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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Jeremy Corbyn’s GOFUNDME page is experiencing aberrations again with the fund being reduced after approaching a memorable high point. It is likely to get written about again after it passes £330,000, so I think people might be getting those unsolicited refund notices like was occurring earlier on. I am fairly certain that it was up over £329,100 before I refreshed the page as I was gleefully speculating that it might pass £330,000 by the end of the day, but it has scaled back to: £327,980. I am sure that the site is being put under huge pressure by the Zionist Lobby to ditch this controversial fund raiser; we cannot let them succeed in curtailing our right to support the Corbyn case. We need people to monitor the site closely, take screen shots and just keep people fully aware of what is going on so that we can combat the problem.

My eyes were not deceiving me the fund has dropped and this is documented by the Skwawkbox article, Crowdfund organiser to set up trust to administer funds raised for Corbyn legal expenses, (By SKWAWKBOX (SW) 03/08/2020) which shows a screenshot of the page taken yesterday with the donation level at: £328,346. Skwawkbox report that, “The organiser of a hugely-successful crowdfund set up to cover legal expenses incurred by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will set up a trust to manage the funds and ensure transparency and propriety in how they are used. The fund stands at over £328,000, in spite of repeated attempts by the Labour right to have the page taken down. In an update posted to the page today, Carole Morgan also encourages supporters to sign up to the Truth Defence initiative set up by leading academics and lawyers to foster honesty and integrity in public life and to counter Establishment disinformation and smears.”

Carole Morgan writes, “Hello everyone, How amazing are we! I want to share with you my thoughts on what this fund represents to me, and also to update you on developments. I have always felt that Jeremy spoke from his heart, and we listened with ours and heard the call. I firmly believe there are really only two roads to choose in this life, one is of love, the other of fear. Through this fund we have not only made our voices heard but we have also declared our united hope and belief that a better world is possible.

I wanted to find a way that we could maintain our connection to one another moving forward into the future. To that aim, I have been in touch with the organisers of an initiative called Truth Defence which started around the same time as the crowdfund, and clearly shares our aims and hopes for a better world: It is dedicated to promoting a culture of honesty and integrity in politics and public life, which is exactly the principles that Jeremy stands for. Please join as a registered supporter under this link or send an email to [email protected] if you want to sign up to be part of our network for free. In the meantime, all funds raised by us to support Jeremy in a potential legal defence will be held in trust for that purpose, and details of that will be announced soon. We really have created something truly amazing and we can go forward knowing that what we stand for is a force to be reckoned with. With love to you all Carole.”

Skwawkbox say that, “The news should further boost support and donations for what has become a rallying point for the left against the relentless Establishment efforts to bury the movement. If you would like to support the crowdfund you can do so here.” Carole Morgan has a prior update that people need to take note of regarding the refund issue. I am not sure why people use strange fictitious names when they donate. At one point there were reports of deeply offensive names being posted which could well have been an intentional disgracing tactic used by those trying to deliberately sabotage this effort; the Zionist have a lot of money to splash about. If you are not comfortable entering your name as a donor then it is possible to opt for an anonymous donation. This cause is far too deadly serious for us to allow it to be derailed by those who might wish to sabotage our efforts. If you do receive an unsolicited refund you can always do as Carole suggests to resubmit your donation.

Carole Morgan updates us, “Hello everyone, I just wanted to send you a little message to let you know how to make a successful donation in case you are having trouble. Please ensure that you use your billing name as shown on your card when making a donation. If you don’t, it is likely that the donation will be failed by your bank or refunded by GoFundMe’s Payment Review Team for security purposes. Don’t worry though, you can easily go back and re-donate using your correct information if it was failed or refunded. If anyone continues to run into any trouble making a donation or has any questions on a refund, feel free to contact GoFundMe for help on making a successful donation: Much love, Carole.”

