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I was told by a member of the Metropolitan Police Operation Lydd team that they believe there are grounds to prosecute Jack Straw, but that the Crown Prosecution Service will bury it. That was over two years ago when I gave my own sworn evidence to the investigation.

That cover-up by the CPS is now underway – and it is extremely unsubtle. The mainstream media barely reported that the first file has been passed to the CPS on Operation Lydd. You would think that a massive police investigation into criminal activity by Jack Straw and Sir Mark Allen, among others, would merit more of a splash, but not in our corporate controlled media. The timing was auspicious because, in the parallel civil case, the Court of Appeal has rejected the Government’s defence of “National Security” to prevent the case from even being heard. This after Jack Straw and Sir Mark Allen arranged the kidnap and deportation to torture in Libya of Mr Belhadj, his pregnant wife and children – only one of hundreds of such crimes in which the British state was deeply involved.

Infamously, the British Embassy in Washington had been lobbying the US authorities relentlessly to prevent the publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on extraordinary rendition, specifically on the grounds that this would weaken Jack Straw’s defence. That defence rests on the grounds that details of kidnap and torture would annoy the United States and thus damage Britain’s security interests. As a blanket license for state involvement in torture, it only takes a second’s thought to realise how astonishingly dangerous that doctrine is. The High Court swallowed it. Thank God, the Court of Appeal did not.

So the Courts having ruled against Jack Straw, there are now two lines of defence between Straw and Sir Mark Allen, and a long spell in the pokey. The first is that the Government is appealing to the Supreme Court in London to have the case kicked out once again on “National Security” grounds. The second line of defence is the Crown Prosecution Service.

I can give you very substantial evidence that a cover-up is in progress within the CPS. Astonishingly the Lydd file has been passed within the CPS not to the serious crime division, but to the Counter-Terrorism Division. Yet terrorism is not the alleged crime here. The crimes are Gross Misconduct in Public Office, Conspiracy to Torture, Conspiracy to Kidnap and Abduct. We might relate them rhetorically to terrorism, but they are not that legally.

The incredible truth is that the file has been passed not to the Division which deals with the crimes allegedly committed by the perpetrators, Messrs Straw, Allen et al. It has rather been passed to the Divison which deals with the crime falsely alleged against the VICTIM of the case, Mr Belhadj. That simple fact tells you all you need to know about the attitude of the CPS to Operation Lydd.

In fact, the Counter-Terrorism Division of CPS works on a daily basis with public servants and security service functionaries who are themselves deeply implicated in the crimes being uncovered by Operation Lydd. A cover-up is certain.

The British Establishment really does stink.

Footnote: I phoned the CPS Press Office to give them a chance to respond. I got through to a spokesperson and left details and my number. They have not come back to me.

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  • Peacewisher

    @Fred: as with the austerity march, and the one before before the Scottish referendum vote, the protestors had to march up to BBC HQ for the BBCs editors to get the message and allow reporting on it. I guess they had little choice with all those people and placards outside. Well if that’s what it takes…

  • fred

    “@Fred: as with the austerity march, and the one before before the Scottish referendum vote, the protestors had to march up to BBC HQ for the BBCs editors to get the message and allow reporting on it. I guess they had little choice with all those people and placards outside. Well if that’s what it takes…”

    As what you want to put it down to the fact remains that the BBC have been reporting it so it’s not right to be pretending they haven’t.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    There is nothing wrong with my vision except I am short sighted..but I can still see fine..even really close up..when the bulb went on my old Cannon gas cooker..last week..I could read the original serial number..Crompton Bulbs..they are from Oldham

    £1.33 including delivery

    So I wrote this

    The thing is..It Does Matter..We have just to try just a liitle bit..toget these hoorible people out of the way..so nicer people can take their place..

    We Got To Do Better Than This For Human Race’s Sake

    I don’t think we have been invaded by aliens..I think they are human..thr probelm is tha I think they are psycopaths..amybe you should try and read the science of evil:politicla ponerolgy..but I can’t, necause it would pollute my soul..and I want to stay innocent and I want my people to see th light of GOOD

    Call it God if you like. I wrote that blind.

