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I was told by a member of the Metropolitan Police Operation Lydd team that they believe there are grounds to prosecute Jack Straw, but that the Crown Prosecution Service will bury it. That was over two years ago when I gave my own sworn evidence to the investigation.

That cover-up by the CPS is now underway – and it is extremely unsubtle. The mainstream media barely reported that the first file has been passed to the CPS on Operation Lydd. You would think that a massive police investigation into criminal activity by Jack Straw and Sir Mark Allen, among others, would merit more of a splash, but not in our corporate controlled media. The timing was auspicious because, in the parallel civil case, the Court of Appeal has rejected the Government’s defence of “National Security” to prevent the case from even being heard. This after Jack Straw and Sir Mark Allen arranged the kidnap and deportation to torture in Libya of Mr Belhadj, his pregnant wife and children – only one of hundreds of such crimes in which the British state was deeply involved.

Infamously, the British Embassy in Washington had been lobbying the US authorities relentlessly to prevent the publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on extraordinary rendition, specifically on the grounds that this would weaken Jack Straw’s defence. That defence rests on the grounds that details of kidnap and torture would annoy the United States and thus damage Britain’s security interests. As a blanket license for state involvement in torture, it only takes a second’s thought to realise how astonishingly dangerous that doctrine is. The High Court swallowed it. Thank God, the Court of Appeal did not.

So the Courts having ruled against Jack Straw, there are now two lines of defence between Straw and Sir Mark Allen, and a long spell in the pokey. The first is that the Government is appealing to the Supreme Court in London to have the case kicked out once again on “National Security” grounds. The second line of defence is the Crown Prosecution Service.

I can give you very substantial evidence that a cover-up is in progress within the CPS. Astonishingly the Lydd file has been passed within the CPS not to the serious crime division, but to the Counter-Terrorism Division. Yet terrorism is not the alleged crime here. The crimes are Gross Misconduct in Public Office, Conspiracy to Torture, Conspiracy to Kidnap and Abduct. We might relate them rhetorically to terrorism, but they are not that legally.

The incredible truth is that the file has been passed not to the Division which deals with the crimes allegedly committed by the perpetrators, Messrs Straw, Allen et al. It has rather been passed to the Divison which deals with the crime falsely alleged against the VICTIM of the case, Mr Belhadj. That simple fact tells you all you need to know about the attitude of the CPS to Operation Lydd.

In fact, the Counter-Terrorism Division of CPS works on a daily basis with public servants and security service functionaries who are themselves deeply implicated in the crimes being uncovered by Operation Lydd. A cover-up is certain.

The British Establishment really does stink.

Footnote: I phoned the CPS Press Office to give them a chance to respond. I got through to a spokesperson and left details and my number. They have not come back to me.

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  • Ba'al Zevul

    I don’t think I would argue with what you say Baal, on this occasion,


    but your support for the secret services and masons is an area where I do take issue, as you know.

    Not wishing to reignite this, but I neither ‘support’ them nor oppose them. What I do try to do is point out – I hope rational – interpretations of their actions, where there appear to be any. I don’t regard a bent judge who happens to be a mason* as being the benchmark for all masons. I can set against him plenty of masons who carry their humanitarian principles outside the lodge, and act on them. From personal experience, even.

    I don’t regard the existence of secret security services as an evil in itself: try running a nation without them. The devil is in the detail of how far they have to comply with the law of the land and in what circumstances they should be allowed absolute immunity. And there, I am not supportive of what is currently going on here. Not from any empathy I have with the victims – candidly, I’m short on empathy – but from an old-fashioned appreciation of the rule of law.
    Hope that clarifies.

    *Scum rises in any organisation.

  • John Goss

    “Why do only a minority of people on demonstration wear masks?”
    Don’t know. Do you?

    “Why, on some demonstrations (eg organised by the trade union movement) does no one wear a mask?”
    Don’t know. Do you?

    “Why does the majority of that minority on demonstrations which indulges in violent behaviour against property wear masks?”
    I’ve never been on a demonstration where I have seen violent behaviour towards property. Have you?

  • Mary

    Further on the TOR raids.

    Darknet Sweep Casts Doubt on Tor
    Tor Will Be Defeated Again, and Again, and Again
    by William A. Blunden / November 7th, 2014

    Bill Blunden is an independent investigator whose current areas of inquiry include information security, anti-forensics, and institutional analysis. He is the author of several books, including The Rootkit Arsenal and Behold a Pale Farce: Cyberwar, Threat Inflation, and the Malware-Industrial Complex. He is the lead investigator at Below Gotham Labs.

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