On the Truth Defence home page it states, “We are a collective of activists, lawyers, creatives, journalists, academics and citizens concerned about the spread of disinformation online, in traditional media, and in political advertising and campaigning. We are equally concerned by cases where civil litigation procedures and the principles of natural justice are apparently undermined for politically motivated purposes. We are seeking to raise funds with a view to launching various actions and projects aimed at resisting such injustices, strengthening the democratic accountability of media and political institutions, and promoting a culture of honesty and integrity in public life.” That objective puts them in virtually the same arena as Chris Williamson’s Left Legal Fighting Fund to which Chris has pledged to allocate any unused money raised, £23,000 so far, to help his legal team fight the EHRC, plus monies recovered if he wins a settlement just as he did when he won all his costs from the Labour Party after taking them to Court.

Taken directly from Left Legal Fighting Fund’s Webpage, Chris Williamson explains the reason he created the fund and their goals, “Our legal system is being abused by wealthy and powerful people to silence, target and crush activists. The Left Legal Fighting Fund is leading the fightback. The Fund began when Jeremy Corbyn’s most loyal parliamentary ally, Chris Williamson, took the Labour Party to the High Court and won after he was unlawfully suspended by the Party at the behest of the Israel lobby. Since then, we have already defended some of the leading lights of British socialism from lawfare tactics used by the racist Israel lobby, which seeks to criminalise pro-Palestine activism and marginalise black, Muslim and Jewish anti-racism activists. In recent weeks, dozens of left-wing Labour Party members have been suspended and harassed as Keir Starmer joins forces with the Jewish Labour Movement to purge the Party. If you’re one of them, we want to hear from you and support you.

At the same time, Black Lives Matter protesters are being harassed by police forces around the country. The Metropolitan Police and Territorial Support Group have been kettling and intimidating peaceful protesters. If you were arrested or harassed at the BLM protests and don’t have legal representation, we want to hear from you. As the protests continue, we intend to arrange on-site legal support and teach-ins to educate protesters about their rights. If you think you can help, get in touch. As well as funding ongoing legal actions, we want to build a war chest so that racist institutions and powerful lobby groups know that they will no longer be able to use lawfare against activists. To secure funding for the medium and long term, we are asking you to consider making a one-off or monthly donation. Our legal action so far has been both proactive and defensive, assisting activists who otherwise would have been left in financial ruin by powerful interest groups. Read our endorsements here to see just how much of a difference your donations can make. Solidarity works. Together, let’s prove it. Please donate today.”

In the Skwawkbox comments I note a tone of scepticism or at least a healthy dose of cautious observation before backing ‘Truth Defence’ campaign unreservedly. I can understand this caution because organizations that sound as if they are in support of truth, justice and accountability with names like the ‘Integrity Initiative,’ but totally devoid of ‘integrity,’ can easily disguise their snake-oil to look superficially palatable while peddling propaganda, sabotaging and robbing the Socialist cause. What I would say is that this is a rapidly developing opportunity and we must seize the vigorous momentum generated by our outrage. Although Carol Morgan might present an easy target for less well meaning people to take advantage of, she is being guided in her decisions by the Corbyn team who will have vetted this newly emerging Truth Defence group with considerable caution before proceeding with any public statement. Their Website is very basic, but probably still under construction; perhaps the bios hadn’t been posted yesterday.

The people involved and heading up Truth Defence are now listed on the site along with brief bios that might have only just been posted today, but a Google search of any of the individuals listed should provide further insight into their background, political leanings and body of work so far. They are listed as follows: “Professor Lynne Segal is a socialist feminist academic and activist, author of many books and articles, and participant in many campaigns, from local community to international. In 1999 she was appointed Anniversary Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at Birkbeck, University of London.” Next is: “Andrew Feinstein is a former Member of Parliament for the ANC in South Africa and is author of The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade. He resigned in 2001 when the ANC refused to launch an unfettered investigation into arms trade corruption. He is now director of Shadow World Investigations in London.” Disarming the arms industry is a major objective in creating a safer, fairer world.

