CIA Plot Against Correa Funded by Drug Money

by craig on November 9, 2012 2:59 pm in Uncategorized

Hillary Clinton is repeating the methodology of the Iran/Contra affair, using “black” funds to finance the operation to ensure President Correa is not re-elected.

I had two excellent sources for the news that the US/UK strategy against Julian Assange was to ensure the defeat of President Correa in Presidential elections next spring, and then have him expelled from the Ecuadorean Embassy. One source was within the UK civil service and one in Washington. Both had direct, personal access to the information I described. Both told me in the knowledge I would publish it.

Of course Assange is not the only reason Clinton wants rid of Correa; but it adds spice and urgency.

We now have completely independent evidence from Chile that this CIA operation exists, from journalists who were investigating a smuggling operation involving 300 kg per month of cocaine, organised by the Chilean army and security services.

The links to US intelligence emerged after an anonymous source from the Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia (ANI) told Panoramas News that the smuggling of 300 kilos of cocaine was in fact a highly sensitive CIA/DEA operation that would help to raise money to topple the government of Ecuador. The operation is similar to the one carried out by the Agency in Central America during the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980’s, the source said.

A few days ago I published information I had received that Patricio Mery Bell, the director of the news programme which broke the story, had been lured to a meeting with a young lady “informant” who had worked with CIA-backed anti-Cuban groups in Miami. She had then accused him of sexual assault (does any of that scenario sound familiar?) He was arrested and his materials had been confiscated. However I took the article down after jst a few minutes because I had received the information in emails from sources I did not know previously, and was unsure it could stand up. It does now appear that this is indeed true.

My Washigton informant had told me, as I published, that the funds for the anti-Correa operation were not from the CIA budget but from secret funds controlled by the Pentagon. This could not be done by CIA funds because, perhaps surprisingly, for the CIA to operate in this way is a crime in the United States.

Whether my informant knew or suspected that the “secret Pentagon funds” were drug money I do not know. They did not mention narcotics.

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  1. “From the first time Hugo Chavez was elected President of Venezuela in 1998, Washington and its allies have been trying to undermine his government.”

    If you want to know what is going on in South America the above is the site that will tell you.

  2. After US troops kidnapped the Honduras president, it was obvious Saurons eye had turned to Central and South America once again.The wave of socialism sweeping Latin America riled a US , used to having Junta’s and death squads keep the people in their place.
    It’s not only Correa that’s in their sights. How many attempts has there been on Chavez?
    Over 100 years of Meddling.

  3. Craig, I’m still having to access your site via proxy server, because somehow there’s no finding it through my Qatar internet provider. (QTEL).
    Strange thing is, though, that I don’t get the standard “blocked” message from the Qatar censors. Instead, there’s a message from Google, viz : “Oops! Google Chrome could not find“.

    Why would google fail to find you?

  4. Strange that Patricio Mery Bell still seems to be using Twitter as he was doing on the day that last post about him went up.

  5. William Blum on the same subject in July this year in his Anti Empire Report.

    sub-heading Julian Assange

    You think with the whole world watching, the United States would not be so obvious as to target Assange with a drone? They’ve done it with American citizens. Assange is a mere Aussie.

    And Ecuador and its president, Rafael Correa, will pay a price. You think with the whole world watching, the United States would not intervene in Ecuador? In Latin America, it comes very naturally for Washington. During the Cold War it was said that the United States could cause the downfall of a government south of the border … with a frown. The dissolution of the Soviet Union didn’t bring any change in that because it was never the Soviet Union per se that the United States was fighting. It was the threat of a good example of an alternative to the capitalist model.

    For example, on January 21, 2000 in Ecuador, where almost two-thirds live in poverty, a very large number of indigenous peasants rose up in desperation and marched to the capital city of Quito, where they were joined by labor unions and some junior military officers (most members of the army being of indigenous stock). This coalition presented a list of economic demands, seized the Congress and Supreme Court buildings, and forced the president to resign. He was replaced by a junta from the ranks of the new coalition. The Clinton administration was alarmed. Besides North American knee-reflex hostility to anything that look or smells like a leftist revolution, Washington had big plans for a large military base in Manta (later closed by Correa). And Colombia — already plagued by leftist movements — was next door.


  6. “Michael Vernon Townley was born in Waterloo, Iowa, in 1942. His father, Vernon Townley, was appointed head of the Ford Motor Company in Chile.”

  7. Teymoor: Sounds more like a DNS problem.

  8. technicolour

    9 Nov, 2012 - 4:26 pm

    Nice one (as it were). Happened in Afghanistan too.

  9. The illegality holds no consequences – After Iran/Contra Oliver North went on to be a senator and radio host.

  10. Sorry I misread the wikipedia article – North unsuccessfully ran for the senate

  11. willyrobinson

    9 Nov, 2012 - 4:50 pm

    Interesting interview – Mery Bell seems to have very detailed and specific information from the Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia (ANI), and is naming names. Let’s see in the next 24 hours who wants to know…

  12. willyrobinson

    9 Nov, 2012 - 5:07 pm

    No sign of this so far in the Spanish press…

  13. willyrobinson

    9 Nov, 2012 - 5:27 pm

    This video (audio really) is easier to understand and the material more detailed and better explained especially if, like me, your Spanish is not quite up to Chilean speed.
    Don Patricio Mery Bell – si estas leyendo esto, pues muchas gracias por ser tan valiente por sacar a la luz todo esto.

  14. conjunction

    9 Nov, 2012 - 5:28 pm

    the drug trade, of course, being the method used by the CIA to fund the contras, with the slight side effect being tens of thousands of deaths in the subsequent Mexican drug wars, cf the book “Dark Alliance”

  15. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    9 Nov, 2012 - 5:29 pm

    I wish I had learned Spanish.

    Drugs are often used to cover the cash trail. Is POTUS always privy to covert ops? I don’t think so…..plausible deniability and all that. I happen to live in a Medical Marijuana state. Obama, up until re-election, has sent DEA in to harass providers, I surmise, to offset criticisms of his past recreational drug use. But I have no doubt for CIA or NSA, this is SOP.

    The Espionage Act of 1917 was originally written to stop the German spies of WWI, and has since been abused by targeting dissidents. I am certain they would feel no compunction to expand that rationale to include Correa, using Assange as the excuse.

  16. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    9 Nov, 2012 - 5:31 pm

  17. IRAN – CONTRA – 1

    John Stockwell put it as clearly as any man could. –

    “I don’t mean to abuse you with verbal violence, but you have to understand what your government and its agents are doing. They go into villages, they haul out families. With the children forced to watch they castrate the father, they peel the skin off his face, they put a grenade in his mouth and pull the pin. With the children forced to watch they gang-rape the mother, and slash her breasts off. And sometimes for variety, they make the parents watch while they do these things to the children.” These are not just words. It is also real. Real mothers. Real children. Real fathers. Real death.

    “We do not parachute teams into the Soviet Union to haul families out at night and castrate the father with the children watching, because they have the Bomb, and a big army, and they would parachute teams right back into our country and do the same thing to us – they’re not scared of us. For slightly different reasons, but also obvious reasons, we don’t do these things in England, or France, or Germany, or Sweden, or Italy, or Japan. What comes out at you immediately is that these 1 to 3 million direct victims, the dead, and in these other wars, they’re people of the third world. They’re people of the Metumba mountains of the Congo, and the jungles of Southeast Asia, and now the hills of northern Nicaragua – 12,000 peasants. We have not killed KGB or Russian army advisors in Nicaragua. We are not killing Cuban advisors. We’re not killing very many Sandinistas. The 12,000 that we have killed in Nicaragua are peasants, who have the misfortune of living in a CIA’s chosen battlefield. Mostly women and children. Communists? Far, far, far more Catholics than anything else.”

(*) “Now case officers that do these things in places in Nicaragua, they do not come back to the U.S. (or UK. Ed.) and click their heels and suddenly become responsible citizens. They see themselves – they have been functioning above the laws, of God, and the laws of man – they’ve come back to this country, and they’ve continued their operations as far as they can get by with them. And we have abundant documentation of that as well. The MH-Chaos program, exposed in the late 60’s and shut down, re-activated by President Reagan to a degree – we don’t have the details yet – in which they were spending a billion dollars to manipulate U.S. student, and labor organizations. The MK-ultra program. For 20 years, working through over 200 medical schools and mental hospitals, including Harvard medical school, Georgetown, some of the biggest places we’ve got, to experiment on American citizens with disease, and drugs.”

    from Part 2 – John Stockwell

    Part 1 – and

    – Video – John Stockwell – “Third World War” – Forty years of Secret Wars of the C1A – 6 million killed –

    John Stockwell and

    ‘America’s Third World War – 6m to 20m Killed,’ by John Stockwell –

    Wiki – excellent links – now edited out, naturally. Spend a few minutes comparing edits of ‘External links’ for the good stuff ; )

    Johan Galtung – the US empire has murdered 12m or 16m in forty years. “The difference is between overt murders and including covert murders by the US.” In illegal wars and genocides. –

    ‘How would we know that the Empire is dead?” – Johan Galtung –


    The Captain Renault Award for recognizing US Empire illegal war, murder, torture-to-death and 27,000 missing ‘disappeared’ Muslims (“Are they alive or are they in mass graves?” – Robert Fisk). –

    Given to those Shocked, Shocked! at the obvious. – Original – Casablanca – ; ) –

  18. Mr Craig Murray, sir, well done again. This blog is the first place to look for the real news.

    According to Guy Sims’ great book on Julian Assange in Sweden, it seems more than likely that Assange was let out of the country (Sweden) – he had a meeting in Germany – so that the Swedish secret services could steal 3 of his laptops, and that was the purpose of the rape allegations, which were raised as he left for the airport. Airport personnel though should have arrested him since he was wanted for questioning. They didn’t but confiscated his laptops. His defence lawyer had asked Marianne Ny if it was all right for him to leave the country and she had confirmed that it was. The next day she issued the rape accusations. Isn’t this exactly the same as the above Patricio Mery Bell honey-trap? How often do they pull the same trick? If it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.

    You must buy this book everybody. Less than $3.

  19. They have done it before in the Laos triangle, bumping up the annual production of opium from 4 tons to 200tons just before the outbreak of the Vietnam war and during the first part of it. The CIA has form.

    Can Correas compadre Hugo Chavez outdo the 300kg cowboys, after all he has just been promised 40 billion dollars from China. Is Hugo Chavez big hearted enough to help a third country infesting the electoral process with bribes and innuendo?

    Should this not be muito importande? Promoting the unity of South American democracies, against US manipulation and interference at the ballot box.

  20. IRAN – CONTRA – 2


    Duane Claridge of the CIA Department of Operations — ‘Torture, Murder and Genocide ‘R US’ — reveals his inner psychopath to John Pilger – Gunning down protesters – the same old same old. –

    The same Duane Claridge who most recently apparently provided the (fake? in)security for the US Benghazi CIA station that got the US ambassador killed. (A US Empire Neo-Con Nazi false flag attack on … the US? NO change there, then! ).

    Which is as good a reason as any for _not_ pardoning Iran-Contra psychopathic murdering torture-to-death genocidaires … Oops! Too late now, at least for the US State Department victims.

    Hard luck. Perhaps you were working for the wrong fascist Empire? Better luck next time!

    Except that there is no next time. Not for you and not for the 12m to 16m other victims of the US Empire’s (Neo-Con?) Nazis. –

    – Duane Claridge with John Pilger – Torture, Murder and Genocide is _so_ American – ‘War on Democracy’ –

    Witness to summary executions by US forces in Panama – Tell US that this didn’t happen, is not happening today, in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. Because reports say that is _exactly_ what is happening. – The Panama Deception. – @ 45.08

    Venezuela coup – US coup elements assassinating protesters with high-powered rifles and claiming that it was the Chavez government firing on their own people. No change there, then!

    – Also notable are the ultra-right wing — barking mad / lying-through-their-teeth — TV stations who claimed that the Chavez government was firing on their own people.

