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I was told by a member of the Metropolitan Police Operation Lydd team that they believe there are grounds to prosecute Jack Straw, but that the Crown Prosecution Service will bury it. That was over two years ago when I gave my own sworn evidence to the investigation.

That cover-up by the CPS is now underway – and it is extremely unsubtle. The mainstream media barely reported that the first file has been passed to the CPS on Operation Lydd. You would think that a massive police investigation into criminal activity by Jack Straw and Sir Mark Allen, among others, would merit more of a splash, but not in our corporate controlled media. The timing was auspicious because, in the parallel civil case, the Court of Appeal has rejected the Government’s defence of “National Security” to prevent the case from even being heard. This after Jack Straw and Sir Mark Allen arranged the kidnap and deportation to torture in Libya of Mr Belhadj, his pregnant wife and children – only one of hundreds of such crimes in which the British state was deeply involved.

Infamously, the British Embassy in Washington had been lobbying the US authorities relentlessly to prevent the publication of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on extraordinary rendition, specifically on the grounds that this would weaken Jack Straw’s defence. That defence rests on the grounds that details of kidnap and torture would annoy the United States and thus damage Britain’s security interests. As a blanket license for state involvement in torture, it only takes a second’s thought to realise how astonishingly dangerous that doctrine is. The High Court swallowed it. Thank God, the Court of Appeal did not.

So the Courts having ruled against Jack Straw, there are now two lines of defence between Straw and Sir Mark Allen, and a long spell in the pokey. The first is that the Government is appealing to the Supreme Court in London to have the case kicked out once again on “National Security” grounds. The second line of defence is the Crown Prosecution Service.

I can give you very substantial evidence that a cover-up is in progress within the CPS. Astonishingly the Lydd file has been passed within the CPS not to the serious crime division, but to the Counter-Terrorism Division. Yet terrorism is not the alleged crime here. The crimes are Gross Misconduct in Public Office, Conspiracy to Torture, Conspiracy to Kidnap and Abduct. We might relate them rhetorically to terrorism, but they are not that legally.

The incredible truth is that the file has been passed not to the Division which deals with the crimes allegedly committed by the perpetrators, Messrs Straw, Allen et al. It has rather been passed to the Divison which deals with the crime falsely alleged against the VICTIM of the case, Mr Belhadj. That simple fact tells you all you need to know about the attitude of the CPS to Operation Lydd.

In fact, the Counter-Terrorism Division of CPS works on a daily basis with public servants and security service functionaries who are themselves deeply implicated in the crimes being uncovered by Operation Lydd. A cover-up is certain.

The British Establishment really does stink.

Footnote: I phoned the CPS Press Office to give them a chance to respond. I got through to a spokesperson and left details and my number. They have not come back to me.

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  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “Instead of asking questions Habbatry, let’s hear your opinion on mask wearing….YOUR opinion,” (DonnyDarkThoughts)

    My opinion is that there can be no objection to making the wearing of masks on demonstrations – or indeed anywhere in public – illegal.

    And your opinion?


    “Noddy, for God’s sake. You hide behind a mask on Craig’s blog. You support hiding behind masks. Or is it just a chosen few that can hide behind masks and wear a blue cap with a bell on it?” (Mr Goss)

    Yes, as does virtually everyone else on here; you are one of the few exceptions.

    Why do only a minority of people on demonstration wear masks? Why, on some demonstrations (eg organised by the trade union movement) does no one wear a mask? Why does the majority of that minority on demonstrations which indulges in violent behaviour against property wear masks?

    Any answers, Big Ears* ?


    * or should that be Big Mouth?

  • Ba'al Zevul

    I think KOWN is much more readable than Goss. And less offensively didactic.

    Just sayin’.

  • Tony M

    Try everybody for what? Isn’t that rather indiscriminate, what about nuns, them too?

    I think the business making and selling these masks must be quite profitable and the entire enterprise sales, marketing etc. is probably being run by the police themselves, subcontracting churning the things to the third world regions of North Britain; they stand to gain also by the increased over-time policing these demonstrations, which must be useful in the run-up to christmas, with the demand for ever more costly new toys. The question is are their helmets, armour and such equipment, being safety related, zero-rated for VAT? Their uniforms too are just too uniform, where’s the freedom of choice, what scope for self-expression is there, many must surely have a creative side in them just bursting to get out, some little embellishments wouldn’t be out of order, a flower on a lapel here, something they knitted themselves there, an assortment of wacky badges, more varied colors, cheerful bold prints, seasonal autumnal shades, anything other than that hideous day-glo, where you don’t know if they’re coming to throw you down the stairs, empty the bins, or have the road or the drains up.

  • Sofia


    “Try everybody for what? Isn’t that rather indiscriminate, what about nuns, them too?”

    WTF? I was only correcting “Everonbody” from my previous post.

    I’m sure your reinterpretation will warm the heart of many a hibernian. The image of all those nuns in the dock is too good to put back in the box. Thanks. :-0

    How about I appoint you as official commentator to my upcomming “Riot-Gear Chic” exhibition at some arms show or other in Englandland? Sven has agreed to model for us. It will surely brighten the world just a little bit to bring a some cheer into the authoritarian heart.

