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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Adding to the toxicity of Dominic Cummings, the manipulative parasite who seemingly cannot by removed from his unelected post controlling the Prime Minister, is his warped fascination with eugenics that invokes terrifying images of the master race goals of Nazi Germany. He showed an almost psychopathic utter lack of compassion when he was overheard supporting the proposal for the Tory Governments outlier position on “Herd Immunity.” A report in The Sunday Times claimed that Mr Cummings set out the government’s strategy in a private meeting in February, which those present characterised as “herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.” Despite his vehement denials and retrospectively rewriting segments of his blog that remark stands out, personifying his callous indifference towards the British public as he refuses to step down.

This Double Down News video was released on the 11th of May right after Boris Johnson made his pitch to the nation. In a stream of accusations against Boris Johnson and his Government Professor John Ashton CBE did not hold back in his rant entitled, “The Beginning of the End of Boris Johnson?” Professor Ashton, a former regional director of public health for north-west England, says “I don’t think herd immunity has ever gone away in all of this. It has been lurking in the background as a fall-back position for a failure to get to grips with this, to do the testing and control.” It is as valid nearly a month on as it was when he first recorded it. His comparison of the shambolic performance of this Tory Government to a Monty Python skit is hysterical, but sadly apt.

Professor John Ashton claims that the Ferguson affair was essentially a classic “dead cat” distraction from the horrific news of our spiralling death toll at the time. But Johnson is just as ruthlessly prepared to throw any of the Scientific or Medical Advisors under the bus to detract from his own gross ineptitude and most of them have come to realize that he will scapegoat them to hide his own failings. So if Ferguson had to fall on his sword for setting a bad example by succumbing to his sexual urges, why is Boris Johnson prepared to take such a damaging hit for Dominic Cummings? Although Cummings’s transgression may appear fractionally more forgivable it has torn into the fabric of public support as so many UK citizens would have wanted to claim a similar exception to meet truly heartrending personal needs, but chose to act in the public good. His “one rule for the elite” arrogant exceptionalism really sealed his fate in the eyes of a seriously fuming public who are still signing the Petition clamouring for his removal.

However, the determination to retain Cummings at all costs has exposed the extent of his powerful control over Boris Johnson and the policy making of this Tory Government and it’s far removed from the healthy subordinate relationship that we expect of Chief Advisor to the PM. The rule of tyranny control over all of the Spads was horrifically demonstrated when, without even consulting her boss Sajid Javid, he fired Sonia Khan on the spot and ordered two armed police officers to march her out of number ten in disgrace. This out of control bully has no right to wield such power over dedicated staff and he has amply demonstrated that every aspect of his conduct is thoroughly unacceptable. Surely his latest rule breaking should represent the last strw not a stern warning and another chance to cause havoc and destroy public confidence in the Government, but no.

It was not that long ago that we learned the disturbing news that Mr Eugenics was attending the highly secretive SAGE Scientific Advisory Committee meetings to stick his unhelpful oar in and reinterpret was got relayed to the PM with a special dose of Dominic Cummings own warped slant on the proceedings. After reviewing all publicly available minutes of SAGE meetings over the last decade, the Guardian reported that Downing Street political advisers have never before attended SAGE meetings. They said that “One attendee of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said they felt Cummings’ interventions had sometimes inappropriately influenced what is supposed to be an impartial scientific process.” An equally controversial SAGE attendee with Cummings around the same time was Ben Warner, who worked with Dominic on the Vote Leave campaign for Brexit.

In the Guardian piece one SAGE Adviser said, “I have been concerned sometimes that Sage has become too operational, so we’ve ended up looking as though we are making decisions,” they also reported that one of them said, while making clear that Cummings had been involved on those occasions. “It contravenes previous guidelines about how you make sure you get impartial scientific advice going through to politicians, who make the decisions.” Referring to both Cummings and Warner, the SAGE attendee added: “When a very senior civil servant or a very well-connected person interrupts, then I don’t think anyone in the room feels the power to stop it. When you get to discussing where advice might be going, there have been occasions where they have been involved, and a couple of times I’ve thought: that’s not what we are supposed to be doing.”

Although Boris Johnson has claimed that Cummings has attended in a non-participatory observer capacity that is helpful to the Government, his reporting on proceedings to the PM carry the distinctive slant of his own bizarre perspective rather than a neutral rendition of the advice on offer. “A second Sage attendee told the Guardian that Cummings had played an active role in meetings from February onwards.” According to the Guardian, “they were initially shocked to discover Cummings was taking part in a meeting of supposedly independent scientific experts. He was not just an observer, he’s listed as an active participant,” the source said. “He was engaging in conversation and not sitting silently.” The second attendee said, “Cumming’s involvement was worrying because of his reputation in Whitehall and the questions his participation raises about SAGE’s role as a neutral body of expert advisers.”

Reportedly Labour has urged the Government to ban political advisers from attending Sage. Jonathan Ashworth, the Shadow Health Secretary, said there were significant questions for the government to answer over the credibility of its decision-making and how non-scientists have influenced policy. He said Cummings was “a political adviser, not a medical or scientific expert. If the public are to have confidence in SAGE, the Government must make clear Dominic Cummings can no longer participate or attend.” Labour have also called for greater transparency, the publication of a complete list of SAGE participants and access to research papers and documents on which they base their evidence.

The strict confidentiality of SAGE member participation is supposedly to protect them from undue influence, which is a ludicrous assertion when an arch manipulator like Dominic Cummings is in attendance! Inclusion of Downing Street Special advisers on Sage continues to raise questions about the independence of their scientific advice. According to the Guardian, there has been growing pressure on Downing Street in recent days to disclose more details about the group, which provides scientific advice to the upper echelons of Government during emergencies. Both the membership of SAGE and its advice to ministers on the Covid-19 outbreak is being kept secret. While a couple of key Advisors have admitted their inclusion in SAGE, the opaque nature of their critical input does not help to restore public confidence at a time when it has been absolutely shattered by the double standard demonstrated in the stubborn retention of Dominic Cummings.

What has been revealed is that, “both Dominic Cummings and Ben Warner were among 23 attendees present at a crucial convening of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, SAGE, on 23 March, the day Boris Johnson announced a nationwide lockdown in a televised address.” Multiple attendees of Sage told the Guardian that both Cummings and Warner had been taking part in meetings of the group as far back as February. Why should we be particularly worried about Warner’s participation? Ben Warner, a data scientist, worked closely with Cummings on the data modelling used in the Vote Leave campaign for the UK to leave the European Union. Warner was reportedly recruited to Downing Street last year by Cummings after running the Conservative Party’s General Election campaign model. Yep, that’s right the Covert 2019 Rigged election and how to achieve same!

To allow Dominic Cummings to remain in post would be to endorse and accept that this unelected “adviser” was now running the country exactly as he sees fit and running roughshod over the input of qualified Scientific and Medical experts as well as MPs and the Prime Minster. Even without his warped outlook on life and his dangerously inflated ego, this is entirely unacceptable in aby functioning democracy. To allow Cummings to continue, is to relinquish our grip on democracy knowing that once an authoritarian dictatorship becomes fully established in this country it will take decades to remove it. To oust him could potentially lead to him ratting on Boris Johnson for betraying him, turning Whistleblower to “sing like a bird” in an effort to validate his own pathetic worth. Cummings has all of the evidence we need to demand a full investigation of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, stripping the current Tory Government of its legitimacy for their immediate removal from power.