The list continues with, “Mica Nava is Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies in the School of Arts and Digital Industries at the University of East London, UK. She is a cultural historian has published a number of books on modernity, feminism, race and difference.” A legal heavy-hitter is listed next, “Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC is the founder of leading human rights firm Bindmans LLP. He has won awards for a lifetime’s achievement in human rights from Liberty and the Law Society’s Gazette, among others. In 2007 he was knighted for services to human rights.” The team does not appear to be weighed down by representatives of the Legal profession. The last person listed is, “Professor Tony Booth is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Commonwealth Education at Cambridge University, Director of the Index for Inclusion network, and a prominent climate activist. He has been researching, teaching and writing about participation and exclusion in education for more than thirty years.”

Corbyn has attracted followers because people immediately recognize that he’s an honest, thoroughly decent guy. He has not hit back or taken the bait of the ruthless bullies including those on the right of the Labour Party who have provoked him unmercifully when he was the Labour Leader. This is time for “no more Mr nice guy” because if Corbyn waits for a trickster like John Ware to set the terms, the potential Court battle will be played out in the compliant media and it will favour Ware. Jeremy has a decent fund growing by the day and he should bring a case against Ware ASAP so that his opponent cannot stall for time. Once Corbyn can be persuaded to get tough he should go after other people who have defamed him and force them to prove their false allegations in Court. He should also go after toxic detractors like MPs Margaret Hodge, John Mann and others in the Labour Party who have betrayed the membership by sabotaging the Party; they can always be given a chance to settle by donating to the legal fund.

This point is also raised in Skwawkbox comments, “My view is that Jeremy ought to counter-sue before Ware either makes his next move or reverts to delaying tactics.” Another said, “You can only fight what’s attacking you,” but focused on, “the first and most important case is the class action, then Press Gang and JVL…You set up a firewall that repels any attack… which just leaves the Class Action.” Another remarked, “throw everything into the first case, win that test case hands down and set such precedents that every other bastard liar settles huge sums to make their cases go away. That way we have the joy of watching socialism’s right wing attackers fund the launch of the most socialist political party there’s ever been.” Another remarked that, “Arguably, the very existence of the fund is, like a wealth fund, an investment in the future: it will deter likudist anti-socialists and uppity class enemies from picking on Jeremy Corbyn, not least, their most enthusiastic supporter, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC MP…”

Totally aside from the issue of stolen postal votes there is another truly legitimate reason why this Tory Government should be forced out of office. That is the Tory Government’s documented use of public funds to pay the Institute of Statecraft to task their so called ‘Integrity Initiative’ with creating defamatory anti-Corbyn propaganda to demonize and destroy the Labour Party. Christopher Steele, a discredited former British MI6 Intelligence Officer, created this subversive operation that has no right to function as it does while posing as a ‘registered charity’ and accepting state funds. This highly illegal action has not gained public attention, but it could be brought in as a component of the evidence in both the Corbyn case and Williamson’s case against the EHRC. This is valid evidence of very serious state corruption in support of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election; it should have already justified the PM and Tory Ministers removal from our Parliament in handcuffs! This would be a egregious enough scandal that the UK would openly condemn another nation for not pursuing exactly such criminal proceedings to correct injustice.

With these legal cases we have a unique opportunity to fully expose the truth and potentially force a comprehensive investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. Although the Courts can throw out a case as vexatious they cannot simply ignore copious volumes of hard evidence. There are significant extremely serious false allegation that have been made against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party that left undisputed constitute a massive injustice to the British people so there is a powerful ‘public interest’ justification for these cases. John Ware’s lawsuits also set a damaging precedent that could render all journalistic critique open to litigation; no book review or critical commentary would be safe in future. Such flat earth thinking threatens to plunge the UK into the creative dark ages with obscene fake news untouchable. We cannot allow John Ware and his cohort of lying ‘Poison Dartblowers’ to be rewarded for keeping this corrupt Tory Government propped into place: expose the truth and this regime will fall. DO NOT MOVE ON!