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Paul, look, you may as well stop posting this tirade of details amounting to a campaign against vaccines, because I can’t be bothered to read them. I have read so much of this stuff you have posted, over the course of years, on dozens of diverse subjects, and you are wrong far more often than you are right, and you nearly always exaggerate, and/or extrapolate unreasonably. Reading your stuff wastes my time far more often than not.

And you should read my comments more thoroughly including the ones to other participants, in this case SA; my position is nothing like what you assume it to be. Look at what I wrote to SA earlier:

“Conspiracy theory is valid theory, indeed essential in a world rife with competition, collusion and deception. Without it we would all be dupes…”

Had you even noticed that I’d read that? Or had you merely scanned some of my writing, concluded that you hadn’t converted me yet, and so bulldozed on in to post yet another cherry-picked and probably exaggerated and over-interpreted example, pursuing a More of Doctrine all of your own?

“Perm Sec: He will be guilty. Whether he is guilty is irrelevant, he will be found guilty. This is where we use “more of”.
– Minister: “More of”?
– Perm Sec: Yes, “More of”. It’s not an official legal term, but all the lawyers know it as the oldest trick in the prosecutor’s book.
– Minister: What do you mean, Permanent Secretary?
– Perm Sec: Well look, we have the canoodling episode, the kiss in the office and a couple of suggestive remarks about sexy clothes.
– Minister: The sexy remarks are hardly illegal, are they?
– Perm Sec: Good God, Minister, what century are you in? (Canned Laughter). Sexual harassment, Minister. Kiss someone at the office party and tell someone else their figure looks good in that blouse, and you have established a pattern of behaviour. “More of” you see, Minister. The “more of” this stuff you throw, the better chance some of it will stick.”

The crap they threw at Salmond, you throw exactly the same type of crap at vaccines, doctors and scientists. But what’s sauce for the goose…

You simply pay no attention to your debating partners. It seems to me disrespectful, as if you think you couldn’t possibly learn anything from such dupes of the MSM. It is infuriating.