CIA Plot Against Correa Funded by Drug Money 1271

Hillary Clinton is repeating the methodology of the Iran/Contra affair, using “black” funds to finance the operation to ensure President Correa is not re-elected.

I had two excellent sources for the news that the US/UK strategy against Julian Assange was to ensure the defeat of President Correa in Presidential elections next spring, and then have him expelled from the Ecuadorean Embassy. One source was within the UK civil service and one in Washington. Both had direct, personal access to the information I described. Both told me in the knowledge I would publish it.

Of course Assange is not the only reason Clinton wants rid of Correa; but it adds spice and urgency.

We now have completely independent evidence from Chile that this CIA operation exists, from journalists who were investigating a smuggling operation involving 300 kg per month of cocaine, organised by the Chilean army and security services.

The links to US intelligence emerged after an anonymous source from the Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia (ANI) told Panoramas News that the smuggling of 300 kilos of cocaine was in fact a highly sensitive CIA/DEA operation that would help to raise money to topple the government of Ecuador. The operation is similar to the one carried out by the Agency in Central America during the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980’s, the source said.

A few days ago I published information I had received that Patricio Mery Bell, the director of the news programme which broke the story, had been lured to a meeting with a young lady “informant” who had worked with CIA-backed anti-Cuban groups in Miami. She had then accused him of sexual assault (does any of that scenario sound familiar?) He was arrested and his materials had been confiscated. However I took the article down after jst a few minutes because I had received the information in emails from sources I did not know previously, and was unsure it could stand up. It does now appear that this is indeed true.

My Washigton informant had told me, as I published, that the funds for the anti-Correa operation were not from the CIA budget but from secret funds controlled by the Pentagon. This could not be done by CIA funds because, perhaps surprisingly, for the CIA to operate in this way is a crime in the United States.

Whether my informant knew or suspected that the “secret Pentagon funds” were drug money I do not know. They did not mention narcotics.

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  • Anon

    Huge series of explosions in Gaza. Power out. Harry Fear reports explosions very near him. Took his feed out but he still has cellphone.

    28m Harry Fear Harry Fear ‏@harryfear

    I have no internet. These are cellular updates. I cannot leave my apartment; it is too dangerous.
    29m Harry Fear Harry Fear ‏@harryfear

    I admit I fear tonight, even for my own safety; far more than before, as Israel has been targeting journalists and civilians

  • nevermind

    I listened to Hellary as well, Mary and she came over menacing, Beelzebub reaffirmed, but there was also a hint of uncertainty, a possibility of something else.

    Now, this could be the big lull before the storm.

    “yes we are listening, off course you have a case , we are willing to talk (reload the aircraft) and can see the Palestinians (bomb them) case.

    It is designed to startle, use it to your advantage, mixed messages create chaotic thinking, dropping leaflets that say, ‘get the f…k out’, whilst pretending to do cease fire talks in Cairo.

    “Better to have them calm than raging, we don’t have to be that hostile(white phosphorous, already bombed them) and we can safeguard (kill a few more civilians/children) Sderot and Israels southern sphere by advancing in an orderly way through the north of Gaza, supported by our tanks and artillery.”

    this is a duck shoot, they are nuts and will go ahead, whatever the civilian toll, this whole thing is designed to goad Iran and Hezbollah into action, that’s why Rabbi Sachs was mad, his ‘slip’ was overheard by hundreds of thousands, this is about Iran and like any other red hot poker must hurt, these bombings hurt Iran more than they hurt Turkey, and we heard what they said.

    looks like the peace intentions of Jabbari provoked the shooting of the boy playing footie/, then it took over its own momentum. These cease fire intentions were half hearted rigmarole, a trick trick favouring another agenda.

    Israel is trying to create compliance to its messages with chaos, hitting the odd target, some civilians, trying to convince those in the northern Gaza strip to move south west, all the while their IDF propaganda machine is pumping out that they are willing and ready to talk, that they are engaged in Cairo.