    John Pilger’s War on Democracy documentary cuts away to show that those firing on the crowds were elite police units — part of the coup –, assassinating civilians so that the right could blame it on the Chavez government. The crowd is firing back at empty streets and the coup’s gunmen. The right wing N_zis cut the TV footage to show the opposite, naturally. As seen in every US coup since forever … (Teheran’s Neda for one). –

    @ 23.00 – John Pilger’s ‘War on Democracy’ – Vimeo –


    Just say “Up yours” to USUK Empire Neo-Con Nazi mass psychosis! –

    USUK Empire Neo-Con Nazism made mainstream by ‘Biggus Dickus,’ (of Wome on the Potomac) — Big Oil tool and US Torture promoter – brought to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Aden, Syria, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Poland, Lithuania and many, many more —

    – “You lucky bastard” – Monty Python – Life of Brian –

  21. Breaking: CIA Director Petraeus Resigns Over ‘Extra-Marital Affair’ — Letter of resignation by David H. Petraeus has been submitted to President Barack Obama
    09 Nov 2012

    Source: CLG

  22. Makes me wonder whether the brown stuff is about to hit the spinning blades on their drug operations in South America

  23. Given the whole Iran-Contra stuff – and the way the Bush junior admin funded ‘black ops’ in the middle east with drug money to avoid congressional oversight – i wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was true.


    John le Carre – “The United States has gone mad”. No change there, then! John le Carre gives it to the US Empire (Neo-Con?) Nazis with both barrels.

    – ‘The United States has gone mad’ – Democracy Now 2010 –

    John le Carre on the US Neo-Con Nazis – ‘the wrong element in the US’ (*1) – HA! -, Thatcher, War and more.

    Remember that Thatcher sold out Britain on oil, giving ownership of the oil to US Empire oil companies, with some to the UK elite. Which wealth went offshore, naturally.

    Which might be another reason why John le Carre says, “Under Thatcher whose influence upon my country I detest….” – @ 4.50 –

    “We in old Europe know about war and we don’t want anymore war. We hate war. The United States, alas, has still to interpret politics in military terms and that’s a catastrophe.” @6.00 –

    Neo-Cons – ‘A plundering movement.’ Le Carre has the measure of the Neo-Con Nazi _uggers! –

    Q. Why is there a war on terror?

    A. “Because the US has not learned how to hold itself together without an external enemy.” “What you have to do – ask Karl Rove – is make sure that people are frightened.” !!! – @3.36 –

    “These days it’s very hard to buy, or to read, uninfluenced, unbought, opinion. Whether in the press, in politics, on radio, on television. Increasingly people are afraid of offending against the corporate or the collective voice.” Which doesn’t even start to consider the (im)pure propaganda organs (like the Grauniad and Monbiot and oh so many more!? See Operation Mockingbird! ; ) Ed). –

    – Part 3 – @ 7.18

    “What do you think US Empire (Neo-Con?) Nazi murderers are?” (ER, Spies? And/or Muppet Stream Media journalists, naturally. ; ) Ed.) – *** Crank the volume, it’s too low *** –

    – The Spy Who Came In From The Cold –


    ‘Peace in Our Time.’ (But not if the USUK Empire (Neo-Con?) Nazi Nonces have anything to do with it?!) – John Cleese –

  25. This is a major scoop, Craig. I – and I’m sure many others who peruse this excellent site – will spread it widely. Let’s see whether or not the MSM firstly, pick it up and secondly, link it to, among other matters, the Assange situation. Will we read a headline such as:




    or even:


    I doubt it.

    Like Technicolour, the first thing I thought of in relation to similar tactics being used sytemically by the USA (apart from in South and Central America, of course) was Afghanistan. Heroin, coke… you name it, for decades the hyperpower has been peddling it, both domestically and internationally.

  26. Yes ExPat. You say ‘Remember that Thatcher sold out Britain on oil,…’

    Enterprise Oil is a case in point. It belonged to THE PEOPLE as did its oilfields. She privatised it and eventually it was flogged off to Shell in 2002 when Blair was in power.

    Note the involvement of our new Archbishop of Canterbury in Enterprise.

  27. I expect it is not news now that Petraeus, appointed head of the CIA after his successes in Afghanistan, has resigned following his admitting to having an extra marital affair. Drugs in Afghanistan, CIA involvement in S American drugs. Drugs and the US go together. Petraeus must be very experienced in the drugs business.

  28. Trouble at Mill down at the BBC. Unreserved apologies all round to Lord McAlpine. A senior news executive has been sent in by Entwistle to supervise tonight’s tranmission of Newsnight etc. Murdoch must be loving all this.

    Q Why did the police allegedly tell Steve Meesham that the person he identified from a photo that they supplied was Lord McAlpine? Also why didn’t the BBC make checks before they broadcast that programme in which Lord McAlpine was named.

  29. Well,

    as Clinton pointed out in 2011, drugs can’t be legalized, because “there is too much money in it”.

    … the just didn’t mention what the purpose of this money is …

  30. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    9 Nov, 2012 - 10:35 pm

    Heh; Indeedy, Maze. The War on Drugs has been a failure as to the putative purpose, but the ramping up of prices because it is a Black Market, augers well for money-laundering spooks,and below the Public’s awareness is the Real Deal.

  31. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    9 Nov, 2012 - 11:16 pm

    This is not a product of just the 20th/21st centuries

    Drugs have always been the currency of Aggressors…….Opium Wars.

  32. “Makes me wonder whether the brown stuff is about to hit the spinning blades on their drug operations in South America”

    I thought the same, Craig! That’d be worth a headline or two …

  33. Mary at 10:14pm on 9.11.12:

    Off-topic, but I don’t think the BBC named him; he was named on the web by others. I think that he is claiming that the innuendo in the MSM, combined with the naming of him on the web, was defamatory.

    It does seem odd that the man who claimed that he’d been abused as a child didn’t check the photo of the politician on the web in recent times (obviously it wouldn’t been there 20 years ago) – but for over a decade it’ll have been very easily available – before supposedly making the accusations in public. Did he just assume that the police had told him the truth? Would he not wish to check? Now he’s apologising.

    All somewhat peculiar. If I were cynical, I’d say this reminds me just a little of the despatching of Piers Morgan as a mainstream tabloid editor when he fell for faked pictures of British soldiers urinating on Iraqis – in fact, British soldiers had done that, but the actual photos he was given were faked, so it was a trap. Or maybe this controversy now is simply down to incompetance, cover-up (20 years ago) or ignorance. Or has the man been threattened in some way, and so now is retracting and apologising?

    Furthermore, if, 20 years ago, the police thought any senior politician (or indeed, anyone) allegedly had committed such acts, why would they not seek prosecution? let’s see if such questions will be aksed, or will this become, simply and narrowly, another stick with which to beat a (granted, deeply flawed) public sevrice broadcaster?

  34. Is this week’s farrago the result of an attempt to throw people off the scent, or to discredit the victims, given that big questions about top people now are being asked in broad daylight wrt Wales and elsewhere? Does anyone smell the hand of the Security Service in this? Am I overly suspicious? is it surprising that I might be, given, say, the Hillborough conspiracy and much else?

  35. Yeah what a surprise, the sources are president Correa and anonymous intelligence officers. Add a claim of historical reminiscence and voila – anti-war activists are going to run with this like mad. This is like a story from Press TV.

  36. ‘They have done it before in the Laos triangle, bumping up the annual production of opium from 4 tons to 200tons just before the outbreak of the Vietnam war and during the first part of it. The CIA has form.’

    Good point Nevermind- for chapter & verse on the origins of the CIA drug traffic connection the best sources are Alfred McCoy & Peter Dale Scott. An excellent introduction to the research undertaken by the latter in this area is available here-

  37. Michal

    When the CIA does this kind of thing (and there is no doubt it does. All evidence is in the past by definition – but hardly “historical reminiscence”) – what kind of evidence do you think there might be apart from “Anonymous intelligence officers”? Do you think there is a CIA document entitled “Masterplan for narcotics smuggling to fund illegal attempt to remove Correa” which you can obtain under the Freedom of Information Act?

    My sources are not anonymous to me – and I presume that Mery Bell’s sources are not anonymous to him. I had never heard of him before, but I already trusted my own sources and Mery Bell’s Chilean information appears powerful corroboration.

    Or are you claiming I am making it all up? If you want to come out and say that, you had better man up, reveal your real identity and not hide behind anonymity.

  38. Well Craig, my identity is surely no more of an enigma than the identity of the good men and/or women, who are hard at work here trying to shed public light on the enormous CIA drug smuggling operation, but please no cameras.

    I in fact do have significant doubt over whether CIA “does this kind of thing”. Not only CIA, but also apparently the Chileans as well.

    You may trust your sources and Patricio Mery Bell may trust his, but why should I trust either of you? How do I know neither of you has been duped – as these things, such as planted newspaper articles, did happen a lot during the Cold War? Had there been a CIA document called “Masterplan for narcotics smuggling to fund illegal attempt to remove Correa” that were to be released, it certainly would give a powerful boost to the case being made here. But right now it’s just a socialist journalist, of whom I know nothing, and an assange supporter working together as an echo chamber to president Correa, who made the same claims also without apparently making any substantial proof public. Just to make a note: I am not saying that you personally are being dishonest, I think you are a very honest person, but perhaps with a cognitive bias.

  39. Michal:

    “I in fact do have significant doubt over whether CIA “does this kind of thing”.”

    Watch this space closely to have your doubts removed.

    Meantime, re-read Craig’s last sentence: “Whether my informant knew or suspected that the “secret Pentagon funds” were drug money I do not know. They did not mention narcotics.”

    So what is it precisely that you find incredible?

  40. Villager: The entire article published here is built on the basis that it is drug money, therefore I went from there. I guess it is plausible that CIA would be buttressing up efforts to remove Correa through funding the opposition, but I have significant doubts over whether they’d be so desperate as to smuggle hundreds of kilograms of drugs in cooperation with Chilean secret service. And here comes the question: if there are no drugs involved, why do we have a Chilean journalist making the the same claim as Craig Murray, but slightly improved with the presence of such vile goods as drugs, on the basis of a single anonymous “intelligence source” ?

  41. Well, Hillary Clinton would certainly know who to ask for advice about smuggling cocaine out of South America…..

    “Say Bill, give me the phone number of that pilot you regularly used to ship cocaine into Mena airport, back when you were governor of Askansas. What, you had him killed? Oh well, I’m sure the C.I.A. can arrange another….”

  42. From Progreso Weekly

    HAVANA /QUITO – President Rafael Correa of Ecuador said that, beginning in January 2013, the tax on the profits of private banks will be increased by 3 percent. The proceeds from that tax increase will benefit about 2 million poor Ecuadoreans, raising their monthly stipend from 35 to 50 dollars.

    The stipend, known as the Human Development Bonus (BDH) is delivered by the State to the most vulnerable sectors of the population. The profits made by bankers totaled 393 million dollars last year.

    The decision to socialize the profits of the nation’s banks is part of a broad program to benefit society, carried out by the Citizens’ Revolution. In this case, it will benefit disabled people, many of whom were “discovered” by the Manuela Espejo Mission*, with Cuban assistance, in the most remote corners of the Andean nation.

    The added tax also helps single mothers and the elderly, to whom the government guarantees their basic meals. The Correa government only asks the beneficiaries to bring their children into the educational system and take advantage of preventive health programs.

    Correa has pointed out that, while money transfers do not eliminate poverty, they mitigate the vulnerability of large sectors of the population.

    When making the announcement, Correa showed videos that showed banker Guillermo Lasso rejecting this program of aid to the needy. Although Lasso had opposed “government subsidies,” when he became a candidate for president he offered to raise the BDH up to 50 dollars. Correa took him up on that offer and surprised Lasso, who had proposed that the raise be funded by cutting back public works.

    Correa’s moves in favor of social equity are welcomed by the various social sectors and, to a degree, hinder the United States’ plans to prevent his reelection to the presidency. According to the former British diplomat Craig Murray, Washington is working “to influence the Ecuadorean elections” so the president will be ousted on Feb. 17, 2013, date of the election.

