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Paul Barbara

@ Dr. Edd June 12, 2020 at 13:46

‘…Hmmm. The three vials supplied by the bishops tested positive for hCG, but all the others tested negative – including samples from the same batch that the bishops had originally tested. Suspicious or what? The samples supplied by the KCCB were not in hermetically sealed packs from the manufacturer: they had been opened and were therefore subject to contamination – or deliberate tampering…’

One way of looking at it. The three opened vials that the Bishops supplied were found to be positive. Given the Bishops had struggled to get the first ones for testing,they also would have had difficulty getting the three they submitted. I would like to know how they got them. But the fact they tested positive for hCGt adds to my belief the Bishops and Catholic Doctors were right – the originals were laced with hCG. The alternative, that the Bishops themselves laced them, is to me beyond belief. Cui bono? Gates himself is on record stating vaccines could cut populations down by 10/15%. Even the Devil tells the truth on occasion.
The Bishops and doctors had a big ZERO to gain from lacing the vaccines, and certainly aren’t ‘anti-vaxxers’. I trust the Kenyan Bishops (although I certainly do not trust all Catholic Bishops), and I do not trust the WHO, UNICEF or the Kenyan Government or their MSM denials.
I still intend to get the information from the Bishops and the lab reports.
I am totally convinced that the PTB want to depopulate the African continent; they lust after Africa’s huge resources, but without it’s people.
I posted this before, but I’ll just add it on here to show there is some truth in this depopulation idea:

A STERILITY DRUG IN FOOD IS HINTED; Biologist Stresses Need to Curb Population Growth‘.

The article can only be accessed through the NY Times Time Machine, which requires a subscription, but the essence of the article is that Nixon’s Scientific Advisor, Lee DuBridge, advised Nixon that food shipped to Africa should be laced with sterility chemicals.
I know my reply is not much against your work, but I want to hear the Bishop’s and Catholic doctor’s side of this, before conceding any ground. And not second-hand.