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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA: I think that the demonization of Russia has been significantly overblown by this Tory Government. Along with similar demonization plots that are massively manipulated to serve one purpose: promoting fear among our population with the Skripal case being a prime example. However, I am fairy certain that the Russia Report will provide confirmatory evidence that Russian oligarchs have provided massive amounts of funding to the Tory Party, which always begs the question what do they expect in return? A fair portion of these wealthy oligarchs probably believe there’s more money to be made by aligning with the US than the EU and would therefore have been pro Brexit. This could be a major concern for the Tories, that the report might undermine public belief that the Brexit vote was legit; the Daily Express today hints at this fear. The Daily GasLamp have delved into cyber influences a good deal and feel the greatest danger from ‘sock puppets and bots’ is not from Russia, but either our own UK Intelligence Services or that of the US and Israel as both have huge capability for such PsyOps. The rabid far-right agenda of Steve Bannon funded by Robert Mercer poses a far greater threat to British democracy, but there was a dangerously destructive cluster of toxic anarchists surrounding Cummings during his three years living in Moscow.

Is Cummings finally coming unstuck? He just suffered a major failure when his compliant pick for the Intelligence and Security Committee, Chris ‘failing Grayling’ was piped to the post by the far more appropriately qualified, Julian Lewis. He was so furious over this that most believe it was on his direction that Lewis had the Tory Whip removed; it was the typical angry, vengeful act of this ultimate control freak who, just this once, lost control. This must be a very worrying time for him now as the revelations of the Russia Report could spill out into the media within days, potentially exposing his own unsavoury Russian connections and the dodgy oligarch money used to help the Tories fund the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. Sensing imminent danger he cranked up the anti-Labour propaganda mill to try and deflect any potential scrutiny or bad press. He could be in the firing line over Vote Leave and forced to submit to questioning despite thinking he’s above the law. He will need a suitably large feline to block this mess out!

The Canary picked over Cummings’s finances like vultures devouring an exposed carcass. Dodgy deals and his undue influence are exposed in the Canary Article, “Dominic Cummings’ luck may be about to run out as concerns of impropriety pile up.” They reveal that, “Downing Street special adviser Dominic Cummings is facing fresh questions about possible impropriety. This regards a payment of more than a quarter of a million pounds he made to a company central to the pro-Brexit campaign. That company, Faculty, is now the recipient of government contracts worth millions. Add these concerns to the other allegations raised against Cummings and we find a picture of someone whose very public role should without question be subject to official investigation.” Whether Cummings can manage to hold out without being forced to testify to a Parliamentary committee will depend on public pressure in response to any revelations from the Russia Report, but that will be either negated or ramped up to fever pitch by the biased BBC and our equally biased mainstream media.

The Canary assert that, “As Vote Leave director, Cummings played a pivotal role in the Brexit campaign. Indeed, he’s credited as having thought up the ‘£350 million a week for the NHS’ bus stunt. Faculty was previously called Advanced Skills Initiative (ASI) and under that name produced advertising for Vote Leave. Much of Vote Leave’s advertising was subsequently criticised as dishonest.” Honest messaging is an area of politics that urgently demands far stricter control. They say, “Vote Leave was found to have breached spending limits in its campaign and subsequently fined £61,000 by the Electoral Commission. The latest revelation claims that Cummings paid just over a quarter of a million pounds during 2018 and 2019 to Faculty. The money that Cummings paid to Faculty came from a company, Dynamic Maps, set up in October 2017 by Cummings and listed as a computer consultancy. Ben Warner, brother of Faculty co-founder and CEO Marc Warner, is now a data and technology adviser to 10 Downing Street.”

There was a major furore when it was revealed that according to the Canary, “Cummings, Ben, and Marc Warner attended Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) meetings, which, it’s claimed, early on in the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic considered ‘herd immunity‘ as a workable strategy. The government was forced to abandon that strategy as pressure grew over the likely outcome of tens of thousands of deaths. But by that point, valuable lockdown time had been lost.” The Canary also reveal that, “Cummings chaired a meeting on the coronavirus with representatives of big tech companies. Also present were UK chief scientific adviser Patrick Valance (who backed the herd immunity strategy) and NHS chief executive Simon Stevens. The companies included ‘Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Palantir, alongside smaller British companies, such as food delivery service Deliveroo and Babylon Health’.” Cummings is revelling in that Covid gravy train latched onto by the Tories.

