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Bill Thomson

Thank you Mod for taking the time to respond to the observations made in my message to John.
I did wonder if sock puppetry would be raised but the two identities seemed to be tolerated so I continued to use Barry Guillain as appropriate.
My understanding of the definition of sock puppetry is that it includes the intention to deceive. As you point out I used the same email address. This was done quite deliberately so it would be obvious to the mods. There was no attempt to deceive.
I have now noted the very specific rule that using different identities within the same thread will not be allowed. This however does not support your insistence on the general use of a single identity.
Unless you wish to retract your claim that a mod drew my attention to this rule I would be happy for you to specify how and when they did so for I am entirely unaware of any such communiciion.
(but we would have spotted it anyway)Frankly I laugh at your confidence but see no need to disillusion you nor do I intend to take up the challenge.
But it seems you’d rather cast false allegations I am unaware of any allegation, false or otherwise, please retract or specify.
and announce a decision to leave. I communicated my inclination I made no reference to any decision.
First, though, would you care to explain why you adopted multiple identities? Certainly.
Barry Guillain was first used over a comment to give those with more than a single synapse a clue to Guillain-Barré syndrome in the hope they might seek to advance their awareness.
As I have said, it appeared to be tolerated and I found it useful to separate my trains of thought between the two identities. One for medical/COVID stuff and one for general issues.
Latterly I could see the advantage of being able to divert the opprobrium of the “you’re a fascist” shoot from the hip mob away from my principal identity but that aspect was never full explored.