    Some retro lines here,

    What do you think?

  • Mary

    Can he legally refuse to appear? He has obviously got something to hide. Mandelslime yesterday (in front of the same committee) knew nothing and could not remember any names or pack drill.

    5 November 2014

    Tony Blair ‘refuses’ to appear before OTRs inquiry
    The OTRs letters scheme began while Mr Blair was prime minister

    Former prime minister Tony Blair “in effect has refused” to appear at a parliamentary inquiry into so-called On The Runs (OTRS), MPs have been told.

    The Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee is holding an inquiry into government letters sent to more than 200 republican paramilitary suspects.

    The letters emerged in February, when the Hyde Park IRA bomb trial collapsed.

    The chairman of the inquiry, Laurence Robertson, told the Commons Mr Blair’s response was “totally unsatisfactory”.

    Mr Blair’s office said the former prime minister was in “ongoing correspondence with Mr Robertson about the committee’s request”.

  • Mary

    6 November 2014 Last updated at 16:58
    MI5, MI6 and GCHQ ‘spied on lawyers’Secret files

    We defend freedom – UK spy chiefs

    British intelligence agencies have policies allowing staff to access confidential communications between lawyers and their clients, official documents have revealed.


    What a country!

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Here – in counterpoise to the obnoxious utterings of certain Israeli rebbes (regularly quoted on here, with great glee) – are the fragrant offerings on YouTube of a Kuwaiti preacher called Tareq al-Suwaidan:

    “The most dangerous thing, the greatest enemies facing Muslims, are the Jews”


    his appeals that “every Muslim mother should breastfeed her children with hate for the sons of Zion so that a new generation will arise to efface them from the face of the earth”.


    His Schengen visa has been revoked.

  • John Goss

    “I think KOWN is much more readable than Goss. And less offensively didactic.

    Just sayin’.”

    Is there a competition going on you scaly-backed forked-tongue lizard? 🙂 Just sayin’.

    I don’t think I would argue with what you say Baal, on this occasion, but your support for the secret services and masons is an area where I do take issue, as you know. In fact I doubt there are many on here who have given KOWN more acknowledgement for his talents than myself.

    But I will try harder. Are there any prizes? 🙂

  • John Goss

    “Any answers, Big Ears* ?


    * or should that be Big Mouth?”

    Come on Noddy. You know we don’t approve of name-calling at Blyton. Especially name-calling of the masters.

  • Sofia

    Ah, clerics…..Bless them!

    Here’s another one in a “Family Magazine”

    A warning to squeemish Jews,

    “It will be interesting to see whether they leave the assembly of the Amalekites [Palestinians] in extermination camps to others, or whether they will declare that wiping out Amalek is no longer [historically] relevant.”
    Rabbi Dov Lior

    And another,
    “We have to make sure that no Palestinian individual remains under our occupation. If they (Palestinians) escape then it is good; but if anyone of them remains, then he should be exterminated”, the fanatic rabbi added in his article.”
    Rabbi Meir Kahan

  • John Spencer-Davis

    John Goss

    I suppose I could continue to pull it apart, but quite frankly with all that’s going on in the world it seems a bit trivial to carry on griping.

    People on the left have got enough problems without punching each other. I’m happy to drop it.

    Kind regards,


  • John Spencer-Davis


    re: riding the goat

    Lol thank you, most informative and entertaining. It seems to be some kind of United States tradition. Perhaps Mr Goss’s friend’s relative’s lodge imported it back into the UK.

    Kind regards,


  • John Goss

    Yes Sofia. And how similar these two Rabbis are to the Nazi hierarchy with their cleansing programme. There can be no serious challenge in calling what Israel has done to Palestinians a Holocaust. Hopefully Obama could stick to this postulation of withholding Security Council support for Israeli war crimes but I doubt it knowing his broken promise on Guantanamo and (well practically everything).


  • John Goss

    John Spencer-Davis, as I mentioned yesterday I have known some very good freemasons, and you seem a reasonable and polite man too, but it is not a cult for me, though I was approached. That’s when I decided to find out for myself. Neither would I join Opus Dei, any other secret society, and particularly not the secret services. However that does not mean I hold any animosity towards those individuals who do join providing they conduct themselves with decency. That is their prerogative. Even if I am wrong, and there is no favouritism and privilege shown between brothers, the secretive top-down structure of the brotherhood certainly leaves itself open to abuse.

    Having said that, I did some work for a good charity in between jobs, which had mason on the board, and his lodge made donations to the charity. I have known closely other masons who have the highest integrity who I would trust implicitly. So like you say. Let’s call a truce. There are more important issues.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Mr Goss

    “There can be no serious challenge in calling what Israel has done to Palestinians a Holocaust.”

    Of course there can – and there is. Don’t be a chump. For someone who claims to have taken a degree in literature you have a somewhat cavalier disregard for the proper use and meaning of words.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “Noddy, for God’s sake. You hide behind a mask on Craig’s blog. You support hiding behind masks. Or is it just a chosen few that can hide behind masks and wear a blue cap with a bell on it?” (Mr Goss)

    Yes, as does virtually everyone else on here; you are one of the few exceptions.

