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    Conspiracy theories exist because the filth conspire. Sadly, the majority of people accept what the filth tell them, so they can feel cosy.

    One must be selective about what is logical but to deny conspiracies exist, is the height of idiocy.

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    Why do we allow the most stupid scum on the planet to dictate our future? They deny the infinite leaps of understanding humans are naturally capable of and try to force us to be as stupid as they are.

    Yuval Noah Harari is a main mouthpiece for their evil, they have been training us to accept their evil/stupidity for centuries, at least. Thing is, they currently have control of the world’s resources because we allowed it. There will be much death but far less if we refuse to acquiesce. I’m old enough to not fear death but I’m terrified for younger people.

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    Death is far from the worst thing that can happen to us.

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    How about sticking around and actually debating some of these points, Demeter, instead of patronising us with some really low-level drivel and then running away? You have form on this. There are plenty of unanswered replies – in fact, I don’t think you have answered even a single one of the points made in reply to points +you+ had raised.

    Do you know how to debate? Do you realise that mere assertions are not credible arguments in themselves? Are you aware that condescension does not an authority make?

    Sorry, but you rather tick me off. You wasted – utterly wasted – the time of myself, Clark and a couple of others the last time we treated you with a seriousness you simply do not deserve given your form to date.

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    Ask yourself if we want to be a conscious human being any more, that’s what’s at stake.

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    [MOD: Kindly desist from merely insulting your debatees.

    If you will not debate, which is the purpose of these forums, you will have to leave them altogether. ]

    You want to impose ur filth Glenn, i despise your ilk. Do i want to play roundabouts with you? Heh! Just want to give people pointers, you carry on being what you are.

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    Sorry for posting that accidentally, going to play chess, which my daughter and i are exceptional, natural players at. Will check to see if you’ve posted but can’t be bothered waiting for ur verbal delights.

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    Of course you are exceptional, Demeter. After all, you assert it.

    Good grief, you are tiresome.

    Dawg posted some very good points to you – here: – September 11, 2022 at 11:08

    How about actually showing us how brilliant you are by demonstration, with a few straight answers, instead of this rather infantile, Trump-like bragging? With Trump-like poor English to boot?

    I’m starting to suspect you are either simply trolling, or merely rather simple. Either way, I feel quite sorry for you.

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    “Error: your reply cannot be created at this time.”

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    Hey, I call for peace here!

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    Aunty D is OK, let’s all be nice, eh? I’m too busy to join the actual debate at present.

    Aunty D, I don’t like dismissing people as filth, nor as stupid. People vary, all organisms vary, diversity is nature’s lesson. Yes, the powerful sometimes conspire, but they stab each other in the back far more often, ‘cos that’s what type of people they are, they wouldn’t have got to be powerful otherwise. There are systemic reasons that everything is as bad as it is:

    “If only it were so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere, doing evil deeds and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.

    But the line between good and evil passes through every person’s heart, and who is willing to destroy a piece of their own heart?”


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    Glenn_nl, I find conspiricism hugely frustrating and tiresome, but I try to keep reminding myself that it’s a reaction to entirely justified suspicion. I don’t think it’s a helpful reaction, but then many reactions aren’t, eg. in small, socially connected groups, anger is an effective adaptive reaction to mistreatment, but in big, complex, impersonal societies it usually makes matters worse.

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    They are explanations of the world related to magical thinking.

    The concept also serves to discredit uncomfortable truths, which generates a lot of both legitimate and illegitimate bullshit.

    Finally, they are a catch-all for information, even if it is true, that does not fit into your mind-set or that you are not able to digest. In other words, a way of dealing with personal limitations in order to understand something complex without too much loss of self-esteem.

    It is a potential source of violent radicalisation of individuals and groups.

    And it is a ready label for what is labelled to be censored without question.

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    Hey guys, this is my last post here, and I’m writing it in the hope that it might be of some use to improve these forums; forums that I abandon because I consider them destructive and toxic, at least for me.

    In another thread, references to a website were “unfortunately” censored,[*] as it was “a shame for Germann that he hadn’t stuck to his field.” This appreciation implies that only psychologists can talk about psychology, that only doctors can talk about medicine… and affirming that explicitly or implicitly is a fallacy.

    Clark has asked a question: what is a conspiracy theory?

    Since conspiracy theories are born in people’s minds, they are transmitted to other minds, whatever is perceived by other minds, and even the meaning of “conspiracy theory” supposes the interpretation of a mind, as a psychologist I can give my opinion without being censored —I hope.

    In my opinion, the answer is twofold (not quadruple as I poorly expressed in my previous message).

    On the one hand we all know what it is. When we think of a conspiracy theorist, I think we all share to a greater or lesser degree the meaning of that expression. Be that as it may, I am not interested in the linguistic aspects although they partially fall within my field.

    Wikipedia masterfully explains the psychological aspect of the issue (with very interesting references to scientific literature on the subject). I can hardly [overcome] surpass, in a forum writing in a foreign language and in a hurry, the meticulousness and rigor of those who have carefully edited the article on Wikipedia, so I refer you to it.

    The second aspect of the term refers us to sociopolitical origins and purposes. In this sense, as I have said in another thread,

    the unproven and often simplistic hypotheses of reality defended by “conspiracy theorists” are a burden for individuals who try to do our best by seriously and rigorously investigating the entrails of the beast


    the “conspiracy theorists” are extremely useful for the System, because in addition to moving a lot of money, they hinder our investigative work and keep us entertained by attacking and defending each other [of the accusations of being a CT]

    And most of the energy that we waste defending ourselves against such accusations (or accusing others) will be time that we will not be using to make this not just a better place, but a minimally habitable place. Certainly we don’t have time to spare, rather we lack…

    So the socio-political implication of conspiracism is that reality gets muddied, and the more crazy theories there are about an event, the more difficult it is for honest researchers to find any certainty amid the sea of junk information… The investigator runs the additional risk of being trapped by non-existent plots.

