship’s SM-2 antiaircraft missiles. In Air Alley, Zocher had been given the green light to fire. The young lieutenant was so undone, however, that he pressed the wrong keys on his console 23 times. A veteran petty officer had to lean over and hit the right ones. In the CIC, the lights dimmed momentarily, like a prison’s during an electrocution.

      More here:

      • Mulga Mumblebrain

        Silvio, the Vincennes shot the Airbus down in cold blood, as the US cranked up its support for Iraq as Iran began to come out on top in the war. There has been a lot of lying about the atrocity, and the ‘accident while testing the Aegis’ is a novelty. The Airbus flew in the commercial route and made NO untoward manoeuvres.

  • fred

    Pilots say the 90 degree turn would be to take the plane out of the busy air lane so they could descend safely and then the plane was set to fly round in circles while the crew was fully occupied doing something else.

    Shortly before the plane crashed a smoke detector went off in the toilet at the front of the plane then shortly after in the avionics bay so at the moment a fast spreading fire on board seems the most likely cause of the crash.

      • fred

        We know what ACARS has revealed, it’s solid evidence just the same as the black box will be.

        At 00:26 GMT the smoke detector in the forward passenger toilet went off, at 00:27 the smoke alarm in the avionics compartment under the flight deck went off. The last ACARS message was received at 00:29.

        • MJ

          It doesn’t tell us enough to construct a theory. The CVR and FDR will tell us a great deal more. Incdentally, ACARS located UA175 over Harrisburg Penn when WTC2 was hit. Is that also solid evidence in your view?

          • fred

            Yes, it’s all solid evidence and enough to construct a theory, future evidence and theories may be different. Future evidence may contradict but at the moment that is the evidence we have and it is enough to construct a theory that there was some sort of fire on board which spread rapidly and at the moment that would be the most likely suspect for cause of the crash.

  • Resident Dissident

    So far before we have anything that a sensible person would consider to be evidence the following theories have been put forward here:

    – it was the Israelis the controllers/subject (delete according to taste) of the US
    – it was the US and its allies on a naval exercise
    – it was jihadists sponsored by the US or its allies

    Perhaps those responsible need to look up the meaning and roots of the word prejudice in the dictionary. What they are engaged is quite clearly not evidence based – not that it ever was.

    • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

      And perhaps you should change your handle to “Resident Dickhead”. And why does anyone need to look up the word “prejudice” I asked if anyone had brought up the plane flying over the naval exercise. The report I heard on Radio N.Z. News said the plane made a SHARP left hand turn then another sharply to the right before completing a 360 degree turn then descending rapidly to . . . (I forget the actual altitude) before disappearing from radar. With the amount of outright lies, omission & deception passed off as news I would’ve thought that the accidental missile strike could be a scenario. Especially with the fact that western media hasn’t mentioned a naval exercise under the planes flight path – that I know of. If it does turn out to be that you can guarantee we will never be told & the ubiquitous “mooslim tourerists” will be it.

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