    Engaged?! could have fooled me, this looks increasingly like a distraction, lulling people into a false security.

    I hope I’m wrong and you can tell me off for it.

    night all

    Hababbkuk, Catalonians, as a cultural entity in southern Europe with its own distinct genetic footprint and a long history of industrial excellence, for quiet some time before we sent some foot folk over to America in 1620 to behave themselves quiet barbarically, claiming it all for the queen, they deserve respect for wanting to take the risk to go it alone in Europe. I bet they have some ideas that are not based on Goldmann Sachs blueprint.

    good luck Cataloinia I say.

  • Villager

    Ben Franklin, thank you for your keen stream of breaking news and clippings.

    But this one posted by you @4.10 this afternoon does make me wonder what you are smoking. Or were you reading your breakfast tea leaves?

    “Obama is sending the Big Dog, as some call him. He is a master schmoozer, but I am not confident he will move Bibi.

  • Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    Thanksgiving is an American Tradition. I give thanks for not living in Gaza.

    “Mors ultima linea rerum est”

  • Villager

    Mary, yes i wonder too what is the maximum sentence that Brooks and Coulson could get.

    And this good news holds promise for it to get yet more interesting:

    “The new round of criminal charges brought in the UK against former senior News International editors has once raised again the prospect that Rupert Murdoch’s New York-based parent company may be prosecuted under US anti-bribery laws, and complicates the rehabilitation of his son James as a possible successor to lead the global media empire.

    The charges brought against Rebekah Brooks, who ran Murdoch’s newspaper holdings in Britain, Andy Coulson, former editor of the now defunct News of the World, and two other former News International employees exposes the parent News Corporation to possible action under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The FCPA exists to prosecute US-domiciled companies for acts of bribery and corruption that they might commit abroad.”

    Craig, hope this news makes you feel better and in some measure counters all the other bad news we’re surrounded with.

  • Ben Franklin (head honcho CIA Office for Craig Murray Operations)

    Anderxon Cooper (CNN) reports 137 Palestinians dead, compared to 5 Israelis.

    Quid pro quo…….

  • Jives

    @ Ben,

    You’re all over this thread like a bulldozer and yet you don’t really say too much…

    That’s quite a trick…lol


  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    According to my non-secular auspices I have undertaken a vow of silence. My Order does allow ‘signs’ which amount to narrative, as though a scribe merely parrots script, as a form of appoved communication. Unfortunately, this vow proscribes direct responses to questions, and i apologize to one and all, for the unintended slight.


  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    While most sources are claiming the number of Israeli websites taken down is between 663 and 700, Israel’s Finance Minister has said that the government has “deflected 44 million cyber attacks on government websites” and called this wave of attacks a “second front” in this conflict. Besides website defacements and takedowns, Anonymous leaked a document containing thousands of email addresses and passwords supposedly belonging to IDF operatives and Israeli government officials. Attached to the leaked document, the Anonymous leaker added: “this is/will turn into a cyber war.”

    Anonymous has also been distributing a “care package” to the citizens of Gaza. The package, named “OpIsrael.Care.Package.v2.0” contains a press release, first aid instructions in English and Arabic, a technical guide with information on how to circumvent authoritarian internet shut-downs (like the one in Egypt during their Arab Spring), a proxy that can be used to hide the IP address and location of your computer, as well as a small image file of the Anonymous crest.

  • oddie

    from PressTV 19 Nov –

    BICOM suppresses critical voices in UK to Israel’s favour
    BICOM, the Britain Israel Communication and Research Centre, is one of those bodies established by the Labour Friends of Israel, a powerful pro-Israeli lobby group inside the Labour party, which is dedicated to promote support for Israel in the UK
    BICOM runs the News desk for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Sky News, the Financial Times (FT), and newspapers such as the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Mirror and various news organizations, which are official Israeli propaganda outlet inside the UK.
    Last year, an email, sent by Lorna Fitzsimons, the director of BICOM, “dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain”, was leaked to alternative media and left the body red faced. It said: “Throughout the weekend, Bicom staff were in contact with a whole host of BBC and Sky news desks and journalists, ensuring that the most objectively favourable line was taken, and offering talking heads, relevant to the stories unfolding.” …

  • Komodo

    Anderxon Cooper (CNN) reports 137 Palestinians dead, compared to 5 Israelis.