  43. ‘According to the former British diplomat Craig Murray, Washington is working “to influence the Ecuadorean elections” so the president will be ousted on Feb. 17, 2013, date of the election.’

    As Craig is now being quoted in the context of this story, and as he said in the previous post he took down, he had better made sure that he is never in the sole company of a woman on his travels!

  44. It seems this morning that the Director of the CIA has resigned over an extra marital affair….how did you arrange that one Craig…lol..

  45. “It seems this morning that the Director of the CIA has resigned”

    He may soon emerage from the ashes, could be the next President of the United States of America ?, the strong leader, needed to lead in a time of emergency, we live in strange times.

  46. Probably off topic.

    This is what should be read out at the Cenotaph by Cameron and across the country.

    There an inhuman and uncultured race
    Howled hideous praises to their Demon-God;
    They rushed to war, tore from the mother’s womb
    The unborn child – old age and infancy
    Promiscuous perished; their victorious arms
    Left not a soul to breathe. Oh! they were fiends!
    But what was he who taught them that the God
    Of Nature and benevolence had given
    A special sanction to the trade of blood?
    His name and theirs are fading, and the tales
    Of this barbarian nation, which imposture
    Recites till terror credits, are pursuing
    Itself into forgetfulness.


    From kings and priests and statesmen war arose,
    Whose safety is man’s deep unbettered woe,
    Whose grandeur his debasement. Let the axe
    Strike at the root, the poison-tree will fall;
    And where its venomed exhalations spread
    Ruin, and death, and woe, where millions lay
    Quenching the serpent’s famine, and their bones
    Bleaching unburied in the putrid blast,
    A garden shall arise, in loveliness
    Surpassing fabled Eden.

    in conjunction with {} By Arthur Silber. It’s rather long, but worth it.

  47. Lots of info on the matter

  48. There is a massive amount of documented information, widely accepted and very easily available in the mainstream that confirms that the CIA does do precisely “this type of thing”. Afghanistan/Nicaragua and Colombia are just two examples. It’s entirely normal business as usual for the CIA and/or Pentagon. I mean, really, Michal, fool me once…

  49. Petraeus’s departure is strangely timed. First for anything of this magnitude to be announced a couple of days after the election can surely be no coincidence. Second there has been a shift of power in America’s military strategy which some must be unhappy about. Drones are managed by the CIA and are a big deal, traditionally the Military manages overseas conflicts in terms of hardware and manpower. Was Petraeus moved out because some high-flyers in the US Military forced him out and the exposure of his affair was just an opening shot? Someone as powerful as the Head of the CIA would not be so vulnerable to removal based on private issues as simple as a slightly grubby love affair unless it had been with someone directly connected to an overseas hostile government.

  50. Suhayl, I agree there is a smell of coordination.

    That a victim has only now seen a photograph of who he accuses is hard to believe. That Newsnight did not think to show him is harder to believe. That a light entertainer would take it upon himself to confront the pm is simply unbelievable.

    Then add in a barrage of wild accusations online. How many ridiculous lists of names were posted by strangers on this site?

    Then fog everything further with multiple enquiries

    Now the child abuse scandals are dead. The corporate media are further tamed. This will be cited when laws are used to retrict free speech online. The genuine accusations lost to libel threats. The victims and their long term supporters must be distraught. The corrupt politicians of Jersey will be celebrating.

    Conspiracy or cock up? Either way it is a terrible day for justice.

  51. I agree with you Suhayl. A contrivance. Old Eddie Mair doing the sackcloth and ashes bit last night and at the end him saying ‘Newsnight will be back on the air next week’, adding ‘probably’ as the credits rolled. No editorial name was shown and Helen Boaden’s name did not appear. I guess she was the senior news executive put i/c of last night’s performance. First 22 mins

    Aren’t we the lucky ones to have the BBC!

    They even had St Esther of Rantzen on to say that the BBC could be trusted if they asked the likes of her to come on the programme to say mea culpa. She has admitted recently that she knew about Sa Vile and of course, her husband Desmond Wilcox was i/c of fearures at the BBC in Sa Vile’s time.

    I see he converted to Judaism eight years before he died, presumably to fit in with Esther’s beliefs. He was said to have been a plagiarist also. {}

  52. The woman is question is Paula Broadwell, nee Kranz.

    How about being a model for a machine gun manufacturer? :) There’s an opportunity for Nadine Dorries when she is booted out as she will be. She has already upset Agent Cameron by referring to him and Osborne as ‘two arrogant posh boys’.

  53. Interesting comment on the Torygraph piece on the sacking of the Lockheed Martin incoming president and CEO.

    Today 04:28 AM

    I smell a rat. The head of the CIA steps down after an alleged affair and now this. Has Obama crushed another coup attempt?

    Its funny that a corporation[s] can have such draconian rules on the personal relationships they decide to develope and yet banks allow their employees to take staggering risks and break countless laws and regulation.

    A judge has recently lambasted Apple executives for terrible judgement…they are still in post planning to waste yet more corporate money. Samsung will crush Apple to its core!lol
    What is going on?

    PS I always think of our 2011 Census info which in the hands of Lockheed Martin when I see the name.
    Another campaign which went nowhere. {}

  54. doug scorgie

    10 Nov, 2012 - 2:14 pm

    “I guess it is plausible that CIA would be buttressing up efforts to remove Correa through funding the opposition…”

    You can be sure that the CIA will be funding the opposition in Ecuador, all the Central and South American States, Iran, Syria etc. But this costs money. Money that is not forthcoming from official channels in the USA i.e. Congress.
    There is a wealth of evidence in publications and on the internet that the CIA has a long history of organising assassinations, murders, coups etc. If they are not funded by US taxpayer dollars, how are these illegal operations funded?

    By the way I use my real name in posts.

  55. @ Suhayl Saadi 11:22 am

    Okay, let’s see the abundance of widely accepted and available mainstream evidence of CIA drug trafficking. The only problem might be there isn’t any, the CIA never was involved in drug trafficking, not even in Nicaragua, although it has cooperated with drug traffickers. Notice the small but important difference there. The issue has been investigated at length and the accusations have never been confirmed. If you have some sort of groundbreaking evidence, you should sue all the bastards. Until then it’s all hot air and nothing but.

    @ Doug Scorgie 2:14 pm

    Congratulations on using your real name. Your mother must be proud. Judging by your post I’d even have to wonder whether CIA has a budget at all. Guess it’s a drug trafficking gang instead, nevermind part of its mission is fight against drug trafficking.

  56. Michal, as you well know, the evidence is extensive. Here, in the next few posts, are some articles/book excerpts that refers to some of this evidence, but there is much more.

    Your allegation of there being subtle differences b/w “cooperating with drug traffickers” and “being involved in drug trafficking” is a somewhat hilarious play on semantics. It’s like saying, “I wasn’t involved in arms-dealing, I simply was cooperating with arms dealers”. Yeah, sure. So, clearly, even you find yourself unable to deny that the US state has been deeply involved in – cooperating with, whatever – the drug trade. I would argue that it’s not simply been ‘cooperation’ (and what does that mean, exactly, ‘cooperation’ – were they holding the hands of the drug dealers, giving them energy drinks and health promotion advice, singing lullabies to them at night, what?), but systemic, active involvement with airfields, hangars, the lot. The CIA and Pentagon have much white powder up their very elegant noses. Oh, and it being close to Remembrance Sunday, let’s not forget too that they have lots of poppies in their handbags.

    It is interesting that Craig Murray’s major news scoop – for that is what this is – has frightened those who support the foreign policy objectives of the USA imperium. That is a good sign. Spread the word, folks!

  57. ‘Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies and the CIA In Central America (Scott and Marshall):

  58. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    10 Nov, 2012 - 3:56 pm

    Michal; Do you think covert ops are just a fashion statement? The only resource for credible reports are former spooks who blow the whistle. Yes, sometimes they screw up (as they did by inadvertently sending a Telex regarding the deposing of the PM of Australia in 1975, which Chris Boyce picked up, and went Manning x 10. But we don’t often get corroborated info regarding CIA, until it’s been declassified (ARGO)

    But this account describing Air America is not friendly to the notion of AA dealing in drugs, but makes some grudging concessions.

  59. “Chairman Vaz tries to bring him back to the area of concern about the amount of money being laundered from drug profits through US and EU banks”

  60. Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press, by Cockburn and St. Clair (Verson).

    But I’m sure, Michal, that you know all this, since millions have known for many years.

    So, the information from the several direct personal sources to which Craig refers refers represents a continuation of a very long political business tradition indulged in systemically by agencies of the US state over a period of many decades. As someone pointed out, it is in line with a much older historical tradition going back at least to the British Empire and the Opium Wars of C19th.

    Assange, Manning, Murray – not towing the straight white line.

  61. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    10 Nov, 2012 - 4:00 pm

  62. The CIA-like most intelligence agencies-are up to their necks in drug and gun running.

    Where there are vast profits and geopolitical influence to be had pretty much any intelligence agency,in any country,is involved.

    To think otherwise is staggeringly naive.

    “stated mission aim”…ahahahaha!! Yes,of course,intelligence agencies are all truth,light and openess…ahahaha!

  63. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    10 Nov, 2012 - 4:04 pm

    anuel Noriega and George H.W. Bush……

  64. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    10 Nov, 2012 - 4:04 pm


  65. I hear that some top military brass in the USA are being replaced, don’t know if it has anything to do with other events.

  66. ” ‘…Panel (media & terrorism) followed by a 1v1 run with Lance Armstrong,’ she wrote…”
    Sodom and Gomorrah were nothing.

  67. “This descent into inhumanity and barbarism must end”

    “Read with: A baby boy starved to death in Westminster as his seriously ill and “socially isolated” mother struggled to obtain proper housing, benefits and support, a serious case review into his death has revealed”

  68. Hmmmm…the Bureau of Investigative Journalism…some Big Pharma links…”not for profit”…backing from the Potter Foundation…

    David Potter founded Psion and helped set up Symbian…a member of the Council for Science and Technology reporting to the Cabinet. “David has also had extensive involvement with educational establishments as a Visiting Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford; Honorary Fellow of Imperial College; Honorary Fellow and Governor of The London Business School. He has served on the South African President’s Committee on Communication and Information Technology. David is a trustee of the following organisations: chinadialogue; Trust for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism; and Philharmonia Orchestra.

    A cynic might find the notion of “MI6 front” entering his mind at this point.

    Oh and…”David was awarded the CBE, in 1997, for services to manufacturing industry and in 2001 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineers. In June 2003, David was appointed a non-Executive Director to the Bank of England; in June 2006 he was appointed Chair of the Remuneration Committee and Deputy Chair of the Committee of Directors.

    Guess which two universities the 5 trustees of the Potter Foundation all went to? One of them is even a partner at Berwin Leighton Paisner, the Zionist law firm which handles Tony Blair’s private money. Mr Potter had no problems, it seems, accepting theMountbatten Medal either!

    Oh dear oh dear!

  69. Anonsoul


  70. No writs on my doormat today. Nonetheless, a time for being careful!

    Three things:

    * it’s remarkable how they are no longer mentioning that Stephen Messham’s allegations against ‘the man whom he mistakenly thought was Lord McAlpine, having been misled by a policeman, by two toffs in the same family having the same surname, etc.’ included not only that the man committed brutal sexual abuse of children but also that the man threatened to have him killed if he told anyone

    * what about Ben Fellows’s allegations against Kenneth Clarke, which Mr Fellows has made directly and without TV presenters passing cards to politicians or anything like that? Kenneth Clarke is not a ‘former’ political figure – he is a senior member of David Cameron’s cabinet. Have the newspapers (or even that fanatically leftwing organisation the BBC) given him the chance to respond to Mr Fellows’s allegations? If so, what has he said? Has he denied them? It’s just as easy for people to find these allegations on the internet as it is to find allegations of paedophile abuse against any of several other political and judicial figures. Maybe Tom Watson might point that out?

    * how is David Cameron’s friend Derek Laud doing these days?

