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      Yesterday I promised to try to avoid questioning moderation for removing my posts. Well despite my best efforts I’ve been moderated again and I can’t for the life of me see why. I respectfully request an explanation to prevent recurrences. Why has my comment (pasted below) been moderated in first the “Civil Liberty Vanishes” thread, then the “backing-the-wrong-horseman” thread.

      In “Civil Liberty Vanishes” thread, the given reason was “This appears to be nothing but the trashing of the character of a single individual, one who is not the subject of this thread.” The topic is civil liberties in reference to the lockdown, and Craig mentions lockdown in his first sentence. My comment highlights the track record of Neil Ferguson whose report was the trigger for lockdown. At that point 106 of the 114 comments on the page were about COVID-19, many of them on issues other than lockdown. I cannot see why my comment has been singled out as off-topic. Nonetheless, I then posted it to the 4 horsemen thread which is specifically about coronavirus, but again it has been removed by mods, this time without explanation.

      Here’s is the comment in question :

      “We repeatedly hear on this blog that the lockdown is based on science, and that the opinions of those who challenge it, including world-renowned experts in epidemiology, infectious diseases, virology, etc., can be discounted because they have not been published in scientific journals or peer-reviewed. I’ve only recently learned that the paper by Neil Ferguson on which lockdown was based was never published or peer reviewed, and is in fact just an internal departmental report from Imperial College. His computer model was based on undocumented, 13-year-old computer code, that was intended to be used for a feared influenza pandemic and “some of the major assumptions and estimates that are built in the calculations seem to be substantially inflated,” according to John Ioannidis, professor in disease prevention at Stanford University.

      Ferguson has a track record for dreadful predictions based on his computer models. In the 2001 foot and mouth epidemic millions of cows and other livestock were killed based on his models which were later condemned by experts as “not fit for purpose” and seriously flawed.” In the aftermath, mega-farming conglomerates bought up bankrupt farms on the cheap, cost to the UK economy £10 billion. During the 2009 Swine Flu Ferguson predicted it would kill 65,000 people in the UK, but in fact 457 people died. Fortunes were made by the vaccine industry. He predicted 200 million would die of bird flu but only 282 did. More fortunes for vaccine makers. though.

      Given Ferguson’s track record for making spectacularly inaccurate predictions which make fortunes for big business, and given that the paper which justified lockdown on the basis of 500,000 deaths was never scientifically published or peer reviewed, and given that big companies are now making fortunes from lockdown, and given that Ferguson’s latest prediction has again turned out to be spectacularly inaccurate, is anybody here beginning to have reservations about their support for lockdown?”

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      John Goss

        You are not alone Node. I am having an ongoing dispute because of what I perceive to be a deliberate removal of a comment which does not fit a certain agenda, that is the one the majority believe due to wall-to-wall brainwashing from MSM. I will not reveal the comment and the argument until the dispute is settled.

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          Node has been temporarily banned for sock puppetry.

          John, you may find some comments of mine in the Spam folder at your blog. There seems to be something wrong with my WordPress account that causes most of my comments to instantly disappear upon posting, at most blogs hosted by WordPress. I assume they’re disappearing into Spam.

          John, I consider there to be a world war in progress. I doubt I could explain the severity of the situation to you, because I expect you’d react against and reject nearly everything I’d have to tell you. Our world is changing, thank the godess. The comet is coming. Do you like spiritual jazz, like John Coltrane?

          Blood of the Past

          All the many corpses begin to speak
          What ignorance is cannot be argued over anymore
          It is too late for pleading white picket dreams
          Pull you off the fence, the world is shrinking
          Rooted in a trivial concern, in interconnectedness
          In the need to make face and keep up
          And drown out the many voices within…

          Denial, business as usual
          So roll your eyes, shake your head, turn away and call me names
          I’m okay with that, too proud
          Unable to listen, we keep speaking
          Moted by blood, unable to notice ourselves
          Unable to stop and unwilling to learn

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          John Goss

            I am saddened to see the persecution of Node. Node supported my Big Rides for Palestine (which will not be taking place this year due to lockdown).

            I am surprised Node resorted to sock-puppetry. With the ban of course the action he/she took cannot be defended but perhaps it was done out of frustration.

            I found seven comments of yours in my Spam folder, four of them clones of comments that got through. You should have a word with WordPress to see what’s going on.

            Sorry, I’m not familiar with John Coltrane’s work.

