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29 thoughts on “Thanks

  • nevermind

    Phew, we thought you disappeared down some plughole….good to hear you are better, must have been one nasty bug. Pleased you are all well and on your way home.

    Meanwhile here, the Sat. Gaza demo is nearing and some of us will be there.

    @Phil, can you please determine a nice pub café with a license, not too full of protesters on the day so we’ll be able to get a jar, near’ish Westminster/ Downing Street were we can meet up, at lets say 10.30-11.30am, then that would be very helpful.
    Plan B could be JD’s Hamilton Hall at Liverpool street.

    fitting occasion and motto, play it loud. see as many of you as possible, come and scratch my eyes out…;)

  • Adriana

    Welcome back – you brighten my day even when your comments are grim, it’s always reassuring to know that a few influential people have principles and are prepared to speak out.

  • Tom Welsh

    I too am very relieved to hear of your recovery. Whether they agree with you or not on specific issues, all people of good will and intelligence must surely admire your work and your courage. Best wishes for renewed health and energy! (And may the lost weight – or most of it anyway – stay off!)

  • Phil

    @Clarke, Nevermind & anyone else who wants to meet on Saturday

    I can definitely suggest places closer than liverpool street. I won’t be able to make it until a little after 11am. I am up for a pint after the demo but I will not drink before.

    Is anyone bothered about a place with a license? How about somewhere about 15 minutes walk to downing street?

    I just briefly joined the student demo. Surprisingly big. A few gaza banners and chants. Huge police turnout of course.

  • clark

    Phil, Nevermind would like a pint before we set off, but pints are available at many places. Go ahead, suggest your location. Nevermind and I hope to be in London a bit earlier than 11:00, so I think it should all work out fine.

    Can you suggest a pleasant venue for Nevermind’s pint pre 11:00? (I will probably be craving coffee by then!)

  • Phil

    @Clarke, Nevermind & anyone else who wants to meet on Saturday

    Great. I’ll find a suitable place (close by but a off the beaten track, with beer + coffee) and post it tomorrow.

    Anyone else going to make it?

  • clark

    Phil; brilliant, thanks. Coffee not essential; I think I’ll prepare a flask anyway. Local to the demo but off the beaten track sounds ideal.

  • nevermind

    Brill, Phil, would be great to meet some on the board here, the more the better.

    Post as soon as you have identified a place, Phil, that’ll help people get their bearings.

  • nevermind

    I’ll survive without a pint, but….beer is like bread to a German, a [pint of beer will bring pleasire.

  • thatcrab

    Belated Got Well wishes to Craig, i wished but i didnt write earlier cause the thread was chocka.

    Also wish i could make London for the demo and meet, but cant. Quite far with little time…

    Best wishes & harness the weather’

  • Phil

    @Clarke, Nevermind & anyone else who wants to meet on Saturday

    Here’s a pub tucked away behind charing x. Opens at 11:00. Does beer and coffee. Ten minute walk to downing street.

    Ship & Shovell, 1-3 Craven Passage, WC2N 5PH.

    It’s a pub in two halves. Let’s meet in the smaller snug bar (on the left when stood with the arcade behind you).,-0.124624

    I can be there about 11:15. I’ll be in a yellow cycling coat, dirty black trousers, (I’m coming from work) and wearing glasses. I’ll email Clark my mobile number.

    What time will you arrive?

  • Clark

    Phil, looking at the train times, we would get to Liverpool Street at 10:48. I’m not sure how long after that we would get to the pub; probably just under half an hour, so probably at about the same time as yourself.

  • lost computer kibitzer

    For the Moderator (Clark?) and Craig. This is OT I know, but I don’t know how else to contact you anonymously. Sometime ago, Craig, you had a computer issue in India and needed to recover files related to your new book. I recommended Recuva from within windows; a moderator (Clark?) recommended linux, but I objected that linux wouldn’t have the proper tools. I just wanted to point out that there are two linux-based live disks (or live USB’s) that would have helped in this problem. The first is Parted Magic which contains PhotoRec, which despite its name is a general recovery program for deleted files. Also there is Deft 7.2, very sophisticated forensic package which includes PhotoRec among other deleted-file acquisition programs. These programs treat your computers disk as a source disk without modifying it and without booting your computer. These distros are free, can easily be downloaded in iso format, burned to disk or installed to USB with Unetbootin (also free and easy to use). So if it ever happens again, one of the two packages would be the way to go. Of course, these distros require a certain computer saavvy to use. For the computer savvy person, having one or both of these distros ready would be a good move.