  71. B Great minds etc… I was looking at the Potter outfit before but I didn’t get as far as Bliar’s solicitors. Thanks for the info and links. This is a nest of vipers which needs poking with a long stick.

    Have you seen that Rob Wilson MP Reading E is now warning Tom Watson off? in spite of saying on 6 Nov:

    Rob Wilson (Reading East, Conservative)

    I, too, welcome my right hon. Friend’s swift action, in relation to both the independently led review of the Waterhouse inquiry and the involvement of the National Crime Agency, which I think is very important. Does she agree that all the evidence collected by “Newsnight”, by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and by others should be placed in the hands of the police immediately? That is absolutely essential if justice is to be delivered not only to the victims, but to those who have been unfairly libelled on the internet in recent days.
    Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 6 November 2012, c741)

    Theresa May (Home Secretary; Maidenhead, Conservative)

    That is a very valid point. I would encourage all who have any evidence or any allegations of child abuse to put that evidence or those allegations before the police. It is for the police to investigate, and to take evidence where it leads.


    Wilson was PPS to *unt when he was SofS DCMS.


    As the wine flowed at the Oxford Union, the stage was set for what would soon become a broadcasting disaster. The motion before the undergraduates had been “British politics is in the pocket of the media”, and in the exhilarated post-debate atmosphere, one dinner-jacketed journalistic insider who had come from London to speak could no longer contain his piece of political gossip.

    Iain Overton, head of the small non-profit Bureau of Investigative Journalism, said the following evening’s Newsnight was going to expose a top Tory as an abuser of teenage boys at a north Wales care home. According to one of those present, Michael Crick, former Newsnight journalist and now the Channel 4 News political editor, asked: “Do you mean McAlpine?” “Well, you said it,” Overton replied.

    Over the next 24 hours, the incendiary tale went round media London. Overton poured petrol on the fire he had lit (very foolishly, as he has admitted to colleagues) by tweeting the next day: “We’ve got a Newsnight out tonight about a very senior political figure who is a paedophile.”

  73. You mean this one? Tally Ho!

    Didn’t he do well.

  74. So let’s see. The BBC incompetently named the least likely genuine abuser from a list of circulating names. And the Bureau of Investigative Journalism boss Iain Overton (why do I want to put an “e” on the end of that) spills all in advance while pissed at the Oxford Union. Then “foolishly” tweets to the world to watch while ignoring warnings from former Newsnight editor Michael Crick.


  75. Former Newsnight journalist Crick I meant.


    George Entwistle has resigned from his post as BBC Director General.


    The following statement has been made by the Trustees of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:

    “The Bureau of Investigative Journalism was established to apply the highest standards of investigative and fact-based journalism in the public interest. During its first three years, the Bureau has won a number of major awards for its journalism and built a reputation for quality and the avoidance of sensationalism. The governing Trust of The Bureau does not endorse any material or output that fails to meet these standards.

    “The Bureau was named as a contributor to the broadcast of a BBC Newsnight programme on November 2 on child abuse in North Wales. The Trustees are appalled at what appears to be a breach of its standards. To the extent that the principles of The Bureau have been ignored by an involvement in this story, remedial action will be taken against those responsible. The Trustees must ensure that due process is applied and are establishing the key facts.”

    James Lee (Chairman) on behalf of The Trust.

  78. Whither the BBC now? What will Patten do? A ship without a captain. Send for Cap’n Onedin.

    Is there any trace of Murdoch’s hand in this saga or is that being fanciful?

  79. We see the word ‘acting’ frequently these days from Chief Constables to Director Generals of the BBC.

    Now acting BBC DG

    I still think that Mark Thompson should have been hauled back for some questioning about the Savile case. He has gone off with the money, literally, to NY.

    The Savile cases and the other child abuse cases seem to have been almost forgotten in this media firestorm.

  80. Michal

    “Congratulations on using your real name. Your mother must be proud.”

    My mother would be proud but she died two years ago.

    How about you revealing your real name and maybe even telling us something about yourself?

    I have nothing to hide.

  81. @ MOD – Jon?

    Could someone look at:

    “6,881 Comments « Previous 1 … 33 34 35
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in /(path)/wp-includes/class-wp-walker.php on line 318″

  82. OT: Fascinating sneak preview of the next edition (64) of The Lobster. Clegg didn’t win the libDem leadership contest, Huhne did! If anyone doesn’t believe in a secret state running this country, and that the civil service and treasury have ideas far above their station, they better read this, I think it might open their eyes and highlight the urgency of showing this coalition the door tomorrow if not sooner.

    The queen is (as good as) dead, long live the republic.

  83. The strange thing is that Stephen Messham has had a very long association with Newsnight, dating right back to the mysteriously pulped Clwyd enquiry into Bryn Estyn.

    I’ll try to find the source, but I think it is in connection with the allegations against Peter Howarth.

  84. Paxman speaks as his ticket for his first class berth at Newsnight looks as if it might be torn up. He is very cross.

    ‘Jeremy Paxman believes that the 2003 Hutton Inquiry, which strongly criticised the BBC for leaking quotations from Dr David Kelly, has increased the role of middle management at the expense of programme-making.

    “George Entwistle’s departure is a great shame. He has been brought low by cowards and incompetents,” he said.

    “The real problem here is the BBC’s decision, in the wake of the Hutton Inquiry, to play safe by appointing biddable people.”

    “They then compounded the problem by enforcing a series of cuts on programme budgets, while bloating the management.”

    “That is how you arrive at the current mess on Newsnight. I very much doubt the problem is unique to that programme.”

    Defending Entwistle’s integrity, Paxman added: “I had hoped that George might stay to sort this out. It is a great pity that a talented man has been sacrificed.”‘

    In a regal manner he says while time-servers prosper, he would not be issuing any further statements or doing any interviews.

    Pompous whatnot.

  85. It’s here:

    ‘ON MONDAY 25 January 1999, immediately after Newsnight, BBC2 broadcast a documentary, A Place of Safety, about sexual and physical abuse in children’s homes in North Wales ..

    The next witness to appear on the programme was Steven Messham. He said that on one occasion, when he had been in the sick-bay with blood pouring from his mouth, he had been buggered by Howarth as he lay in bed. He said that on another occasion he was asked to take a hamper of food to Howarth’s flat, where he was buggered by Howarth over the kitchen table.

    What the BBC did not tell us was that Messham claims he was sexually abused by no less than 49 different people. He also says he has been physically abused by 26 people. In 1994 the Crown Prosecution Service declined to bring his allegations against Howarth to court. None of his allegations has ever resulted in a conviction. In 1995 one of his most serious sexual allegations was rejected by a jury after barristers argued that it was a transparent fabrication. ‘

    So, on re-reading the text Messham wasn’t connected directly with Newsnight, although I don’t who the research and production teams for A Place of safety were. However he was a BBC source, and thought by the CPS to be unreliable.

    Maybe the CPS were right.

  86. Why the link to that Mochyn59? The author, who is now deceased I see, portrays the witnesses in the N Wales cases as unreliable fantasists. His work fitted the bill nicely for the perpetrators of the abuse.

  87. Sorry, that should be Mochyn69.

  88. Hi, Mary.

    Did you read mine at 05:18?

    I’m just saying maybe the CPS were right after all ..

  89. Stephen Messham has had long links with the media, dating back to 1999.

    Plenty of time for the media to have checked and re-checked his claims, and for he himself to have checked his facts.

    Surprising Newsnight saw fit to run them as reliable in its most recent offering. Or were they being overly clever in trying to discredit the abuse stories??

    What do you think?

  90. NR, thanks. Them lot ‘as broke it! I’ll get a quick fix in place, and try to fix properly during the week.

    Fixed! Easier than I thought.

  91. Mary, so Cameron likes Shelley. He should be reading a modern version of the ‘Mask of Anarchy’

    I met Murder on the way
    She wore a mask – Theracist May,
    watch the woman wield an axe,
    her prisons run by Supermax,
    and one by one, and two by two
    she threw them Muslim hearts to chew.

    Yesterday I met the brother of Talha Ahsan, a mild man called Hamja. Their mother is beside herself with grief at her son’s extradition to a Supermax prison where he is held in solitary confinement for 23 hours. Watch this video please.

  92. English Knight

    11 Nov, 2012 - 10:10 am


    Any inside info re Petraeus? Methinks its even bigger than the Minot saga as it comes after the recent defrocking of the 5th Fleet Commander

  93. Suhayl Saadi 10 Nov, 2012 – 3:50 pm

    No it’s not a play on semantics. The USA used drug traffickers to smuggle about $800k worth mostly humanitarian goods into Nicaragua according to senate investigation. This is something quite different from CIA smuggling hundreds of kilograms of drugs with Chilean secret service. I note the article you linked is again based on some supposed testimonies which come back decades later to say “Oh yeah and CIA smuggled drugs with me all along, I just remembered now. I don’t have any proof but definitely CIA drug smuggling, damnit!” So tiresome. None of the extensive congressional or internal investigations have ever confirmed such a thing.

  94. PS: It is interesting the person on whom the story stands and alleged whistleblower said nothing when he was arrested for drug trafficking, instead keeping the story to himself until approached some decades later by a British journalist. It’s a make-believe.

  95. Entwistle’s resignation is firmly putting the focus away from the arrest that could be made to more timidity and slow go. To question Tow Watson’s zeal and shutting up the comments from welsh police due to the re-opening of the Wales inquiry, for fear of not ‘compromising’ the case, has further spread the all covering duvet over this sad story of the British establishment and Freemasonry criminal excesses.

    This is not just an opportunity to break and re shape the BBC, change it, away from a security service induced news management to a more open, viewer and listener directed service.

    As this massive scandal was known of by the security services and used for their own manipulative ways, however they saw fit, regardless of what dependencies are created by such ‘handling’, the inquiry when faced with these machinations to keep the status quo and cover up the crimes of important people, these publicly paid services should also be investigated as to their use of peoples sexual proclivities, foibles and crimes to suit their ends and not that of the public.

    investigate them and arrest them, put them in front of judges and ensure that freemason’s declare their membership and split loyalties/are barred from sitting and judging.

    Is paedophilia worse than murder? victims carrying the abuse with them all their life’s, not being able to speak out on these dastardly crimes, for fear of being shunned, prosecuted or killed.

    74 year old man arrested in Cambridgeshire this morning, no name given.

  96. Hello “Michal”, are you there?

  97. Ben Franklin 10 Nov, 2012 – 3:56 pm
    Ben Franklin 10 Nov, 2012 – 4:00 pm

    Again, neither of what you listed accuses CIA of smuggling drugs or CIA facilitating such efforts. It’s really stretching it a bit far to say: “Well this sites claims there was no drug trafficking, but apparently they read one book which claims there was. So case closed, CIA drug smugglers!” This is really incredibly tiresome and in my mind confirms that Craig Murray and the commenters are so hinged on this that they’re willing to overlook a lot of the inconvenient and ill-fitting factors, just to keep their narrative together, because we all KNOW that somehow CIA was doing drug smuggling.

    Suhayl Saadi
    10 Nov, 2012 – 3:50 pm

    And this is what I’m talking about: the article simply makes a lot of controversial statements without further detail as facts. Interestingly not even this one says CIA was directly involved in any drug smuggling and/or facilitating it in any way.

    Suhayl Saadi
    10 Nov, 2012 – 3:52 pm

    This one is a bit substantial, listing actual newspapers and offers something to go by, however I’d have to read it for myself to make a definitive opinion. I wouldn’t trust anyone to pre-chew for me something that I can read for myself. Thank you nevertheless. It is worth noting that the allegations made by the newspaper were investigated by CIA inspector general, an independent institution nominated by president but confirmed by senate, who found no evidence of wrongdoing. This might not sound terribly convincing, but I have to wonder why it is that all the meaty details of this alleged crime and horror story has never found its way to the hearings or courts the same way the rest of Iran-Contra story has. In my mind, this is what makes the whole affair more likely to be a fabrication.

  98. daniel
    11 Nov, 2012 – 10:33 am

    No I am not there, actually I am a bot that’s only answering raised objections in a pre-designed way. We at CIA thought it would be more convenient than going through all this manually.

