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Paul Barbara

@ Clark
‘…However, the vaccine program itself reduces incidence of natural polio, so there comes a time where natural polio prevented by the oral vaccine gets outweighed by the polio caused by the vaccine…’
Syria hadn’t had any polio cases for a long time – then Western agencies saw fit to bring in oral polio vaccines – and voila – Syrian refugee kids started coming down with crippling polio from the vaccines. Was this deliberate? Well, the West also arranged for it’s mercenary headchoppers to flood into Syria, and they already murdered many hundreds of children, so it is not a stretch to suspect it was just another attempt to cause harm to Syria’s citizens.
Sure, I mentioned the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine. But it was because they not only whistleblew how they were being manipulated by Big Pharma, but they also collaborated with them, printing their BS articles which were obviously just that. But maybe you didn’t read the article. Plenty of good scientific links.