    Best wishes,

    lost computer kibitzer

  • Snap

    Hello Clark?

    where to find you? ……

    A kind thanks again for your undertaking on the 13th to look into a distressing matter. I’m discreetly trying to refer you back to please see the the reminder I posted in the earlier thread on the 21st while I have been awaiting to hear from you, and not to hop it over here as well.

    (It is also more awkward now to see you posting in the original thread concerned whilst I remain silenced awaiting mediation somehow and various attacks on me and incorrect statements are left standing.)


  • clark

    Snap, sorry to have kept you waiting so long, especially as I still don’t really know what to suggest. Have you ever tried looking through someone else’s conversation, all fragmented and sometimes not quite in sequence, with comments to other contributors interspersed? It can be very confusing. Sorry, there is so much material there with which I am unfamiliar…

    I see that you haven’t submitted any comments for a while. I don’t think that Jon’s criticisms meant that you had to stop contributing; I doubt that Jon is about to start deleting or editing your comments. I suggest that you try to ignore whatever you were upset about and just carry on. I can’t really help with hurt feelings or short patience, recently having thoroughly fucked up on similar matters myself.

    What is your objective? Are you just trying to understand the Assange case for yourself, or are you trying to contribute to the public analysis of events?

    No one else is obliged to research in accordance with your instructions. However, if their analysis seems logically deficient to you, you have every right to point out the errors as you see them. If you think that Arbed places too much trust in Sim’s book, it is up to you to read the book and raise your objections.

    My belief is that all contributors should just debate the evidence, rather than speculating about the roles or intentions of other contributors. As soon as such “second order” interpretation is invoked, things get very messy very quickly.

  • clark

    Lost Computer Kibitzer, thanks. Yes, Testdisk / Photorec is pretty good at recovering files; I’ve used it many times. Thanks for recommending Deft, I hadn’t heard of this; I’ll try it out.

    Whenever Windows is running, it accesses the “C:” drive. If a file is lost or deleted, the disk space it occupies is marked by the system as unallocated, so the data is in danger of being overwritten by ongoing disk activity.

    This is why I recommended GNU/Linux tools. They enable you to boot your machine without writing to the drive that contains the lost data. You can do something similar with Windows, but you need a second machine to run the other installation of Windows, and you need to swap the target hard drive onto the other machine. On balance, getting hold of a LiveCD seemed easier.

    Yes, you need pretty minimal familiarity to use such systems, but my next instruction to Craig had he obtained a LiveCD would have been “OK, now phone me”.

    The other advantage with GNU/Linux tools is that Linux reads all the diverse file systems, whereas Microsoft and Apple software usually only read their own. Hence, you only have to learn one set of software with GNU/Linux.

  • Lost Computer Kibitzer

    Thanks clark. I’ve been working with both Parted Magic and Deft 7.2. Ultimately it’s somewhat easier to retrieve the data (onto a 3rd disk) with Parted but Deft is well worth looking at and experimenting with. If the job is complicated you might have to get a newer version of photorec than is on the live CD, which could present a technical obstacle with any Live CD (or live USB). This is true even if the source (patient) disk is in USB HDD status. Live CD’s can be hard to work with if you have to modify the software that’s attacking the problem. However Deft might allow a download & install of a program.

    Photorec of course even running out of Windows handles Linux file systems.

  • HAL

    Hiren’s Boot CD can be installed to a self-booting USB and will recover just about anything, with a low-level scrape if necessary. It contains boot and recovery facilities for Windows and Linux.

  • lost computer kibitzer

    I looked at Hiren’s. It contains Parted Magic as a menu option. The most interesting thing perhaps is that it has a collection of programs that run under Windows Mini XP (don’t know the story on Mini XP). In general Hiren’s is a very big toolbox. However, for the most part it lacks the very specialized forensic-oriented programs of Deft 7.2.

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