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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The public are being deliberately misled with the press fed a string of concocted lies. The political agenda has been moulded and manipulated in this country by Rupert Murdoch for decades. Pathetically in the UK we no longer question why an Australian should be dictating who becomes our Prime Minister in order to secure his own wealth and privilege while siphoning money offshore. He has assisted Tory Governments in being able to use his worthless rags to construct a false narrative that will sway millions of the voting public re their political agenda. Increasingly that has been a message of fear that deliberately exacerbates petty prejudices in order to drive votes in one direction, towards the far-right. Jeremy Corbyn’s emergence represented a real fight-back with the public finally offered a choice for a better future that put the needs of ordinary citizen’s first for a change. That was far too radical for the establishment elite to tolerate so the process of demonizing Corbyn in order to bring him down began: it has been relentless ever since!

In the Canary Article entitled, “How the government scapegoated minorities with its lockdown announcement for northern areas,” they reveal how a very targeted lockdown was deliberately used to stigmatize and oppress the Muslim community with warnings of the Tory blame game in rapid acceleration. They point out that, “For Muslims up and down the country, Friday 31 July would have been a particularly special Eid to celebrate, being able to spend it with family after the last Eid was in stricter lockdown conditions, and coming together as many have lost loved ones to coronavirus (Covid-19). However, mere hours before midnight on 30 July, the government announced that ‘members of separate households are banned’ from meeting indoors from midnight ‘in Greater Manchester, parts of Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire’.” Despite the local ‘Boris Spike’ pubs were allowed to remain open, but the Johnson and his Tory Ministers would have known that strict Muslims do not imbibe alcohol or really frequent pubs.

Why could they still go to work? Of course, it was only the family gatherings that had to stop; it must have felt like collective punishment to be singled out so definitively. The Canary report that, “This message felt racially motivated. One that perpetuated the narrative that Asians in northern areas especially are a ‘problem’ that requires governing in a different, stricter way.” They say, “This was quickly reinforced by an article in the Guardian which featured a racialised photo of an Asian woman in traditional dress to represent northern areas.” They make a comparison, “if we were to draw parallels, past articles discussing the same region have featured images of white people. Similarly, racialised imagery was used by the Guardian, as well as Sky News and Financial Times, for reporting on Leicester’s lockdown, and is a clear dog-whistle to racists.” This is a well recognized propaganda stunt much used by the Nazis and we must very vocally decry such manipulation of the national mindset knowing where the dangers of ‘othering’ lead.

The Canary report on how, “Tory MP Craig Whittaker went on LBC on 31 July to suggest that ‘it is the BAME communities that are not taking [coronavirus] seriously enough’. Presenter Ian Payne, meanwhile, pointedly set up the question to ask, more than once, whether ‘the Muslim community’ was to blame. Let’s not forget that ‘Muslim’ is a racialised term, with the overwhelming majority of Muslims also coming from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background. This cycle of BAME people being blamed by politicians and the media for the spread of coronavirus, and on a related note, for their disproportionate death rate from the virus, is a malicious, divisive tactic. It draws from colonial prejudices of BAME communities as being dirty and a threat to white British society. It fails to consider the root cause of these higher death rates, such as larger, working class families living together in small housing conditions along with older family members, or the fact that they’re over-represented in certain high-risk fields.”

The Canary emphasizes that, “The hypocrisy and double standards of the media and politicians is that white communities aren’t stigmatised for their response to coronavirus, unlike BAME communities.” They say, “During the past few weeks, we’ve seen plenty of examples of white people breaching government lockdown regulations.” They criticize the mainstream media for totally ignoring this glaringly obvious discrepancy, “Where was this same energy in the media for highlighting the many white people refusing to wear face masks in public, despite it being mandatory? Or for all the illegal raves, and clearly not social distanced beach visits and VE Day celebrations? Moreover, the government was keen to brush Dominic Cummings’ little road trip during lockdown, made while he had coronavirus symptoms, under the carpet. He is yet to be held accountable for his actions.” Not only should Cummings have ousted, but the PM’s father Stanley Johnson should have been conspicuously charged and fined over his trip to Greece.

The Canary voice their outrage over this matter saying, “Despite the Black Lives Matter protests, and all this country has been through in dealing with the virus, it’s evident that the media and politicians are among the biggest perpetrators of racism. This keeps being proven regardless of what they claim otherwise. You’d think that recent events would motivate this country to address and eliminate racism – instead, it keeps getting worse. I want us to be able to unite together. But with the constant dog-whistling and playing on stereotypical tropes, I fear that BAME communities are only being exposed even further to both covert and overt/violent racism. It’s simply not acceptable for an MP to brazenly use divisive language, or for mainstream media to continue their double standards and hypocrisy. And we shouldn’t have to put up with it – speaking out is the only option.” An early warning of deterioration into Fascism is marked by the singling out of a vulnerable minority for hateful targeting; this must not be tolerated.

However, the Muslims and the BAME are not the most endangered minority in the UK under this far-right Tory Government; the Gypsies and Travellers are far more vulnerable to state persecution. On the now infamous page 48 of the Tory Manifesto they set out plans for new laws to criminalize Gypsies and Travellers, seize their caravans and throw them in jail for trespass. The sad fact that the young men convicted of PC Harper’s murder were Travellers provided ample excuse to demonize the Roma community as rife with criminal activity. The Canary Article entitled, “The latest racist attack from The Times is truly chilling,” they expose how this toxic rag have capitalized on the background of the offenders to stir up anti-Gypsy hatred unrelated to the crime. They say “In 2017, a report from the Traveller Movement identified GRT discrimination as ‘the last acceptable form of racism’. An article by David Cameron’s former speechwriter Clare Foges has highlighted just how disturbing and prevalent this is in the establishment media.”

The Canary report that, “On 13 July, home secretary Priti Patel announced that the government will push forward legislation that discriminates against GRT communities even further. The Travellers’ Times reported that lawyers are set to challenge these new ‘hostile’ anti-Traveller laws. It also noted: the criminalisation of trespass and the other threatened laws could also criminalise homeless camps and protest camps and is an attack on the civil liberties of everyone – not just Gypsies and Travellers. Awareness of racial inequality has reached new prominence through the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Calls have gone out from GRT communities to show solidarity with BLM activists. The government has now been accused of “dragging its feet” on tackling racism. Attacks on GRT communities from Murdoch’s racist media empire and Patel’s intention to criminalise more people highlight the challenges we face. Wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head, racism can and must be challenged in all its forms.”

The Fascist agenda requires an enemy, a scapegoat that the public can blame as things go catastrophically wrong; sadly in terms of raw dysfunction and disaster “we ain’t seen nothing yet!” When crash-out Brexit compounds the colossal economic impact of the Coronavirus it will create the perfect storm, but do we harness the civil unrest or do we allow the Tories to take advantage of the mayhem? We must uncover the truth, force a Comprehensive Investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and then widely publicise the fraudulent facts exposed. The lawsuit threatened by John Ware in his greedy money grab to take advantage of Labour weakness is the toxic lying straw that broke the camel’s back; we must Support Corbyn to get the truth revealed in Court with him and the fraudster ‘Poison Dartblowers’ exposed and charged with perjury. This coinciding with our Support for Williamson’s exposure of the stacked system of fake ‘watchdog’ agencies like EHRC will hopefully be enough to correct the imbalance and drive this corrupt Tory Government out of office. DO NOT MOVE ON!