    Why do only a minority of people on demonstration wear masks? Why, on some demonstrations (eg organised by the trade union movement) does no one wear a mask? Why does the majority of that minority on demonstrations which indulges in violent behaviour against property wear masks?

    Answer the questions, John.

  • DoNNyDarKo

    You’re hiding in an old thread Habbaflage?
    The quote taken by this Kuwait preacher from the second Sura of the Quran is actually part of a larger context. It speaks of the sins of Jews (the sins of the Golden Calf).
    I can understand that he’s pretty riled that the Jews forsake their God and worshipped the golden calf.I can also understand that Jews get riled up that this preacher is pissed off with Jews.But the Golden Calf happened at the foot of Mount Sinai a couple of eons ago when everybody was Semitic.You cant really call a Bedouin an anti semite.He doesn’t hate the Jews perse, he just hates that they turned from God,which he regards as the one and the same.
    Can you not kiss and make up Habba? I feel we’re making progress.

  • Fool

    Sofia, there is always something above to be obeyed and something below to be served. If this rule applies it applies at all levels and on every scale. If followed it results in harmony. If for example you obey the person politically above you and serve those below you it will work provided those above also serve you, but if the person above abuses his power and forgets to serve you then and you cease to obey and the harmony falls apart. Once those above fail to serve and those below fail to obey those above resort to inferior methodologies such as force and fear, and in return you rebel and refuse to . If you obey through fear or force then you may find it very difficult to break the chain and serve those below, more likely you generate fear and exercise your own force. The divine right to rule is as not a silly as it sound, but rests on a simple concept. If all understand it and follow it then it will work, but just as with the social contract people cheat. You may expect obedience from those below you but in turn you must be prepared to serve them, ultimately they feed you and you sacrifice yourself for them. MPs and politicians tend to forget this and so is it surprising that people do not feel like obeying. Those in court obey the judge and the judge must serve them – if that breaks down the court service and the rule of law fails.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    John Goss

    Thank you. I appreciate your comments.

    What matters to me, is how I conduct myself. Not how other people do. It’s hard for human beings to live up to high professed ideals, which is a major reason why all institutions, from social services to the local charity to the highest echelons of the church, get corrupted, and then people try to hide it, and the more they try to hide it, the worse it gets, and the more the lies and dishonesty spread. It’s easy to condemn, isn’t it, when you’re not on the inside looking out. But an honest accounting is necessary for the sake of those who have suffered.

    Kind regards.


  • John Goss

    “For someone who claims to have taken a degree in literature . . .”

    Why would I lie Noddy? You can read it for free.


    I do warn you though that when (if) you finish ‘Big Ears goes to Toytown’ you will find this a challenge. Now open that dictionary which all the sons and other sons of Blyton are given upon entry and look up the word holocaust. There’s a good boy.

  • Fool

    Sofia, yes it does sound rather wooly, let me try:

    Within the family the children obey the parents and the parents serve the children.

    Within the body the body should obey the head and the head should serve the body.

    The essence is not to know how or what is above or below, but to grasp the principle. Once understood it is obvious (though easy to forget).

    With peers it should always be possible to understand the hierarchy. Some cultures have very overt ways of determining it very quickly in every relationship eg Japan, whereas others Britain rely on more implied and less openly admitted signs. The British system of sussing out your position vis a vis is another is more flexible than that in say Japan. The relationship and the hierarchy change and the more the principle is alive organic and within rather than an external system the more fluid it is so people can shift their positions and others can accept and read that.

    The whole thing changes when the one above abuses his position, whether its the head that abuses the body, the parent who does not put his children first, the farmer who abuses his livestock so that they are mere chattels or factory units, the politician on the take or who devises strategies of fear,the policeman who uses violence, the teacher who uses force.

    The rule is not a rule that can be legislated for (eg fa in Chinese law) but a principle (li in Chinese law), but which has to be understood and lived.

  • John Goss

    John Spencer-Davis

    If what matters to you is how you conduct yourself in the world where it is virtually impossible to know whether your actions, however well-intended, are right or wrong, it is a concern of mine too. I am no angel. I am certainly not Asrael. I recommend for everyone this site to try and change the mad philosophy of perpetual war.


    Good wishes,


  • Fool

    Sofia, well yes I agree with that cartoon. In the family there are siblings who are peers but there is a hierarchy, in the court room in between Judge and the Defendant there are peers but there is a hierarchy, in the classroom the pupils are amongst their peers but there is a hierarchy, in the body in between the brain, guts and balls there are organs in some sort of hierarchy (not sure what it is though). In our dysfunctional society it can be tricky but in a way that is better. Its too easy to be given easy external clues. At the end of the day as in your cartoon we have to try and remember not to crap on those below us. Its difficult to crap on those above, but we can complain when they crap on us.

  • Fool

    After all people often assess the hierarchy by somehow assessing the extent to which they can crap on another without that person crapping on them. What then if they chose not to exploit that advantage?

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