    AND IF sincere investigators end up finding something real —even a real plot—, the public will mostly tend not to believe him or even check his arguments or his sources, because “he’s a conspiracy theorist”.

    And this is how the truth sinks. And the circles of power, metaphorically —and sometimes visibly—, laugh.

    And then it happens like in this forum, where some conspiracists converge with people obsessed with conspiratorial interpretations of reality -in others, via projection (in its psychological sense).

    And suddenly one fine day I arrived asking about Wikispooks and I ended up talking to Clark. So with the best of my intentions —albeit ill-advised in form and place— I put legitimate questions on the table, and automatically you all think things that don’t exist about me or about what I think or about what I never named.

    And this is how a hard core of users of these forums, trying to be rational, fall prey to conspiratorial thinking, not believing in it, but looking for everything even where it is not. And so, a part of reality remains invisible to some users. Paradoxically, trying just the opposite of what they get without realizing it.

    But it does not matter that I am writing this, because you will have a reply to my message. And I would have another reply. And so on as time passes, and yes, the obvious sociological fact of power, the elites and/or the Transnational Capitalist Class do and undo as they please. And that is not a conspiracy.

    So both the conspiracy theorists and the theorists of conspiracy theorists who seek to refute them are doing the people and the truth a disservice, and they are doing the few a great favor.

    If you want to know serious studies on conspiracy theories, my colleague Chris has a website dedicated to it. If you are able to remove your blinders, perhaps you will realize your mistake and learn something.

    If your mental labyrinth dressed in rationality or your egos do not allow you to advance, I am very sorry, I cannot do more here (if in other places as in fact I do and will do).

    And as I said, the victim is not me, but the truth and ourselves. Even if I am wrong in everything I say, I would not be wrong in stating that the truth continues to sink before our cloudy and tired eyes.

    So take or leave this message. My commitment has always been and will be with the truth, not with my ego. I’m just trying to help. But I have come to the conclusion that I have nothing more to say or contribute here, among other reasons because of the suffocating and hostile environment, and as I said, because of your obsession with conspiracies and conspiracy theorists.

    This forum demoralizes me and consequently demobilizes me. And that’s a dubious luxury I can’t afford because I have a job to do.

    Today I have reviewed these forums going back over 6 years. I see I’m not the only one leaving. I say this with sincere sadness, I beg you to believe me.

    If there are no changes in these forums, only the hard core will remain. And if that core is not freed from certain mental traps, you will end up accusing each other of conspiracy theorists or, to kill boredom, copying and pasting crazy conspiracy theorists and making fun of them (in many cases it is not for less). But you do not expect to be of any help to this dying world like this. And if that happens, I humbly suggest that these discussion forums be clearly disassociated from the Craig Murray website.

    Below is Germann’s website on conspiracy theories and other useful resources in my opinion:

    -> Conspiracy-Theories.EU

    -> COMPACT [Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories]

    -> The power of unreason, a visionary document (2010) on the dangers of violent radicalization derived from conspiracy theories, a parallel danger to the repression that there will be against what is considered by the power a “conspiracy theory” (a “wildcard” expression, changing, like “terrorism”) especially when we begin to see social unrest in the streets.

    Let’s not be pawns of power.

    Take good care of yourselves, guys.


    César (aka Oscar)

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    Thank you for your contribution, Oscar. It seems like an honest expression of your impression of these forums, and it will contribute to the ongoing review of moderation policy on constructive dialogue.

    * To respond to your claim about censorship:

    – In another thread, references to a website were “unfortunately” censored, as it was “a shame for Germann that he hadn’t stuck to his field.”

    Nothing about Germann was censored here. There was a call to moderators to remove links to anti-vaxx sites, which the follow-up indicated should include Germann’s site, but that request was not endorsed or carried out by moderators. The comments and links you posted remain as they were when you posted them.

    Best wishes for your pursuit of truth,

    P.S.: Germann’s ideas and reasoning may of course be discussed here, but all respondents are respectfully advised that any further discussion should not refer to, nor reflect upon, Oscar’s reasons for posting those links. More generally, if all contributors could please avoid personalising criticisms, it will reduce the likelihood of others taking personal offence and ease the burden on moderation. Thanks.

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    Oscar, I tried to post an emotionally supportive message for you, but a site security measure called Wordfence blocked it and it was lost. Sorry, I’m feeling too unhappy to try again. It also happened with a similar post to Natasha a couple of weeks ago.

    Best wishes to you.

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    How the commercial system encourages conspiracy theory:

    Conspiracy theorists often claim that “crisis actors” are used. Well, the fossil fuel industry has been buying exactly such services:

    The Troll Army of Big Oil – YouTube (~16 minutes into a ~22 minute video):

    “Or how about that time New Orleans utility Entergy hired a PR firm to pay literal actors to attend a public hearing, and voice their support for a new gas fired power plant? Crisis actor, much?”

    Crowds On Demand, Wikipedia:

    “In May 2018, the outfit made New Orleans news as word got out that energy firm Entergy had used “astroturfing” tactics – paid actors – to speak at a March city council hearing in support of a proposed controversial natural gas power plant, and in opposition to solar and wind power.[13] [14]”

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