The Canary point out that, “The unaudited financial statement for Dynamic Maps for the period ending 31 October 2018 confirms that as it is a small business the company is not required to have its accounts audited. But as Cummings is a public figure it would be right that he explain what the £260,000 paid to Faculty was for and where that money came from. However, a clue to this might be found in an October 2019 article by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. It reported that Babylon Health employed Cummings as a consultant and that he was paid for his services via Dynamic Maps. Babylon was awarded a contract with at least one Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to provide its GP at Hand app. The app was endorsed by health and social care secretary Matt Hancock. According to the Canary, “responding to queries by the Guardian, lawyers acting for Faculty have declined to explain why the firm received the payments from Dynamic Maps. Altogether Faculty has been awarded 13 contracts, worth £3m, by the UK government.”

Last year the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported that, “In August this year, shortly after Boris Johnson entered No 10 with Cummings as his top adviser, Downing Street and the Department of Health announced a new £250m fund for boosting the use of artificial intelligence for diagnoses and data analysis in the NHS. Although the money has yet to be allocated, Babylon welcomed the announcement. There are no rules requiring special advisers to disclose previous private sector roles, but MPs said Cummings’ undisclosed advisory role raised serious questions about potential conflicts of interest.” They quoted the Labour Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth’s, concern at the time, “The links between Dominic Cummings in the heart of Downing Street, the health secretary and this AI health firm are increasingly murky and highly irresponsible.” He said, “Mr Cummings’ work for this company raises serious questions about a potential conflict of interest given the firm could be in line to receive public money from this new £250m AI fund.”

The Canary say, “It’s reported that Public First, a small research company linked to Cummings and government minister Michael Gove, has been awarded without competitive tendering a government contract worth £840,000 on Covid related projects. There’s also the development of a new ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency), worth at least £800 million. Reportedly, Cummings’ WhatsApp profile includes the statement, ‘Get Brexit done, then ARPA’. Cummings is a survivor and his fate appears very much linked to that of Johnson (and vice versa). But for both, by closely aligning themselves to the coronavirus strategy and the deaths that arise from that strategy, as well as to Brexit and its eventual outcome their futures will be determined by those consequences.” The Russia Report threatens to reveal additional worrying connections to infamous anarchists that might still render Cummings a major security risk despite his top level clearance, while other dubious financial deals could emerge from this file once it is exposed.

In a Guardian Article she wrote way back in the first week of September, before the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, it was obvious that savvy Investigative Journalist Carole Cadwalladr had Dominic Cummings sussed. Cadwalladr wrote, “In the past two weeks, he has emerged from the shadows and burned himself on to the nation’s consciousness. As Boris Johnson’s chief adviser, he’s helped mastermind some of the most audacious – and outrageous – moves ever committed by a British Prime Minister: an attempt to suspend parliament, and the expulsion of 21 moderate MPs from the Conservative party. Moves that led the mild man of British politics, the former Prime Minister John Major, to call him a ‘political anarchist’ who was ‘poisoning politics’.” He certainly didn’t stop there as he feels at liberty to break the law with impunity and has continued to exert his malign influence to remove those he does not approve of and install compliant ‘yes men’ in all the key roles; he must have been seething over the ISC Chair going to Lewis!

Cadwalladr noted that, “For experienced Cummings watchers, it’s an odd moment. Here is a figure that many of us – MPs, journalists, lawyers, MEPs and members of the public – have been shouting about for years. And, in a plot twist none of us saw coming, he is wreaking chaos again, but this time in the full scorching glare of the public eye. Or as Ian Lucas, the Labour MP for Wrexham, says: ‘It’s good that everyone’s talking about him. They’re just talking about him for all the wrong reasons. What we need to be talking about, he says, is ‘his deliberate, systematic conspiracy to commit electoral fraud and the fact that he has refused to come before parliament and answer questions about it’. The colourful tales about Cummings are all noise drowning the key fact about him, which should be front and centre in every report: that this is the man who – according to evidence published by the Electoral Commission – played a central role in a scheme that resulted in Vote Leave being judged to have broken the law.”

Cadwalladr states that this was, “A scheme that constitutes the greatest electoral fraud perpetrated in Britain for more than a century – one that Cummings has refused to come before parliament to answer questions about. So that is where we are now: where the man advising the prime minister in parliament was previously judged to have been in contempt of that same parliament. Lucas serves on the committee for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, which wrote to Cummings once again last week to demand that he appear. Lucas describes the situation as insane: ‘The people at the heart of Vote Leave who cheated and broke the law are now running the country. And no one is interested. I’m staggered that as an MP, I feel powerless about it, and you as a journalist have been shouting about it and nobody is interested, not even the BBC. Who never even covered this’.” This is even more alarming when we consider that Cummings promised 80 new Tory seats and he delivered a Tory ‘landslide victory.’