  99. John Goss I should think that Cameron has never read a word of Shelley’s. It was Felicity Arbuthnot who said he should read it out.

    November 10, 2012 at 11:05 am | #1 Reply | Quote David Cameron should be made to read this at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day, 11.11.2012, as Obama and leaders across all Western countries taking part in their murderous, illegal assassinations, slaughters and ram raids. Thank you.

    richardrozoff November 10, 2012 at 1:46 pm | #2 Reply | Quote Splendid idea.
    School children in Britain, here in the U.S. and throughout the English-speaking world are given poems of Shelley’s like “Ode to the West Wind” (without having its true purport explained) or “Adonais” to read while passing over completely his major works like “Queen Mab,” “The Cenci,” “The Revolt of Islam,” “Hellas” and “Prometheus Unbound” as unfit for, politically speaking, virginibus puerisque.


    Cameron is stepping out to the Cenotaph in his finest Elglish wool coat on this beautiful morning in this still beautiful world in the company of the other politician war criminals to honour the dead. Many of those lives lost due to his and his cohort’s activities of course. What shameful hypocrites.

  100. Lord Guthrie GCB, LVO, OBE, DL and ex Chief of Defence Staff has just laid a wreath on behalf of one of the Royal princes. Is there a word that is stronger than hypocrite?


    General Lord Guthrie before Lord Boyce, filled the chamber with his honeyed voice. This soldier had a similar view to the sailor. Now, the register shows him to be a part of Colt Defense LLC. Assault rifles is its stock in trade and security services another string to a deadly bow. Few “defence” companies can neglect an “industry” which is third only to oil and killing in Iraq, and which is yet another facet of the supreme international war crime from which all other crimes flow. Hansard – no pecuniary interest in this debate was declared by him.

    When Lord Guthrie was speaking at a conference in Herzliya, Israel, in January 2006 and 2007, it would of course have been unnecessary to speak of his commercial interest in small guns. His subject in 2007 was “Upgrading Israel’s strategic partnerships with the Atlantic community: the US, NATO and the EU”. There was a good sprinkling of Israeli warriors there like Netanyahu and Perle. Being subject to the Official Secrets Act and to military honour, he would have confined himself in speech and debate. After all, as an ex-chief of defence staff he must know the whole shebang.

  101. O/T, except insofar as it concerns corruption in high places. From the Firm (law) magazine:

    “If Scotland retained an independent Lord Advocate and a mature justice system, rather than the current degraded, paranoid runt of the once proud system, indictments would be issued at once by Frank Mulholland against former Lords Advocate Fraser, Boyd and Angiolini. Mulholland himself would step aside and submit to his successor for criminal scrutiny. The fact that the case of HMA v HMA is unlikely to appearing on the rolls of court anytime soon demonstrates the scale of the problem our system now faces in respect of this case. Her Majesty’s Advocate requires to investigate itself, but will not. Does the ICC now beckon? We are through the looking glass now.”

    I think a long fuse has started burning.

  102. English Knight

    11 Nov, 2012 - 11:40 am

    Will the BBC investigating committee waterboard (or equivalent) lezi Helen Boaden to reveal who got her to raise the libel bar , scuttling the initial Newsnight episode last year ? Should save a lot of cover up time & money. And whilst they are at it, the truth about the premature WTC7 broadcast made under her watch on 911 (her handlers forgot the one hour DST differential?). Methinks not, the Beeb is a fortress of seasoned spinmasters, all working in cahoots to further their respective agendas.

  103. “Any inside info re Petraeus? Methinks its even bigger than the Minot saga as it comes after the recent defrocking of the 5th Fleet Commander”

    I wonder if the two are connected ?.

  104. I love the BBC’s lack of ads. I love its often excellent drama and documentaries. I love the decent people who work in it. I have quite a lot of respect for the person who wrote ‘Friends in High Places':

    “an excellent, well-researched and enjoyably written study of the ruling elite on Britain in the 1990s. Drawing on his own experience as a journalist and broadcaster for the BBC (itself, he argues, a pillar of the old boy network) Mr Paxman draws our attention to the fact that in the supposedly meritocratic Britain of Major and Blair the ‘Establishment’ is alive and well and as powerful as ever”

    “Very rare of its type: one of the secrets of the system is that if you’re on the inside you’re expected to know how it works. If you’re on the outside, you won’t know (and vice versa). As such, much credit to Paxman for lifting the lid. And the fact that it’s still in print after so long is a testament to its worth.”

    Just thought I’d say that.

  105. I rather liked Paxman’s statement re. Entwistle………….and we all know, or at least have a list in mind, to whom he (Paxo) refers when he mentions the phrase “time servers”………well done him……..

  106. I agree with some of what you say Technicolour. However there is more to the BBC than the quality of its programming which should damn well be good and the lack of ads.* Don’t forget the massive income it receives from the licence fee payers.

    Spot Lord Patten on this list of the Ditchley Foundation and see the company he keeps. The lists for the council and the governors are similarly enlightening.

    The most ominous is that of Lord George Robertson ex NATO secretary general and chairman of the council.

    You can ask yourself what is the purpose of this grouping? Not just some sort of cosy country club I am sure.

    You will see a few BBC names on those lists as you will on this Wikipedia page for the British American Project, including Paxman’s. Again what is it for?

    * Ads come on the world service output apparently.

  107. technicolour

    11 Nov, 2012 - 3:19 pm

    I don’t know, Mary, what is the British American Project for?

    I’m sick but unshocked at the list of governors. They are appointed by the government.

    Ads never used to come on the World Service – another often invaluable resource which has been cut to the bone. I would have thought that dismantling a public broadcaster would have been beyond the right’s wildest dreams, but after the NHS -.

  108. technicolour

    11 Nov, 2012 - 3:26 pm

    And, sorry, I know there’s a lot wrong with it – deliberate politicisation stated under Thatcher, apparently & unsurprisingly. I wouldn’t look to it for news.

  109. technicolour

    11 Nov, 2012 - 3:34 pm

    “Patten said Entwistle had been “at the least implicated” by Newsnight’s decision not to broadcast its Jimmy Savile investigation in late 2011 because he had been the BBC’s director of vision when the report was shelved.”

    Could Newsnight have stopped Savile even though he was dead?

    NEWSNIGHT’S Jimmy Savile investigation could have stopped the paedophile from abusing more victims even though he had been dead for two months, it has been confirmed.

    Still at it

    Insiders claim that if the BBC had broadcast the report Savile could have been dug up, arrested and charged.

    A source said: “He would have been caught like a deer in the headlights. Or perhaps a stuffed deer that had been placed in the middle of the road.

    “Instead the BBC decided to let a dead pervert go free. Even now he is trawling for fresh victims while decomposing in his wooden box.

  110. Technicolour.

    Which right do you refer to.

    Why would the left want to keep the BBC, are yes for an arm of propaganda.
    Why would the right want to lose the BBC, for a arm of propaganda lost..Why bother when you can buy the media.
    Why then will they not let the internet keep all its freedoms.
    Why not consider then, that anything and everything is the problem.

    Virtues my dear, that`s the loss.

  111. technicolour

    11 Nov, 2012 - 3:50 pm

    Er, Jay, yes, I think! Not happy about the term ‘right’ either ~

  112. Mr. Murray, are you confusing Petraeus with Hillary Clinton? To say that Hillary is the one in charge of any intelligence operation is like saying that you were in charge of an intelligence operation when you served as ambassador. Clearly, the State Department is apprised of intelligence operations to make sure the department is not caught flat footed, as it was in Benghazi, Libya. It’s clear that Petraeus was using a complex that had was not a consulate, but a cover for intelligence operation. There was no consul or a U.S. flag flying at the Benghazi “consulate”, which is why the government calles it a “mission”. You lose credibility by attacking the wrong person, which is clearly your intent here. You don’t like Hillary. That’s clear. I also don’t doubt that there’s an intelligence operation to destabilize the Correa government, or the Chavez government for that matter. But we all know, at least those who are informed, that U.S. foreign policy doesn’t change from one president to another. The U.S. has always meddled in Latin America to protect its interests, one of of those interests is to ensure friendly governments towards the U.S. That Correa has given asylum to Assange and the Correa government “enemy of the state”.

    It would be gracious of you to correct your assertion that Hillary is in charge of intelligence operations. She’s not. She doesn’t have the resources which rightly belong with agencies like the CIA.

  113. Correction: That Correa has given asylum to Assange, makes the Correa government “enemy of the state”.

  114. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    11 Nov, 2012 - 4:25 pm

    Michal; What would satisfy you? Shall I post excerpts from the linked items?

    “On April 17, 1986, the Reagan Administration released a three page report acknowledging that there were some Contra-cocaine connections in 1984 and 1985, arguing that these connections occurred at a time when the rebels were “particularly hard pressed for financial support” because U.S. aid had been cut off. The report admitted that “We have evidence of a limited number of incidents in which known drug traffickers have tried to establish connections with Nicaraguan resistance groups.” The report tried to downplay the drug activity, claiming that it took place “without the authorization of resistance leaders.”[8]

    Really? You don’t seem to comprehend, especially with spookdom, the truth is well hidden, but can be extrapolated from those nuggets which break the surface.

  115. “I make no apology for telling you my heart went out to Mr Messham when I read the Mail on Sunday piece attacking him. It seemed to me he was being abused all over again.

    “The article in the Mail on Sunday is clearly an attempt on the part of sections of the British establishment to strike back at allegations which potentially could bring down some of its most powerful members, and Mr Messham is probably just collateral damage in their eyes.

    “But what’s most interesting for me about the disgusting article is its author – a man called David Rose.

    Who is he?”

    I thought ‘David Rose’ was a pseudonym used by Johann Hari when editing Wikipedia articles in his own favour?

    But maybe there is more than one David Rose, or more than one person using the handle.

  116. He's mine! He's mine!! rrrip!

    11 Nov, 2012 - 4:57 pm

    It is just so unutterably wonderful that what sunk horny 4-star weasel dwarf Petraeus was an awesome salacious catfight with eeks and shrieks and hair whipping around. Not as much fun as a war crimes trial, but close.

  117. More on Lord Guthrie. A letter to him in 2007 about his comments on the Israeli war in 1967 from Alan Hart who was a TV journalist on ITN. Interesting about Guthrie’s Rothshild connection. That was news.

    ‘All that and more being so, I was astonished to hear you this morning, on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme shortly after 0835, make (forgive the Americanisation) a colossally wrong statement. You were giving your thoughts on the need, sometimes, for pre-emptive war; and about the events of June 1967 you said ? I quote verbatim – the following:

    “I think there are examples of, er, pre-emptive war which are rather good. I think in 1967, though the United Nations condemned Israel, Israel was quite right to actually attack before it was attacked, because if it had been attacked, Israel would have disappeared.”

    The truth of the time was that the Arabs were not intending to attack. And Israel’s political and military leaders knew that.’

  118. doug scorgie

    11 Nov, 2012 - 7:11 pm

    Iran shot at but missed a US unmanned drone on 8th November.

    Pentagon press secretary George Little said the drone was about 16 miles off the Iranian coast when the Russian-made SU-25 Frog foot warplane intercepted it and opened fire. He said it was the first time an unmanned U.S. aircraft was shot at in international airspace over the Gulf.

    It now appears that the drone in question was on a spying mission over Kharg Island which belongs to Iran and is, as it happens, 16 miles off the Iranian coast. The island provides a sea port for the export of oil and extends Iranian territorial claims into the Persian Gulf oil fields. So the US drone was not it seems in international airspace as claimed. See Press TV.

  119. According to you, the USA “cooperated” with drug smugglers to smuggle “mostly humanitarian goods” Michal into Nicaragua. What??? That has to be a joke. The USA actively supported fascist troops (the ‘Contras’ – the dictator, Somoza’s gang) who raped nuns, including American nuns, in Nicaragua and who murdered health staff and civilians on a systemic terrorist basis. It’s incredible, somewhat amusing and most certainly not very convincing that you are attempting to deny the historical record as a means of attempting to discredit the ontological basis for this new evidence.

