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“Now I know that there are oodles of papers out there saying that, but their are Big Pharma and their $billions who fund most of the studies one way or another.”

So you approve of scientific evidence when it confirms your existing faith, but straight back to conspiracy theory when scientific evidence goes against it.


“The fact that you are studiously ignoring that obvious point indicates it has greatly surprised you, and you have no adequate response, apart from ‘showering me with papers that conclude MMR can’t cause ADS or Autism’”

I am surprised neither one way nor the other, because I realise I’m no specialist in either brain inflammation or autism. But neither are YOU, Paul. In fact you have not demonstrated any ability to reason scientifically at all. Instead you work a ratchet – cherry-picked science that advances your goal, and conspiracy theory “big pharma fund lots of stuff” when the science points the other way. With dogged application of this technique anyone and “prove” anything. It’s exactly what Professor Patrick Holford was exposed as doing in Bad Science.

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