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‘…presumption of one’s own pre-existing perfection…’

Yes I am serious, though I should have written ‘infallibility’ rather than ‘perfection’.

“Am I mistaken in believing you believe vaccines are good?”

Yes. The statement is simplistic; reality is a bit more complicated than that. There is an entire territory between “vaccines are good” and “vaccines are bad”. The use of any particular vaccine is appropriate or inappropriate. For example administering the oral polio vaccine in Europe and the US would be bad. Administering it where natural polio is endemic is good. However, the vaccine programme itself reduces incidence of natural polio, so there comes a time where natural polio prevented by the oral vaccine gets outweighed by the polio caused by the vaccine.

Taking the above facts and misrepresenting them to spread fear of vaccination is bad, and repetition of such misinformation is also bad.