    But if you feel tired (since my arguments am so “tiresome” for you) and simply want to continue to believe in the tooth fairy, manifest destiny and apple pie, then that’s up to you.

    This is the beginning of a major potential news scoop.

  120. Goran…? Whatever happened to Goran, one wonders, aloud.

  121. On the day he stood with head bowed at the Cenotaph, he seems to suggesting another Libya MkII. There is even talk of humanitarian aid going in. That was the preliminary to the attack on Libya.

    Earlier he was arrogantly offering Assad a safe passage out. How can he be stopped?

    His friends in Tel Aviv are up to their old tricks too in the Golan Heights (stolen from Syria remember) having just had some more practice on the Palestinians in Gaza where there are now six fewer souls alive. {}

    Lusting for more war. Syria is the current target. Iran is the prize.

  122. Now instead of Goran, attacking Assange, we have Michal, also with a wacky sense of humour, effectively denying (and thus, endorsing) US attacks on Ecuador. Well, we certainly could do with some laughs! Would you like to mount the boards, Michal – music hall, or perhaps vaudeville? This is more like Stan ‘n’ Ollie, than ‘Ollie North’.

    According to Michal, the USA worked with – oh, sorry, “cooperated with” drug smugglers to smuggle “mostly humanitarian goods” into Nicaragua in the 1980s.

    Wow. Just, wow.

  123. English Knight

    11 Nov, 2012 - 7:45 pm


    The 1967 Moshe Dayan land grab was planned YEARS in advance right from the 1963 murder of JFK by Mossad. In preparation LBJ sent more arms to Israel in 1966 than in the ENTIRE 17 years since the 1948. The USS Liberty incident was in fact a “private” arrangement with POTUS LBJ outside normal US military channels (akin to the Bush/Cheney’s Barksdale), to give cause for invoking the full might of the US.

    [Mod/Jon: references to people’s Jewishness as an explanation for their shady behaviour will be edited, as here – several words deleted]

  124. There are now tweets saying that the Mail on Sunday article attacking Messham was written by Johann Hari. WTF?

  125. English Knight

    11 Nov, 2012 - 8:01 pm

    RT News

    It seems that British policy has now shifted from trying to support and organize the disparate rebel groups to considering full-blown military action.

    “The situation this winter I think may deteriorate and may well provoke calls to intervene in a limited way,” General Richards told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

    [Mod/Jon: references to Jews-running-the-world theories will be edited out, as here – one sentence deleted]

  126. @Mary

    Indeed, from Taiwan, the BBC site is peppered with ads.

    Here is the one currently adorning the sidebar of the homepage.

    Inside pages carry contextual ads from Google. Seems their database knows I am involved in higher ed.

    Likewise, the BBC World is relentlessly pro-business.


    Thank goodness you keep returning to throw the light of reason on this thread. What a public service you are performing. Bravo!

  127. MD

    I am afraid you are quite wrong. The CIA works within a framework of “Tasking” by, chiefly, the State Department. It can’t just decide which countries it wants to target willy nilly.

  128. @guest

    “The SNP are NOT going to be the change Scotland needs…”

    You think Scotland needs change but you think the SNP cannot be the authors of this change? Explain (a) why you think Scotland needs change and (b) who you view as best placed to deliver the change you envisage.

    PS: Please don’t quote from The Glasgow Herald. It makes it awfully difficult to take you seriously.

    Keep posting. You have no idea how much you reassure us.

  129. Blimey O’Reilly! Can we all have some? They are laughing in our faces.

    Director general pay-off revealed
    Former BBC director general George Entwistle will receive one year’s salary, worth £450,000, as part of a pay-off deal, according to the BBC Trust. (BBC website)

    £450,000 divided by 54 (days in office) = £8333.33 recurring per day

  130. Greenmachine

    11 Nov, 2012 - 9:55 pm

    Wonder if the ‘usual suspects’ are still around passing on their vast experience of drug-funded black-ops across the Globe. The ghosts of Allen Dulles, James Angleton, Ted Shackley, Richard Armitage, Oliver North and Admiral Poindexter still walk the corridors of Langley and the Pentagon! Their inheritors, the rabid neo-con warrior class of Perle, Boulton, Feith, Dokheim, Khalizad, Petraeus, Panetta et al., are still using the tried-and-trusted methods first spawned by the 1947 National Security Act, the formation of the OSS and the consequent ‘extra-judicial’ activities of the shiny new CIA. What a wonderful, brave new world they brought us in 1947; of course Michal will be SO proud of their achievements!

  131. Correction to the pay off. Tomorrow’s Torygraph is saying it is £1.3m when his accrued pension is added in.

    The skids are under Patten too judging from press comments. After all Entwistle was his chosen one.

  132. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    11 Nov, 2012 - 9:59 pm

    Yes, Craig. Sometimes a lower-level advisor (NSC) is given a directive without specific path to the desired goal because the President doesn’t want to know all the ingredients found in his hot dog.

    Case in point; Iran/Contra.

    “I’m up to my keister with these leaks” RWR

  133. Israel fires into Syria. UK general warns of intervention within months. Syrian opposition forms united front.
    Now that Obama is safely back in the White House, the pressure on Syria is again being ratcheted up. Best not to mention what’s going on in Bahrain, Jordan and Kuwait. It’s the wrong sort of rebellion in these places.
    Yes, we can (continue the war on terror as sold to us by a better salesman than George W Bush)

  134. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    11 Nov, 2012 - 10:06 pm

    Sorry, I remembered that quote wrong…..He said it in 1983

    (Research 1st, then post)

  135. Suhayl Saadi
    11 Nov, 2012 – 7:22 pm

    It is interesting you keep throwing at me so many materials as if you were a great scholar on the issue, but can’t make sense of this one. Yes, the USA paid 800k to smuggle into Nicaragua mostly humanitarian goods using drug smugglers. See, when you’re running a guerilla, you need to find your way over borders and a way to illegaly distribute goods within the country. Surprisingly, even nun raping murderers and their support base need bandages, medicine, food and the like. I am not making this up, this has been the finding of a senate investigation headed by John Kerry and you can see it for yourself in one of the links that Ben posted earlier on up there:

    Had the CIA been involved in not only selling weapons to Iranians in order to buy money for Contras that were put into anathema by the congress, why exactly should the senate investigation miss the aspect of drugs? The truth is, it didn’t, it was said the Contras did deal drugs. But CIA wasn’t involved in that simply.

    And the thing is that the aspect of Contras being pariahs and congress prohibiting funding isn’t present in the case of Ecuador. Go by the Occam’s razor, there’s no need for CIA to be smuggling drugs with Chileans. That’s just nonsense based on a single anonymous source.

    @ Vronsky

    Well I am not surprised you feel strong reassurance, that is, I take it, one of the reasons why people participate in circlejerks.

  136. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    11 Nov, 2012 - 10:24 pm

  137. Today’s incident on the Golan, well spoken Guest, it is exactly as you say, shooting at Syria from Syrian soil, effectively an occupied zone which should be under UN control, not Israel, has been used to add an extras dimension to the already shady conflict that is raging.

    These provocations by Netanyahu and Barak are threatening to be the last pieces in the provocation and incitement puzzle.

    Was Petreus axed because he was digging into the Benghazi embassy hit? was he gettin’ in the way of another tax siphoning, lucrative war? He is a potential whistle blower, but he’s on a pension and a half and shan’t bother, although most generals write autobiographies when they retire, his would be one to read.

    Obama has a small window of opportunity were he can shuffle the pack without much questions being asked of him as then president who just has extended his leadership, but is he in charge?,should he make some wise decisions? curtailing the turkeys wings before he gets too boisterous? and take some of his food away, the bird’s far too fat and about to attack the flock, uncontrollable though.

    Netanyahu will blackmail Obama into a war, cause he’s of the same mindset than the industrial military oligarchs operating on wall street. Bring on glacial melt! it would rub out the two most malignant hearts of hydra.

  138. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    11 Nov, 2012 - 10:44 pm

    BTW; Chip Tatum disappeared in 1998, and was found on a Panama beachhead in 2007, with no face.

    BCCI,,,I forgot about that. They had to launder somewhere.

    “– The Iran-contra affair may be only part of a broader and previously undisclosed pattern of illegal activities by intelligence agencies during the tenure of Ronald Reagan and his CIA chief William Casey. Sources close to the unfolding investigation of the Bank of Credit & Commerce International told TIME that U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, maintained secret accounts with the globe-girdling financial empire, which has been accused of laundering billions of dollars in drug money, financing illegal arms deals and engaging in other crimes.

    The discovery of the CIA’s dealings with B.C.C.I. raises a deeply disturbing question: Did the agency hijack the foreign policy of the U.S. and in the process involve itself in one of the most audacious criminal enterprises in history?”

    Read more:,9171,157496,00.html#ixzz2BxNbjyKy

  139. Meantime, Garzon has reiterated that Julian is ready to stand trial in Sweden provided there are guarantees against onward extradition to the US. I was sorry to hear about his health vulnerability.

    Hang in there Julian, people go through good and bad periods–its part of the Dance of the Universe. You’ll get through this.

  140. Ben Franklin
    11 Nov, 2012 – 10:24 pm

    No I haven’t heard of Tatum until now, but let me tell you: if a man can be debunked in a 10 minute google search, it’s pretty disappointing. But also kind of rewarding, because if I can straight out point out that he doesn’t appear on any POW lists despite his claims and that his supposed paperwork is inconsistent with his claims (DD-214 he scanned is complete rubbish due to discrepancies in time served, not to mention it is a 1st July 79 form while he claims to have resigned in 78) it saves up a lot of time. Now on top of that, you yourself here posted that president may not want to be directly involved in sensitive stuff – now how do the papers supposedly signed by George H. W. with an unusual signature giving him complete amnesty look like to you in the light of that?

    Here’s where I pulled this from. If you’re interested in the man further, you may confirm this on your own:

    I wonder if the anonymous intelligence source working for Chilean secret service that this journalist has apparently contacted is just as trustworthy as mr. Tatum? We can’t know! But boy, Craig Murray devoted an entire post to the ginormous CIA-Chilean joint drug smuggling conspiracy, so it looks like we’re in for fun.

  141. Michal, are you trying to be funny?

    You cite some forum post as evidence that you, personally, have ‘debunked Tatum’?

    Curious and curioser.

    Give me a minute and I will link to a forum posting stating that you are a fool, thereby proving…

    There then follows a logical fallacy, i.e., because one person may have been untrustworthy, it follows naturally that another person is likely to be / to have been untrustworthy. Sorry, it doesn’t quite work like that out in the real world.

  142. No kingfelix, it’s not evidence that I personally debunked tatum. The forum post is not an evidence in itself either. I am just listing that for the sake of integrity, to show, on the contrary, that I have not “personally debunked Tatum”.

    This is all however irrelevant.

    Also pointing out the possibility that if one man is untrustworthy, another man may be untrustworthy, is not a fallacy. It would be if I were to claim it “naturally follows” but I make no such claim. Instead, I point out that it is very well possible and that those who enthusiastically embraced Craig’s post should perhaps reflect on how easy it is to be a fake yet famous “whistleblower”.

  143. How easy it is for an efficiently selective writer to argue that his clients shit don’t stink, in the slightest – and the smell is coming from people like….

    Nobel Prize winning activist playwright Harold Pinter testified on the United States relationship with the Contras – where Michal is conviced the CIA where not guilty of accusations of trafficking drugs with the Contras and instead refers to “mostly humanitarian supplys”

    The United States Congress was about to decide whether to give more money to the Contras in their campaign against the state of Nicaragua. I was a member of a delegation speaking on behalf of Nicaragua but the most important member of this delegation was a Father John Metcalf. The leader of the US body was Raymond Seitz (then number two to the ambassador, later ambassador himself). Father Metcalf said: ‘Sir, I am in charge of a parish in the north of Nicaragua. My parishioners built a school, a health centre, a cultural centre. We have lived in peace. A few months ago a Contra force attacked the parish. They destroyed everything: the school, the health centre, the cultural centre. They raped nurses and teachers, slaughtered doctors, in the most brutal manner. They behaved like savages. Please demand that the US government withdraw its support from this shocking terrorist activity.’