    Tony xx

  • craigmurray.org.uk

    Anon at 3:16pm asked

    Why has this article been taken from the front page? Its now only available in the archive.

    In fact, on the front page you cannot see the archive for Nov 2014, so you can’t get to it from there.

    The only way I got to this article was to perform a google search on the entire first sentence.

    Sounds like you have a few days old local cache copy. Try refreshing the page (CTRL/R will do). There was a browser cache issue which should be fixed now but a manual page refresh may be needed for some to flush out the stale copy.

  • Clark

    Just after six this evening I encountered a rally of several hundred people outside the Scottish Parliament building. It was a pro Scottish Independence event, but many people were wearing Anonymous masks and a few people were handing them out. I didn’t know about the Million Mask March until I read about it here.

  • glenn_uk

    @peacewisher: “UK elections next year. I doubt if the Brits will be so resilient.

    – or indeed engaged in the process. Then again, we have three candidates, all of which are stooges for the Establishment, fully behind the US, totally on the side of the investor class, and highly unlikely to cause discomfort to the undeserving rich. Unlike Brazil, where at least they had an alternative.

    The only alternative here is UKIP, which has all the worst elements of the other parties but is unashamedly bigoted in any number of ways. That will – admittedly – appeal to a substantial minority.

  • Ben-9260th dojo katana

    “Then again, we have three candidates, all of which are stooges for the Establishment, fully behind the US, totally on the side of the investor class, and highly unlikely to cause discomfort to the undeserving rich. Unlike Brazil, where at least they had an alternative.”

    I think too many in Europe see the US as a cardboard cut-out. It’s too shallow and two-dinesional to explore the nuance. The US citizenry is no

  • Ben-9260th dojo katana

    What the hell happened to my 12:56?

    What are you mods doing? Nearly impossible to reconstruct and quite frankly not worth the effort.

  • glenn_uk

    @Ben: Always, always, copy your text before submitting, and place in a temporary scratchpad file. I’ve been thwarted recently by this site which insisted that I’d got the puzzle “1 – x = 0” wrong. Maths wasn’t my strongest subject at college, but I should be up to a challenge like that. Even reloading the page to get another captcha didn’t help, and my text eventually disappeared.

    If you get text disappeared on you, my advice is to grit your teeth, and re-write it without delay. It’s surprising how much is remembered without effort, and the end result is usually better than the original.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    shredding their own expenses was so completely bizarre..they might as well at yesterday’s Prime Ministers’q Question Time..well kind of shuffled upu the boys really close together and bot very erect and exciste and found their wa to the bum in front

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Guy Fawkes tells Us Nothing About Islamic Terror..cos so far as I am aware..The Only People who have succeeded at having a Serious Go at Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament,Were The German NAZI’s and as fast as they were destroyed Us English People Rebuilt Them To Look Exactly The Same

    We Now Have To Do Something About The Termites, Slugs, Rats, and MP’s within.

    I am not going to vote for any of them again…until we have a Clear Out and Start Again and anew.

    in a new or different and typically more positive way


  • Mary

    Fred You must have access to a different BBC website to the rest of us.

    Before I went off to bed at 11ish, I checked and there was nothing.

    News Sniffer gives the time of their first report as 23.50pm.

    The same has applied on other mass protests. They either downplay the numbers attending and/or ignore them completely especially those concerned with Gaza.

    They are after all the STATE BROADCASTER. 🙂

  • Mary

    The BBC report was updated at 4.20 viz

    November 2014 Last updated at 04:20
    Arrests made after London ‘Guy Fawkes’ protest
    Members of activist group Anonymous during a protest in Parliament Square Activists marched from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square wearing Guy Fawkes masks

    Scuffles at London Guy Fawkes demos
    Guy Fawkes protest on Bonfire Night Watch

    Nine people have been arrested as thousands of anti-capitalist activists marched through central London to protest against political oppression.

    Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks marched from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square as part of the Million Masks March, organised by activist group Anonymous.