    Quid pro quo…….

    Usually* the Israelis are aiming for a kill ratio of around ~ 100 evil rocketeering terrorists and their children to 1 of the Chosen. The total of Israeli dead jumped yesterday from 3 to 5, making it likely that the IDF will have to invade again to achieve their quota.

    *Do by all means check it out.

  • Jay

    British Governments borrowing up again £10 Billion for last October.

    The pinch is that we are paying for the oppressors to steel wealth to sell it to is as debt.

    Its not that we- want for much is it?

    Lets hope for peace and a life for Palestine people.
    Please let there be a change for the better.

    Fair well on your demonstrations please wake people up to this indignity.

  • N_

    @Oddie – useful post. The key word is “ensuring”. My only quibble is BICOM wasn’t set up by the Labour Friends of Israel in any meaningful sense. It was established by the Israel Foreign Ministry (Danny Scheck). It is an arm of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

    Circumstances are similar here to those which have prevailed in countries which have been under formal occupation by a foreign power.

  • N_

    Lest I be misinterpreted, the various ‘Friends of Israel’ group are of course also arms of Zionist power. As I keep saying, Zionism is an organisation. This fact is utterly obvious to Zionists themselves.

  • N_

    Rabbi Sacks wasn’t angry at all. He mentioned Iran in connection with Gaza. Tick! And he got the mainstream media to say that the BBC was falling apart and not fit for purpose, and had to be sorted out from the top, because it’s too pro-Palestinian. Tick!

  • Komodo

    Gaza Ministry of Health alleging Israeli use of white phosphorus:
    this may be the white smoke seen after explosions in areas leafleted last night, or may not. Uncertain as yet, but not beyond belief.

    May Rabbi Sacks die unpleasantly.

  • Heretic

    Banksie: “You are entitled to your views but ultimately the numbers mean nothing when it is historical fact that there was a Final Solution drawn up by the Nasties and they did try and carry it out, with ruthless German efficiency.”

    The ONLY point that I was making and is being constantly avoided by brining up the usual “anti-Semite, holocaust denier” narrative is: Why did the ICRC report 300,000 Jewish casualties? A very simple question I would have thought.

    You say “the numbers mean nothing”, really, so why is everyone having a problem accepting that six million were not murdered in Gas chambers? I think you will find that the only thing that does matter is the numbers. How can there be a holocaust if the Talmudic prophesy of six million has not been fulfilled? This is the heart of the problem – the claims of the Zionists quasi-religous Talmudic doctrine versus the reasonable interpretation of historical facts and context.

    You say the holocaust “is historical fact”. The entire Holocuast narrative is built on personal testimony because there is no physical evidence that the Germans ordered the *industrialsed* mass execution of Jews. There is no physical evidence of one single Nazi Gas chamber. No evidence has been found showing human remains, either decomposed or cremated, that suggest anywhere near the number of people were killed at the places where such crimes were supposed to haver been committed. There is not one single photograph showing a Nazi gas chamber in operation, there is not one single allied reconnaissance photo (from over 10,000 featuring the camps) that even suggest mass killings are being organised. Ground penetrating radar surveys have consistently failed to found mass graves or burial pits at the sites claimed for such crimes in the Nuremberg trials.

    As for having a bee up my arse, have you tried reasoning with people who’s rational mind appears to have been by-passed by life-long emotional conditioning? Who constantly create diversions instead of addressing the point, and who resort to slander and accusations when they can’t shout you down?