    Raymond Seitz had a very good reputation as a rational, responsible and highly sophisticated man. He was greatly respected in diplomatic circles. He listened, paused and then spoke with some gravity. ‘Father,’ he said, ‘let me tell you something. In war, innocent people always suffer.’ There was a frozen silence. We stared at him. He did not flinch.

    Innocent people, indeed, always suffer.

    Finally somebody said: ‘But in this case “innocent people” were the victims of a gruesome atrocity subsidised by your government, one among many. If Congress allows the Contras more money further atrocities of this kind will take place. Is this not the case? Is your government not therefore guilty of supporting acts of murder and destruction upon the citizens of a sovereign state?’

    Seitz was imperturbable. ‘I don’t agree that the facts as presented support your assertions,’ he said.

    As we were leaving the Embassy a US aide told me that he enjoyed my plays. I did not reply.

    I should remind you that at the time President Reagan made the following statement: ‘The Contras are the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers.’….

    …. I spoke earlier about ‘a tapestry of lies’ which surrounds us. President Reagan commonly described Nicaragua as a ‘totalitarian dungeon’. This was taken generally by the media, and certainly by the British government, as accurate and fair comment. But there was in fact no record of death squads under the Sandinista government. There was no record of torture. There was no record of systematic or official military brutality. No priests were ever murdered in Nicaragua. There were in fact three priests in the government, two Jesuits and a Maryknoll missionary. The totalitarian dungeons were actually next door, in El Salvador and Guatemala. The United States had brought down the democratically elected government of Guatemala in 1954 and it is estimated that over 200,000 people had been victims of successive military dictatorships.

    Six of the most distinguished Jesuits in the world were viciously murdered at the Central American University in San Salvador in 1989 by a battalion of the Alcatl regiment trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, USA. That extremely brave man Archbishop Romero was assassinated while saying mass. It is estimated that 75,000 people died. Why were they killed? They were killed because they believed a better life was possible and should be achieved. That belief immediately qualified them as communists. They died because they dared to question the status quo, the endless plateau of poverty, disease, degradation and oppression, which had been their birthright.

    The United States finally brought down the Sandinista government. It took some years and considerable resistance but relentless economic persecution and 30,000 dead finally undermined the spirit of the Nicaraguan people. They were exhausted and poverty stricken once again. The casinos moved back into the country. Free health and free education were over. Big business returned with a vengeance. ‘Democracy’ had prevailed.

  144. Sorry but stop feeding Michal y’all.

    Troll fuckwit.

    Same tone,semantic thrust as Ken/Larry From St Louis et al.

    Dennis Wheatley cried “Mocatta!” in a disproportionate ordering.
    Michal-get to fuck,as we say in Glasgow,you bawbag.

  145. Michal,

    Fuck off somewhere else where we can’t see through your nonsense,please?

    You’re really embarrassing yourself now,hasbara troll.

  146. Am i the only one that wishes for some intelligent hasbara trolls-as opposed to the usual under-trained rookie fuckwits we usually have to educate??

    Fathomable easily-yet still boring enough to have to rectify…


  147. Beyond a certain sophistication of disagreement you cant fairly call forum sh’nanigans. It becomes a nanigan to do so.

    His challenge for uncontested proof of any CIA involvement in drug trafficking anywhere and ever -may stand.

    His rendering of Craig Murray as just another blogger spreading gossip is conspicuously dismissive of Craig and his little blogs history.

  148. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    12 Nov, 2012 - 2:53 am

    I don’t expect you to prove your ‘negative’, Michal. But you have not addressed any of the ‘musings’ and speculation on just how, CIA can be separated from the drug trade, they admit they tolerated in numerous regions throughout the world, while somehow maintaining a distance. With so many detailed and specific references to ops with dates, names and places, it somehow escapes your slippery imagination, and you are, frankly, just too eager to debunk. All perception is selective. In your case, you exhibit not just selectivity, but myopia for your field-of-view.

    Here’s another….

  149. Dreoilin –

    david rose, the journalist at daily mail, IS NOT johann hari. some debate goes on among journos on a blog that hari uses the pseudonym david rose to edit his own wikipedia page & such-like, and others post misinformed stuff from there. last i saw no-one had yet proven beyond reasonable doubt that hari was using the name, or if the rose involved was indeed another person.

  150. Ms Clinton will, I’m quite sure, be President in 4 years. Think on that, puny citizens. Clinton Mk 2. This tells me everything I need to know about the current US political scene. Hopelessly corrupt. I’d say it was Banana Republic levels of corruption – but it’s much, much worse than that. The sheer sums involved are mind-boggling: billions just ‘lost’ in Iraq, trillions just ‘given’ to crooked bankers. Your average tin-pot dictator can only dream of such levels of corruption – not to mention brutality.

    Glen Greenwald has a great article on the veneration of military types. I’ve no idea how he does this – his articles are very good, and also timely. I suspect, like others, that there is much more to this tale, and I also suspect, alas, we’ll hear almost none of it. Such is.

  151. English Knight

    12 Nov, 2012 - 7:28 am

    Sayonara sayanim siren ! Paula Kranz found the greeks weakpoint – ahh, the allure of anal , a mad dash along the Hershey Highway, all caution thrown to the wind !! But a Director of the CIA sending compromising emails via unencrypted email? I bet the Mossad have amusing pics of the old boy prancing like a frog on Kranz’s back ! BTW-the Benghazi rape pics,the well-timed attack on Dempsey aircraft in Afghanistan, the timing of the emails to Jill Kelley – could all be entirely innocent but nonetheless need to be investigated.

  152. That Nadine Dorries person is a wag isn’t she? If you skimmed the headlines, you would think that the £40k fee for her appearance in the Australian nonsense was being donated to charity. No. It’s the equivalent of one month’s worth of her MP’s salary while she has taken leave of her constituents.

    She loves a bit of foreign travel, In May this year she was seeing the delights of Israhell with other Conservative Friends of Israel. includes photos

    28-31 May 2012: Delegation to Israel and the Palestinian Authority

    Participants: Nadine Dorries MP, Rob Halfon MP, Stephen Hammond MP, Rebecca Harris MP, Phillip Hollobone MP, Sajid Javid MP, Mark Menzies MP, Sheryll Murray MP, Amber Rudd MP

    CFI In May 2012, CFI led a business and security orientated delegation to Israel and the West Bank for nine Conservative MPs, two conservative commentators and three political advisors.

    The busy itinerary included a briefing with Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon and an insightful cross-party meeting with Israeli MK’s.

    Delegation with Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, at the Knesset

    During a day-long visit to the south, the group travelled to the town of Sderot near the Gaza border to meet with the town’s Deputy Mayor, see the different type of rockets launched from Gaza and sample the local cuisine.

    IDF Briefing at Israel-Gaza border

    The group also had the opportunity to visit the Erez crossing point at the Gaza border where they received security and humanitarian aid briefings.

    Whilst in Jerusalem, the MPs had the opportunity to explore the historic Old City and were given a tour of the security barrier by the architect of the barrier, Danny Tirza.

    MPs following the route of the security barrier and visiting a section of the barrier constructed as concrete wall (only 5%)

    On their visit to the Palestinian Authority, the delegation visited the Rawabi development, which is fast taking shape and is set to become the first Palestinian-planned town; before meeting with Palestinian businessmen and politicians.

    CFI Delegation at Rawabi, West Bank

    Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, hosted a briefing about the recently established UK/Israel Tech Hub and a private dinner during which he spoke warmly about the strengthening of the UK-Israel bilateral relationship, with record levels of trade and scientific exchange.

    Other events on the visit included a tour around Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, a visit to electric vehicle company Better Place, a briefing session on Palestinian hate education and incitement with Palestinian Media Watch and dinner with renowned Israeli academic Asher Susser.

    CFI Delegation holds memorail service at Yad Vashem

    The MPs learned of the closeness of UK-Israel business ties during a visit to Elbit Systems, which provides the British armed forces with the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that play such a crucial role in intelligence-collection in Afghanistan.

    Nice one Nadine.

  153. What is the agenda for Desmond’s Express with these continual scare weather forecasts?

    ‘BRITAIN can expect the first big freeze of winter by the end of the month, sending temperatures plunging to -15C.

    Forecasters warned last night that the entire country was set to shiver with bitterly cold winds, harsh frosts and snow, all likely to last into December.

    This is the actual Met Office forecast for the period.’

    UK Outlook for Friday 16 Nov 2012 to Sunday 25 Nov 2012:

    Rain across the northwest of the UK will slowly spread southeast through Friday and into Saturday, with the far south remaining dry until later on Saturday. Fairly cloudy conditions expected ahead of the rain, with some brighter spells possible. Temperatures continuing to be around normal for November. Mixed conditions likely thereafter, with cloudy periods giving spells of rain, heavy at times, particularly in the north and west. Also some brighter spells, with a few showers, mainly to the north and west where they may be wintry over hills. Southern and eastern parts staying reasonably dry with rain generally short lived. Generally becoming colder again during the overnight periods, and also through the day in the north and west, with the south and east expected to see nearer to normal temperatures.

    UK Outlook for Monday 26 Nov 2012 to Monday 10 Dec 2012:

    As is usual, there are uncertainties in the forecast for this period, but there are signs that the changeable conditions will continue through the start of this forecast period. There is also a signal for temperatures to be close to or just below the seasonal average. Into December, although there are no strong indications that any particular weather type is going to dominate, on balance colder, drier conditions than at present are favoured, rather than milder, wetter weather, especially across the southern half of the UK.

    Issued at: 0227 on Mon 12 Nov 2012


  154. Helen Boaden has been instructed to ‘stand aside’ from her job, whatever that means.

    I had been looking at her details on the BBC website and noticed that she is a trustee of the Stephen Joseph Theatre Trust in Scarborough. It is the location for Alan Ayckbourn’s plays.

    4. Outside activities/membership of voluntary/statutory organisations
    Type of work/membership
    Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
    Trustee (voluntary and unpaid)

    Checked to see if there was any Savile connection.

    The other trustees are:

  155. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)
    12 Nov, 2012 – 2:53 am

    Ben, that he made up a bunch of names, places and times means little when he can’t even maintain consistency in his own story. Names, places and times enable you to verify whether something is true – what good is all that if you’re going to just ignore the internal discrepancies eg. in the time he claims to have spent in active service x assignments he claims to have done? But it’s some hilarious stuff: “he had volunteered to plead guilty on a felony charge in order to discredit himself. This was part of Tatum’s strategy of survival”

  156. PS: Or another example yet, the POW lists from where he’s absent.

  157. Gardening leave for Director of News Helen Boaden and her deputy Stephen Mitchell.

    Replaced by Fran Unsworth and Ceri Thomas.

  158. “Cognitive bias?” wrt Craig Murray, Michal? Is that a comment from the other side of the looking glass, perhaps? Oh, and I do not pretend to be “a great scholar on the subject”, just the ‘man on the Clapham bus’, or, if you want it in American parlance, ‘an ordinary Joe’. But thank you for your discourse.


    Here’s an interesting site, people. Check it out.

  159. David Rose, incidentally, has done some very good stuff on torture and extraordinary rendition. I have spolen to him on the phone, and he certainly seemed to exist! I haven’t read the piece in question, but I would not dismiss it out of hand because it does not indict any Tories you wanted indicting.

  160. Is this the same David Rose ?…

  161. No idea. But he did a whole series of excellent stuff in the Mail about torture like this on Miliband’s lies on Binyam Mohammed:

  162. You can hear him talk here with the brilliant Scott Horton on Anti-War Radio:

    He is not Johann Hari and he is a good journalist

  163. Re: Petraeus.

    Justin Raimondo has some very interesting background on the Petraeus affairs. It seems an FBI whistle blower leaked that Petraeus was the subject of an FBI investigation to the Republican Eric Cantor. Petraeus himself was informed of the investigation 25/26 October. Cantor’s chief of staff waited until Oct 31 to inform the FBI of the leak. Lots of links to the usual subjects.