Back when Cadwalladr was investigating Vote Leave’s Brexit triumph, she said that, “Cummings, it turned out, was outraged at my suggestion that Banks and co had helped swing the referendum – especially, at the idea that they’d done something clever with data. Because Cummings was the self-appointed data genius, the savant whose interest in quantum physics had, in his own estimation, been the crucial factor that led the Brexit campaign to success.” Multiple times I have suggested that not only does Cummings hold the key with his VICS, Voter Intention Collection System and weapons grade PsyOps to how the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was stolen, but if he was ousted from power he could turn Whistleblower and expose exactly how it was done, thus bringing down this Tory Government. That might sound farfetched were it not for his massive ego as revealed by Cadwalladr.

Cadwalladr reported that Whistleblower Shahmir Sanni, “alleged that Vote Leave had deliberately used AIQ to break electoral spending laws,” and that those allegations were, “proven and admitted by Vote Leave. This money – nearly three-quarters of a million pounds – was spent in the crucial last four days of the campaign. The period which, by Cummings’s own reckoning, tipped the vote in Vote Leave’s favour: when it served 1.5 billion ads to just seven million people it had identified as ‘persuadable’ or ‘shy voters’.” We now know a lot more about how those ‘persuadable’ individuals were identified via illegally obtained personal data ‘mined’ on Facebook and how these vulnerable people were targeted with a barrage of fear-mongering PsyOps messages in the run up to the Brexit vote. As they have clearly documented on the Daily GasLamp if it was illegal to steal that personal data it was equally illegal to use that same data to manipulate the vote in a Referendum or an Election. Cummings should be prosecuted!

Sadly our Electoral Commission is totally powerless to prevent corruption in an election and we still remain open to Industrial scale electoral fraud: “A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!” The police and the justice system seem disinterested in ever looking into even the most blatant instances of vote rigging so we must demand change to “Rescue our Watchdog” as we need a thorough investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. Cadwalladr reports that, “A group of MPs and MEPs are now seeking a judicial review of the conduct of both the Vote Leave and Leave.EU investigations.” I have to wonder if that has now been abandoned after Boris Johnson forced us to proceed with Brexit; a decision that was according to polling, against the will of the majority in the UK. Has everyone just accepted that the end of January was a point of no return? Certainly Johnson and his evil minder Cummings are counting on this, but if the result is proven illegal surely the EU courts must consider the EU citizens stripped of their rights?

Cadwalladr expressed her dismay, writing that, “It seems absurd now: our electoral laws rest on a gentleman’s agreement; an agreement that Cummings threw a stick of dynamite at. His decision to do the same to our famously unwritten constitution should have surprised no one. The ‘noise’, the anecdotes and the tall Westminster tales are flares he sends up before he drops his bombs somewhere else entirely. It’s not his genius that we should be debating – it’s our own stupidity. There is smash-and-grab of our democracy going on in real time. And this silence is complicity.” I just watched a three part BBC documentary on “The Rise of the Nazis” that showed how Germany was transformed from a democracy into a dictatorship under Adolf Hitler in just six months! All of the exact same disturbing pieces are falling into place here, the lies and propaganda, the ‘othering,’ control of the media, the marginalization of our Parliament, pledged attacks on the Judiciary and Gypsies already identified as targets for state persecution.

Cummings would never have been so foolish as to trust Boris so there had to be a plan B in case Johnson succumbed to pressure and threw him under the bus. Boris Johnson needs to be liked, that is his narcissistic weakness; while Cummings is universally despised, he just wants to be admired for his evil genius and seriously feared. He owes no real allegiance to the Tory Party; they provided a vehicle to seize control. Cummings has the mentality of a devious serial killer who ultimately wants to reveal how clever he has been in getting away with his crimes. His lack of trust will have led him to plan a way to distance himself from the criminality while still taking credit for masterminding the entire Covert 2019 Rigged Election Tory ‘landslide victory;’ if they oust him from his position of power he has all the evidence to take them down as his revenge. Johnson knew he dared not fire his puppet master or it would signal his own demise. This is why I say: Cummings is the grenade, oust him and you pull the pin! DO NOT MOVE ON!