    Three people were held on suspicion of assaulting police officers.

    Anonymous said the protest was against austerity and infringement of rights.

    ‘Refused to engage’

    Also among those arrested included three people on suspicion of public order crimes, one man in his 20s for attempted grievous bodily harm (GBH), another for an alleged firework offence, and one on suspicion of obstruction of the highway, the Metropolitan Police said.

    Ch Supt Pippa Mills said: “Police officers this evening worked under challenging conditions. Despite numerous attempts, the organisers refused to engage with us ahead of the evening’s events.

    “Our policing operation and work with our partners ensured that on the whole, the event passed off without major incident.”

    Broadcasting House The BBC’s New Broadcasting House was “locked down” while people protested outside
    Protesters chanting “one solution, revolution” also made their way to Buckingham Palace with some kicking over security railings.

    Several people threw missiles, including plastic cones and road signs at the police and several fireworks were let off by people at the base of Nelson’s column.

    Million Masks March activists also demonstrated outside Buckingham Palace Million Masks March activists also demonstrated outside Buckingham Palace
    Among the demonstrators comedian and actor Russell Brand was spotted outside the Houses of Parliament.

    Activists Million Mask March activists took to the streets of London wearing Guy Fawkes masks

    Steve Foster, 36, who travelled from Liverpool for the event, said: “The inquiry into institutional paedophilia is probably the main reason [why I am here].

    “I want to see a real inquiry and I want to see prosecutions and people jailed in the establishment, where we all know it is rife.”

    Activists at Buckingham Palace The protest in central London was one of 437 events taking place worldwide, according to Anonymous
    Among the crowd in Westminster was a 66-year-old woman, who gave her name as Maggie, from Plymouth.

    She said: “I have come along basically to say to the government, ‘enough is enough’. They are bringing in so many austerity cuts, the welfare reform hasn’t been thought out properly, yet Iain Duncan Smith seems to think it is working.

    “I hope that people strive for humanity, to be a bit kinder to one another, and not to believe all the lies.”

    The BBC’s New Broadcasting House was also “locked down” and riot police attended after protesters started demonstrating outside.

    The protest in London is part of a world-wide event, with demonstrations taking place in countries including Cambodia, Chile, Canada, America and Mexico.

    inc photos

  • Mary


    Just got home from the Million Mask March
    November 6, 2014, 1:18 am, in reply to “Killing Protest”

    There were a small minority of idiots who trashed bins and put them in the way of vehicles but the majority of people were disgusted with their behaviour and it was the police who were the real antagonists.

    I witnessed a peaceful activist on the receiving end of a punch from a police officer that knocked him to the ground. Towards the end, the police cleared out Parliament Sq and the surrounding area and during this process, I also saw another officer, deliberately conceal his police number, manhandle and assault several activists – without cause and even bragged that he’d happily meet anyone on the street who wanted to settle scores with him after hours.

    Myself I was threatened with a Section 60AA in order to get me to remove a (perfectly legal) mask that I’d worn to evade being snapped by the Forward Intelligence Team.

    Unfortunately I was unable to record this because my phone battery failed. I’m watching RT right now but I haven’t had a chance to the review the coverage elsewhere but I suspect none of this will be covered in the media.

  • Fool

    RT whilst keen to report on the Guido protest didn’t mention Putin’s 2014 laws prohibiting protest in Russia. That is one reason why it is annoying to have had to turn to RT for contemporaneous reports about what was going on. I can understand not wanting copy cats, but in 2011 the riots (which were obviously much much worse) were broadcast live. Before anyone says we have learnt from a revent mistake that mistake had been learnt in the 1980s?

  • Fool

    As above so below.

    Obey that which is above you
    Serve that which is below you

    Difficult to do, but obviates needs for force or protest.

  • Sofia


    “Obey that which is above you
    Serve that which is below you”

    I’m fascinated. Can you explain just who or what is above and below us, and why we should obey or not?


  • Mary

    In the light of these facts* about Colombia why were P Charles and spouse allowed to make a four day visit there recently? What is up with HMG/FCO? Are we protecting some commercial interests, doing the bidding of the US or what?