  • Heretic

    It’s funny how the people who deny 911 conspiracies say that such a conspiracy is impossible without leaving evidence and the people of defend the Holocaust claim that SAME lack of physical evidence shows how ‘efficient’ the Germans were. These two contradictory views are comfortably held by most people despite the very obvious dissonance.

  • nevermind

    @Phil, can you please determine a nice pub, not too full of protesters on the day so we’ll be able to get a jar, near’ish Westminster/ Downing Street were we can meet up, at lets say 10.30-11.30am, then that would be very helpful.

    shall cross post on the new thread.

    fitting occasion and motto, play it loud. see as many of you as possible, come and scratch my eyes out…;)

  • Banksie

    I am happy to admit I do not have the level of knowledge on this subject that you obviously do. I will need to do some research. However, I have found when approaching this subject previously that the emotive nature of it and the insufferable politicisation of the narrative, from both points of view, make it difficult to find the ‘truth’. The truth is always the narrative of the victor. Their bias will skew any and all facts into whatever view they wish to project making it difficult to believe what you read or hear. Agendas within agendas. If you can recommend any reading material with verifiable sources I will be happy to do the reading. I tried to show that there is a human side to all of this and that joining in the shouting is not helpful.

    There is no denying that being screamed at and called anti-semitic for having an opposing view or highlighting the bleeding obvious crimes of the Israeli government is not debate or nice but simply the actions of a bully who deep down knows they are wrong. But dialogue is what is needed no matter how painful it is to both sides. Without finding common ground we will have perpetual war in the Middle East.

    Conspiracies are best carried out with compartments! Lots of people involved but each supplying a tiny gear or part to the whole machine without knowing what the whole machine is. Makes it easy if only one or two really know whats going on. 911 is a case in point. Three steel frame buildings collapse due to fire – the only three buildings to EVER do this in the 150 years they have been erected. Bullshit! I am a structural surveyor by profession, the demolition was so obvious but no-one wants to open their eyes to see what is in front of them because the realignment of their views is too painful. Big lies told often and all that!

    I’m sure that we would get on fine if we spoke face to face because the typed word does not have the nuance or expression of the voice (back to dialogue) oh and it was a wasp not a bee! Peace and love

  • Banksie

    @ Heretic

    Also I didn’t say the Holocaust was historical fact, I said the Final Solution was. Theres a distinct difference.

    Peace and Love

  • Kempe

    So Heretic I assume you don’t accept that the CIA waterboard suspects and that Jimmy Savile never raped anyone. After all no photographs or film exists of either.

    You can’t simply dismiss the huge volume of testimony (from both sides) that simply, besides we know 6 million Jews disappeared from europe during WW2. They were taken from their homes and never came back, areas of Poland that were once home to large and vibrant Jewish communities even today are nearly devoid of Jews. Where did they all go?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I’ve been away for a little time, unable to comment, and now have returned. I totally disagree with the way Technicolour has been treated by some posters here, on this thread. I agree with Jon’s statement on the matter, somewhat earlier.

    Yet again, there seems to have been an attempt to dominate the thread, and indeed, the blog as a whole, by elements of the Far Right in the UK, who in the end, are no friends of the Palestinians or of their just cause; hence the constant attempts – many of them, rightly deleted by the moderator – to divert the discussion towards the two same-old, same-olds. They simply attempt to instrumentalise the situation of Palestine-Israel to serve their own ends.

    There is too, it seems to me, a systemic dearth of (known) regular female commentators on these boards – no disrespect to the much-valued contributions of Mary, Dreoilin, Ruth and some occasional others – and that is one observation on which one may invite readers/contributors to ponder – and it is possible that this configuration has just been exacerbated significantly, to the considerable detriment of the blog.

  • Villager

    Suhayl, totally agree with you and glad to see you back!

    Technicolour, belated thanks for your earlier remarks–i’m sure you’ll know which ones–and hope you’re back soon too. I think your contributions are very eloquent, cohesive and important. Honestly, the blog is not the same without you

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