    “So who would have an interest in getting rid of Petraeus? Here’s where the Cantor connection comes in. The tip by an anonymous “FBI employee” that wound up in Cantor’s office two weeks ago came through Rep. David Reichert, Republican of Washington state, who has a friend who knows the whistleblower. Cantor then spoke to the whistleblower directly, who put him in touch with FBI Director Mueller. ”

    Raimondo’s final statement: “When Cantor pledged to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he and his fellow Republicans “will serve as a check on the administration” in regard to the President’s policy toward Israel, he was clearly aligning himself with a foreign leader against American interests as perceived by the White House. But would he really go this far — deliberately taking down a key figure, one beloved by Republicans, in order to keep his promise to Netanyahu?”

    Read this for full details:

  164. Yonatan,

    Except that I can think of no reason Israel might want rid of Petraeus. Almost every single member of Congress has made rabidly pro-Israeli statements, so anything leaked to a Congressman can be connected in that way. Actually what is really silly is anybody resigning over their sex life.

  165. This

    combined with this

    seems to link Johann Hari to at least the pen-name ‘David Rose’.

    There’s an article in the Guardian about Petraeus which goes into some of the complications:

    “Petraeus scandal timeline scrutinised as Congressional hearing looms”

    Congress questions FBI delay in reporting affair, as details of ‘harassed’ second woman emerges

    also an article on the possible use by the UN itself of evidence obtained by torture

    UN ‘may use torture evidence to impose sanctions on terror suspects’

  166. I wrote:
    “There’s an article in the Guardian about Petraeus which goes into some of the complications:”

    Should have been a break before that. Obviously nothing to do with Johann Hari or David Rose!

  167. Only in our ‘democracy’ can this take place.

    I would say that it is a type of action that happens in a fascist state.

  168. Breaking News BBC:

    Muslim cleric Abu Qatada will not be deported to Jordan, after he won his appeal at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac).

  169. “I haven’t read the piece in question, but I would not dismiss it out of hand because it does not indict any Tories you wanted indicting.”

    Was that addressed to me Craig? I don’t want anyone indicted only the guilty. But this whole kerfuffle at the BBC seems to dragging attention away from getting justice for the abused.

    The piece in the Mail was a hatchet job on Messham.

    Messham may well have psychological problems, or some difficulty in remembering details from so long ago. Or he may have been misled by the police, who after all, gave him the name of that peer. One way or another, attacking him or any other victim of abuse does NOT seem the way to go, with such a filthy scandal on the cards.

    And every single comment I saw on Twitter was disgust at the article in the Mail.

  170. @ John Goss 11 Nov 9.58am

    Thanks for the link to that Absent Justice vid about Talha Ahsan. It’s heartbreaking to hear how his parents cannot keep from weeping, and to think that vid was recorded in March and now we all know how the story ended… Talha’s brother is very sweet, isn’t he? Did you know that the presenter, Asim Qureshi, was himself interviewed by Julian Assange in his World Tomorrow series for RT, along with Asim’s co-founder of Cage Prisoners, Mozzam Begg, a month or so after this vid was recorded?

    Suhayl 11 Nov 7.26pm – Goran Rudling was last seen in a brief reappearance on Craig’s “Why I’m convinced Anna Ardin is a liar” thread, but then was the victim of an – um, shall we say unfortunate – leak of his own… He’s not been seen since. Poor man. If you want a good giggle look for a post by Duqu with links to ‘Samtycke-Leaks’ and ‘Not-Interested-in-Sex-Re-Goran-Rudling-on-Assange’. Hilarious.

    I suppose this thread is a good place to let anyone who’s interested know that a lot of new evidence about the Swedish sex case has emerged in Guy Sim’s new book Julian Assange in Sweden – what really happened (download for $3/many formats available here: ) and is, with the help of some Swedish folk visiting from the Flashback forum, being picked over and analysed in great detail on the latest page of Craig’s “Why I’m Convinced that Anna Ardin is a Liar” blog. Anyone who wants to update themselves on the latest re unravelling the Swedish investigation should check it out:

    [Jon/Mod: links fixed upon request]

  171. Craig, are you talking about the same David Rose who facilitated the rubbishing of the child sex abuse enquiry in Jersey?

  172. Abu Qatada wins appeal against deportation.

    Iain Overton resigns from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
    Breaking News The Bureau of Investigative Journalism confirms Iain Overton’s resignation, saying any role by it or its officers in the Newsnight McAlpine story was “strictly contrary to the fundamental principles and standards of the Bureau”.

    Can’t keep up. Keep the heads rolling but nearer Whitehall preferably.

  173. Sorry Doug you were there earlier on Abu Qatada. Hague, Cameron and May must be seething.

  174. Iain Overton resigns from BIJ.

  175. Whistleblower hunted after secret client list of HSBC Jersey reveals gangsters, celebrities, bankers, doctors and oil executives.

  176. I have just sent this email to “English Knight”

    I am afraid your persistent anti-Jewish comments mean that you are really no longer welcome on my blog. Please stop posting there.


  177. Dreoilin

    a) not aimed at you b) how would I know?

  178. Even more concerning –

    General hints at use of British troops in Syria
    11 November 2012

    General Sir David Richards, the chief of the defence staff, said contingency plans were being drawn up in the event of a humanitarian crisis in Syria. He said intervention would be limited and would need the support of the population

    THE worsening situation in Syria could lead to British troops being deployed to intervene.

    General Sir David Richards, the chief of the defence staff, said today contingency plans were being drawn up in the event of a humanitarian crisis.

    Intervention would be limited and would need the support of people inside Syria in the areas where assistance was being provided, it was indicated.

    But a move of this nature could be seen as a step towards a full-scale military intervention, bringing British forces directly into conflict with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

    Richards, speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, said: “It would be a huge effort. We would be very cautious about it.”

    The remainder is behind the paywall. The Mail also carry it.

  179. a most interesting piece in the Firm Magazine, which is, apparently, an independent scottish law journal. not attributed that i can see, tho it could be Mike’s blog. whilst it’s impossible to vouch for some stuff, i agree wholeheartedly that at least part of what is happening since steven messham’s newsnight appearance could be characterised as diversionary tactics, and the campbell/andrew gilligan/iraq analogy is spot on:

    Schofield, the decoy witchhunt, and the black arts of spin

  180. It’s not the Torygraph that would scare me, it’s what they’re reporting on! Tea partiers are celebrating the rise in gun sales, and talking a lot of rubbish about Texas and elsewhere ‘seceding from the Union’. They want an all-white country, and to turn the clock back to the 1950s. Some of them seem to be itching for violence.

    The consensus in the USA seems to be that unless the Tea Party embraces the “Latino vote” (which they won’t) they’ll never gain any further influence in the GOP. In fact the influence they do have will wane considerably.

    a) not aimed at you b) how would I know?”

    I dunno … You seemed to know more about him than me. :)

  181. Thanks for that link, Oddie.
    V interesting.

  182. equally or even more interesting:

    Nicholas Myra: Gatekeepers Attempt to Erase Pedophilia: BBC and Gov’t Operatives Still Hoping To Stop Hemorrhaging of Public Confidence
    (Writer Nicholas Myra is a former actor and television producer, now a community youth worker, and originally hailing from Tipperary, Ireland. Myra spends his winters in the UK and his summers touring Europe and North Africa by Harley Davidson)

  183. King of nothing

    12 Nov, 2012 - 2:53 pm

    Helen Boaden who once stated that she changed her email address to avoid questions from from license-payers (source, media lens).

    Helen, meet my friend Lol.

  184. Obama tells Abbas of opposition to UN move
    RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territories — US President Barack Obama told Mahmud Abbas on Sunday that his administration opposes a Palestinian bid for non-state membership of the UN, both sides said.
    “There was a long telephone conversation between president Mahmud Abbas and Barack Obama,” the Palestinian leader’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina told AFP.
    “Obama expressed the opposition of the United States to the decision to go to the UN General Assembly.”
    Abbas explained “the reasons and motives for the Palestinian decision to go to the UN … including the continued (Jewish) settlement activity and Israeli aggression against citizens and property,” Abu Rudeina said.
    In a subsequent statement, the White House said Obama had “reiterated the United States’ opposition to unilateral efforts at the United Nations” in the call to Abbas…

  185. Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    12 Nov, 2012 - 3:32 pm

    “But it’s some hilarious stuff: “he had volunteered to plead guilty on a felony charge in order to discredit himself. This was part of Tatum’s strategy of survival””

    Uh, the man is dead. What extremes would you resort to if your life hung in the balance? if that’s the sort of inconsistency you’re disturbed about, I’d be surprised if you could find your arse with both hands. (Into the troll bin)

  186. @ Jives : you seem to specialize in calling people trolls. You’re a bit of a chump, aren’t you.

    BTW : some time ago you called one of my posts (it was a joke addressed to Mary) “ugly” and “sinister”. I wonder if you would now join me in calling the various posts and links which have appeared on this board calling Lord McAlpine a paedophile “ugly” and “vicious”? Come on, man up!

  187. Hey! – can we all lighten up for a few seconds?

    The night before the election, Mitt Romney was very confident & told Ann his wife “This time tomorrow night, you’ll be sleeping with the President of the United States”. After Mitt’s concession speech, they head to bed. Ann was getting undressed when she asked, “so how does this work? Is Barack coming over here or am I supposed to go over there?

  188. After 16 years, suddenly copies of the Jillings report are ‘discovered’ in the council archives. Oh yeah?

  189. There is no question that most of your posts have been personalised insults unconnected to topics Habbabkuk, a prime example of what ‘trolling’ really is.

    As for your rare recall of a topic now. No one knew that the accusation of McAlpine was misattributed, it turns out the police themselves somehow mixed him up. MacAlpine was one of the weird-long-list of names circulated, which did have what appeared to be credible testimoney against it, and it was right to pursue it – until it turned out very oddly, to be confused.
    The rest of the weird list, for example Portillo and others, i gave no credence to at all. But MacAlpines was a rare member of it who did have credible evidence against at the time to be investigated.
    And there remains very credible reports, from a respected MP no less and other sincere campaigners that there are powerful known and unprosecuted uk paedophile networks still at large requiring a special investigation to deal with.

  190. Where it’s all happening. £1bn later. Quite funny to read this as it talks of the incoming new DG Entwistle, Newsnight etc. The thing was built on Lend Lease by Bovis. A lot of licence fee money has been sloshed around. I think it’s time to get the exorcists or the Feng Shui people in.

    The news from the BBC: its £1bn new base is finally coming on air
    New Broadcasting House – four years late and £55m over budget – is ready for Andrew Marr and Jeremy Paxman

    and an aerial view of the monstrosity.

    There is also the new Salford Quays development which cost another £1bn {In total approximately 2,300 BBC staff will be employed at MediaCity. In July 2010 it was announced that the BBC Breakfast programme would move to Salford Quays. It is claimed that the development will create up to 10,000 jobs and add £1bn to the regional economy over 5 years. In 2009 the BBC estimated that the move would cost up to £1 billion.}

    I believe the Scottish HQ is new.

    The BBC Media Centre at White City has been rebuilt and opened in 2004.

    The Television Centre has been sold for £200m and Bush House has been vacated too.

    Who sanctioned all this expenditure and changes? Mostly Mark Thompson now ensconced in New York. The last of the big spenders authorised by Ms Jowell presumably. Spend Spend Spend!

    No wonder things have gone wrong. The sheer logistics of moving people, equipment and offices around and to new buildings must have distracted the management’s attention.

  191. Ah, Dreolin…welcome back…missed your insight !

  192. @Mary – I haven’t been here much lately, but did you get a chance to look at my post about the ‘MPs’ expenses scandal’? I’d be very interested to hear what you think about my thesis. Even privately, if you prefer! :)

    I reckon what’s going on now with the BBC is very similar to the expenses scandal – the “new broom”.

  193. Thanks Frazer, I hadn’t gone far ;)

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