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              I tried to post on the WordPress help forum, but… well, the WordPress help forum is a WordPress site, so of course the spam filter ate it! It was very frustrating. I tried to post a comment on Ben Goldacre’s blog on the day that Robert Persig died, but Goldacre’s Bad Science blog is hosted on WordPress, but it went to spam. So I tried to get help at WordPress, and that went to spam too. I think I e-mailed WordPress as well, but never got a reply. I was feeling down so I just gave up.

              I’m sure Node was frustrated. You get frustrated too. If I had the money I’d redo Cole’s experiments and prove my point to you, but I doubt it’d change your mind, or Node’s.

              “Time for bed” said Zebedee.

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                Fear of Music – Mind – Talking heads

                Time won’t change you
                Money won’t change you
                I haven’t got the faintest idea
                Everything seems to be up in the air at this time

                I need something you change your mind

                Drugs won’t change you
                Religion won’t change you

                Science won’t change you
                Looks like I can’t change you
                I try to talk to you, to make things clear
                But you’re not even listening to me…
                And it comes directly from my heart to you…

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                John Goss

                  If you redo Cole’s experiments can you make the models progressively stronger towards the bottom as they were in reality please?

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                    We could do that, and any number of experiments if you can think of a way of funding it. I have no incentive to; the maths is convincing enough for me. If I had spare funds I’d probably set up a community educational reclamation, repair and construction workshop, to empower people about the technology they’re embedded in.

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                    Bill Thomson

                      John @ May 12, 2020 at 12:40 did you ever resolve your issue?
                      I note that is OK for a leftist to berate other posters as nazi or racist but non personal comments opposing a leftist view of the world sometimes don’t get through. And that’s with me biting my tongue more often than I post. It does come across as “not fit[ting] a certain agenda.”
                      One wonders if there is a problem with Akismet and their notion of spam.
                      My inclination is to simply abandon this site. It is Craig’s site and he is entitled to publish what he wishes but it presents as being open to discourse. If it is being mod-ed to fit an agenda then it is as bad as the Daily Mail.

                      [ Mod: On the contrary, ‘Bill Thomson’ – you posted in the same threads using different identities: ‘Bill Thomson’ and ‘Barry Guillain’ with the same email address (but we would have spotted it anyway). The moderators suspended those comments and drew your attention to the corresponding blog rule:

                      [ Mod: You use the screen name ‘Barry Guillain’ (or ‘Bill Thomson’, as appropriate), and you posted with both identities on both the Barnard Castle and Ozymandias threads. Kindly note the following guidance in the moderation rules for commenters:

                      … the adoption of multiple identities within the same thread is not to be allowed.

                      The detection of sockpuppetry renders comments under all related identities eligible for deletion. Kindly retain a single screen name. ]

                      But it seems you’d rather cast false allegations and announce a decision to leave. First, though, would you care to explain why you adopted multiple identities? ]

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                      Bill Thomson

                        Thank you Mod for taking the time to respond to the observations made in my message to John.
                        I did wonder if sock puppetry would be raised but the two identities seemed to be tolerated so I continued to use Barry Guillain as appropriate.
                        My understanding of the definition of sock puppetry is that it includes the intention to deceive. As you point out I used the same email address. This was done quite deliberately so it would be obvious to the mods. There was no attempt to deceive.
                        I have now noted the very specific rule that using different identities within the same thread will not be allowed. This however does not support your insistence on the general use of a single identity.
                        Unless you wish to retract your claim that a mod drew my attention to this rule I would be happy for you to specify how and when they did so for I am entirely unaware of any such communiciion.
                        (but we would have spotted it anyway)Frankly I laugh at your confidence but see no need to disillusion you nor do I intend to take up the challenge.
                        But it seems you’d rather cast false allegations I am unaware of any allegation, false or otherwise, please retract or specify.
                        and announce a decision to leave. I communicated my inclination I made no reference to any decision.
                        First, though, would you care to explain why you adopted multiple identities? Certainly.
                        Barry Guillain was first used over a comment to give those with more than a single synapse a clue to Guillain-Barré syndrome in the hope they might seek to advance their awareness.
                        As I have said, it appeared to be tolerated and I found it useful to separate my trains of thought between the two identities. One for medical/COVID stuff and one for general issues.
                        Latterly I could see the advantage of being able to divert the opprobrium of the “you’re a fascist” shoot from the hip mob away from my principal identity but that aspect was never full explored.

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