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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The Daily GasLamp put together “Some light reading for the Bank Holiday Weekend.” It included a collection of Links to a number of their most important revelations from past GasLamp posts that are taking on special meaning now that Dominic Cummings is at last coming under serious criticism. They started out by stating what had motivated them to create the site: “This site was set up in the wake of the strange Tory victory in the 2019 General Election. Strange because it was won by the Tories by the precise margin predicted by Dominic Cummings – 80 seats – and confounding all other polls.” Then there is a Link to their post entitled: “Election Fraud GE2010” which outlines the core of the allegations regarding what I now refer to as the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

What we are seriously considering right now is the potential removal of Dominic Cummings from his privileged position dictating Government policy to our part-time puppet Prime Minister and how that might shift the whole dynamic of UK politics in a better direction. The danger for Boris Johnson and the Tory Party is that Dominic Cummings was the prime architect who directed and managed core elements of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election through strategies he had developed during the Brexit Campaign. The danger now is that, of all the people who might know exactly how the extraordinary and still unfathomable Tory “Landslide Victory” was accomplished, Dominic Cummings had the greatest access and holds the most knowledge. If he is fired in disgrace he is very unlikely to go quietly and right now he is probably threatening Johnson with full exposure if the PM dares to oust him.

Dominic Cummings stealth stranglehold on power is best understood from reading what is revealed in the GasLamp’s Election Fraud post where they describe VICS. “Before the EU Referendum, Dominic Cummings had created a system for Vote Leave called the Voter Intentions Collection System (VICS). This is well documented in Dominic Cummings own blog. It provides a statistical probability of each and every vote and voter, fed by data sources conventional and unconventional. For Vote Leave this Big Data system was fed from information from Facebook: information on 2 billion (yes, 2 billion) people collected by Cambridge Analytica. There is an ongoing case about the fraudulent collection of this data and still further speculation whether this data was available to Dominic Cummings in 2019.”

The post goes on to describe the role of “Sock Puppets” in reinforcing the propaganda and fear mongering fed to the public via Social Media in the Tories military grade PsyOps Campaign of disinformation. The post then continues by revealing, “However to really gauge voter intention, VICS needs more than just targeting information it needs, feedback and engagement. Social media, particularly Facebook, is the tool of choice. Sock Puppet accounts and bots were enabled to do a number of things:
a) Identify a person who was likely to vote for a particular party – if confirmed views, would they be voting?
b) Identify people who could possibly be influenced “floating voters”, and if influenced would they vote?
c) Identify people who were unlikely to vote at all
In particular, besides identifying voter’s political view, the sock puppets and bots could re-enforce tribal behaviour and commitment to vote by either “liking” posts, engaging in chit-chat and obtaining such confirmation.”

The suspicion regarding this manipulation of the psyche of the British public ranged beyond Tory Party operatives to the potential involvement of “either UK Intelligence Services or Foreign Intelligence Services.” The piece recognized that the “USA and Israel both have massive capability for such “Psychological Operations” and were more likely culprits than Russia. This does not mean that the buried report on Russian involvement in our UK elections should not be made public and fully scrutinized as the sea of dubious funding that continues to flow from powerful Russian Oligarchs into the Tory Party should not be allowed to warp our politics, but that is another story that should not be forgotten.

The bottom line is that the Tory Party had access to that vast wealth of data and feedback that would have facilitated targeted manipulation and suppression of the postal votes at a time when the use of postal voting had been promoted and encouraged by the Government and was therefore at a far higher level than in previous elections. This is where the Tories inside connection to IDOX the company handling all of those postal vote and overseas voting packs could have enabled various forms of manipulation of the vote. According to the GasLamp, “For GE2019 early information indicates that both Safe Tory Seats and Marginals won by the Conservative, had high Postal Ballot percentages, double the usual figures. The VICS data would have indentified those people unlikely to vote. These would be the perfect people to impersonate for postal vote ballot stuffing.”

The GasLamp go on to expose what they believe is the master plan and who was in control of directing that plan during the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. “The different methods to achieve the goal, a conservative landslide, would have been diverse in order to stop any one particular method being fully understood and the fraud exposed. All that really was required was “Situational Awareness” – a military term that is now widely used within business – to provide a complete overall picture of progress towards the goal. In the conservative case, this was provided by Dominic Cummings’ Voter Intention Database. Is that system illegal? No… Well, actually it depends…” Please visit the GasLamp Blog to gain a far more in depth knowledge of what went down, who was primarily responsible and the legalities or illegalities of what exactly they got away with.