    ‘There are many fabrications and false assumptions underlying the Colombia peace negotiations between the Santos regime and FARC – EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – Peoples Army). The first and most egregious is that Colombia is a democracy. The second is that the Santos regime pursues policies which enhance non-violent social and political activity conducive to integrating the armed insurgency into the political system.

    There is sufficient evidence to call into question both assumptions. Over the past two decades and a half nearly three thousand trade union leaders and activists have been murdered; over 4.5 million peasants have been dispossessed and displaced by the military and paramilitary forces; and over nine thousand political prisoners are being held indefinitely for engaging in non-violent socio-political activity. In addition scores of human rights lawyers, activists and advocates have been assassinated.

    The vast majority of the victims are a result of regime directed military and police repression or paramilitary death squads allied with the military and leading pro-government politicians.’

    Peace Talks in Havana and Murder in Colombia
    The Santos Regime’s Dual Strategy
    by James Petras / November 5th, 2014

  • Ba'al Zevul

    Re Charles/Colombia: move along, nothing to see. Colombia is officially a nice place with a nice government doing nice things like hosting Clinton and Blair* to advise on getting it profitably globalised. As anyone reading my comments earlier this year would have realised. Reprise:


    First, of course, the terrorists have to be dealt with. Fortunately, they are just as corrupt as the government:


    *One of the last occasions, incidentally, on which Tony used the Aravco Bombardier G-CEYL. He’s definitely changed his routine since.

  • John Goss

    I think you will find what I do is ‘intertextuality.’

    ‘Intertextuality’ has been known to lead to homozygous recessive traits, I think I read somewhere, together with the mincing of words. Try to improve the gene pool with new creations of literary character. For example, instead of calling a creation Barnaby Rudge, simply call him Brudge, instead of calling a creation Gabriel Oak, just call him Gloak. I shall be watching! 🙂

  • DoNNyDarKo

    You would think our troops had had enough training in Iraq and Afghanistan already.What on earth can a limited training exercise do for these battle hardened troops that couldn’T stomach Afghanistan anymore?Í doubt ISIS/ISIL or IS will be any kinder than the Taliban.


    We were in such a hurry to get our Tornadoes into action in Iraq and have hardly heard a thing.I saw that we’d managed to bomb another Toyota 4WD pick up truck the other day.
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to bomb the Toyota dealership? Or even the factory in Japan ?
    Who makes all the balaclava’s and flags ? There’s probably a wee factory pumping them out in China.These throat slitting maniacs are shy ?? We should rename Jihad Johnny ,Bashful.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    I don’t trust Anonymous. There can be no doubt that spooks control the internet. What better vehicle, therefore, for manipulating dissent than a mass movement which takes its orders over the internet from a secret unnamed leadership. If Anonymous were really a threat to the Establishment, it would be simple to silence or control it. It isn’t silent, therefore it is controlled.

    Expect a law soon making the wearing of masks at protests illegal.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “Expect a law soon making the wearing of masks at protests illegal.”

    That is the law in several Continental countries.

    You presumably would be against. Why?

  • DoNNyDarKo

    Instead of asking questions Habbatry, let’s hear your opinion on mask wearing….YOUR opinion,not what you are contracted to spout.

  • John Goss

    “That is the law in several Continental countries.

    You presumably would be against. Why?”

    Noddy, for God’s sake. You hide behind a mask on Craig’s blog. You support hiding behind masks. Or is it just a chosen few that can hide behind masks and wear a blue cap with a bell on it?

  • Jemand

    Don’t expect Jack Straw or anyone else to be tried for the crimes they committed in the course of doing their jobs. No one is prepared to be instrumental in creating a precedent from which manifold criminal charges could be laid against senior political figures present and past. At least no one who wants to keep their job.

    But what can be done, is publicly accusing them in such manner that is extremely defamatory and considered legally actionable but for the terrible inconvenience of the accusations being true. Aggressively accuse and more aggressively dare them to sue.

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