The military grade PsyOps turned on the British voting public to influence their vote without any knowledge that they were being targeted was vile and insidious, but we are lacking the tough restrictions and laws to fully define and prohibit this practice. While Cummings operation would have harvested the data and provided explicit instructions on how to make best use of that information Dominic might have managed to distance himself from the highly illegal implementation of the postal vote manipulation sufficiently enough to avoid any criminal charges. So while he identified where to plunder votes and exactly how many votes would be needed in each area he could potentially disavow responsibility for completing the necessary illegal manoeuvres. If he did not trust Boris Johnson and feared a future betrayed he would have made sure he had a secure back-up plan to protect his own interests.

Opposition Party MPs might or most likely are not aware of the underlying reason for this crisis in the Tory Party, but we do need them to reflect out outrage of Cummings display of contempt. We also need to question the initial disgraceful enabling ambivalence demonstrated by Labour Leader Keir Starmer, who is universally credited with the forensic skills of a top legal investigator, but seems oblivious to the injustice of this obvious breach of the emergency restrictions by Dominic Cummings. This has sparked the attention of the Canary who wrote the recent Article: “Left-wing MPs put Starmer’s weak response to the Cummings scandal to shame.” It reveals that, “The official opposition stance, though, has seemingly been to demand an ‘explanation’ rather than a resignation or dismissal. And key members of Starmer’s shadow cabinet have duly avoided openly calling for Cummings to go.” Also reported by the Canary, “even some Conservative backbenchers think it’s time for him to go; as do some 41% of Tory voters.”

In another Canary Article they report, “Boris Johnson has been hit with a ministerial resignation and faced mounting backbench anger over the actions of his senior adviser, Dominic Cummings. Douglas Ross, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for Scotland, said on Tuesday that he was quitting after hearing Cummings’ efforts to defend his trip from London to Durham despite the coronavirus lockdown.” Today there have been multiple interviews with Tory MPs determined to normalize Dominic Cummings arrogant abuse of power as if he was just a devoted father we should all empathise with, but their protestations will just drum home the message of “one rule for us” elitism. “…Ross, the MP for Moray, said: ‘I have constituents who didn’t get to say goodbye to loved ones; families who could not mourn together; people who didn’t visit sick relatives because they followed the guidance of the government… I cannot in good faith tell them they were all wrong and one senior adviser to the government was right’.”

Robert Court was under fire from Simon McCoy for his unswerving support for Dominic Cummings. “The message as I remember it was ‘stay at home’ …rules that meant stay at home, meant stay at home!” The Tory MP defended his support, saying, “I accept and understand the strength of feeling that people have, I don’t dispute that for a moment and I think that everybody’s case should be looked at with compassion.” This has been the central plank of the Cummings defence spin, the tacit accusation that anyone who does not support Cummings’s rule breaking lacks compassion. Court was insisting that the PMs Chief Adviser’s truly warped misinterpretation of that “stay at home” message justified lengthy driving trips at a time when he admitted that he was expecting to become incapacitated heading north and was concerned about the quality of his eyesight before driving back to London!

McCoy appeared completely gob-smacked as he countered, “Ah yare, I’m sorry I was supposed to end the interview there, but you can’t possibly say that there isn’t sympathy around, for, a controversial figure, I mean I think even you would accept that.” He was not going to let Court get away with labelling those who were justifiable outraged as heartless. McCoy continued his protestation, “a person who in most circumstances should be behind the headlines; should certainly not be discussed in these terms, and yet here you are an elected MP defending someone who… I don’t know what’s going on… The public are going to be watching MPs and saying… what has he got over you all?” Court feigned confusion saying, “I’m not sure what the question is” before trying to portray himself as a neutral evaluator of facts. He then weighed in from what he said was a “legalistic point of view” brandishing his credentials as a Barrister. McCoy was not impressed asking, “I wonder what your point of view would be if you were a Doctor?”

McCoy hit the nail on the head when, in reference to Dominic Cummings, he asked, “what has he got over you all?” Will any more BBC presenters finally catch on that the Prime Minister and other Tory MPs unconditional and unwavering support for Dominic Cummings despite his obvious and very serious breach of the lockdown rules should arouse intense suspicion. Considering the massive negative impact this scandal is having on the credibility of the Tory Leadership, the party and all their Covid 19 lockdown messaging, it smacks of insanity not to drop Cummings like a hot potato! So just what is stopping them? The critical evidence he could reveal about the Covert 2019 Rigged Election – that is the power Cummings has over them and it is enough to bring down the Tory Government! We must keep demanding loud and clear that Dominic Cummings must get the sack. He could become the Whistleblower who provides all the evidence to validate a full investigation into the corrupt result and force the Tories out of office.