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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Distraction usually works for the king of clowns so there was Boris on TV in a hardhat, defending outdated imperialist songs about the glory of empire and British rule – “Britannia rules the waves” with the British Navy ready to turn back and harass helpless refugees in the English Channel. “England never, never, never, shall be slaves:” tell that to a zero hours contract worker who’s paid below the paltry ‘living wage’ due to their youth! “Land of hope and glory” or ‘Land is for the Tory;’ Johnson’s Tory Party are far too busy enriching the wealthy elite to protect the impoverished masses from the harsh consequences of their rule. In reality the working poor and minorities feel eternally enslaved as they take to the streets in Black Lives Matter protests to fight prejudice and injustice. This PM who has made England a total global laughing stock with crash-out Brexit and his shambolic handling of the Pandemic crisis, the ‘Emperor with no clothes’ charlatan ‘leader’ who’s an embarrassment to us all, starts banging on about how our “British heritage is nothing to be ashamed of!” Boris Johnson is what we are ashamed of!

Civil Servants advise and Ministers decide so when mistakes are made our deeply insecure narcissist PM scrambles to hang on to his compliant Ministers despite their serious gaffes and flaws; zero scrutiny, abandon accountability, just follow the direction of the Dom on his crusade to jettison expendable Civil Servants. In a cabinet where loyalty is more important than talent there are bound to be mistakes, hence all the screeching U-turns of this disastrous Tory Government, but there are rumours of disquiet among the ranks, but although not all Tory MP’s approve of the Cummings driven decimation of the Civil Service few have the spine to rebel. Johnson stumbles on distracting the public with a constant stream of changing restrictions often following the lead of Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon in a belated damage control mode with vague instructions in a way that does not inspire public confidence.

A similar tactic of selecting factionalist loyalty over talent was adopted by Keir Starmer who is failing to unify the Labour Party while creating a weak and ineffectual opposition meekly signalling approval of Johnson’s shambolic handling of the Covid 19 crisis and most policy decisions. Rather that representing a strong resistance and demanding critical U-turns Starmer just follows Johnson’s chaotic lead. Skwawkbox report that “after weeks of insisting masks aren’t needed in schools, Starmer and co copy Tory u-turn” They say, “For God’s sake, lead! For weeks now, Keir Starmer’s tactic of agreeing with the Tories wherever possible has led to Labour insisting that masks are not necessary in schools – in spite of the objections of unions seeking the safety of their members and the children they teach and in spite of the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. And now that the Tories have humiliatingly u-turned and said that masks are necessary, Starmer’s Shadow Health Secretary Kate Green has u-turned too.”

With his shockingly blasé, “do as I say, not as I do” photo –op in the classroom Skwawkbox point out that Boris Johnson, wasn’t bothering to wear a mask or talk about the need for social distancing, when he set a poor example in a surprise classroom visit. You really would have thought that his PR team would have made sure the classroom chosen for the PM’s visit was fully compliant and properly prepared to meet the new guidelines, but amazingly the children were not appropriately separated. It was as bad as Boris’s ‘how not to wash your hands’ photo-op; in that it set another poor example. According to the Skwawkbox, “Reckless Boris Johnson visited a school today to tell pupils they’ve got nothing to worry about from the coronavirus.” He, “didn’t even tell them to be careful but not anxious – instead, telling them ‘schools are safe’.” Every message Johnson delivers appears engineered to provide a false sense of security so that the population is continuously at risk; the mixed messaging on masks is a typical example.

In early video footage it looks like the PM is “a lot closer than 2 Metres from the pupils, he didn’t even stay ‘1m plus’ – a minimum of a metre plus some additional form of protection.” Skwawkbox say Johnson was, “aerosolising over two unfortunate children as one appears to try to mask her mouth and nose.” They remind us that even, “if anyone thinks ‘Oh, he had the virus so he’s safe’, how can anyone be confident he was really infected after his faked camping trip?” Although they don’t elaborate on a reason why the PM would have faked his Scottish Highlands camping getaway, another Skwawkbox Article provides a credible allegation that the trip was staged with his tent poorly erected on a slope and an obviously photo-shopped campfire. Boris takes us all for fools. Was the PM’s Covid infection just at attention seeking hoax? They say, “even if he was, scientists now say it’s possible to be reinfected with different strains of the virus. Johnson’s recklessness is unforgivable, putting at risk both children and their families.”

According to the latest Skwawkbox Article, “If the Tories try to fine anyone for keeping their kids from school, they can just claim the Cummings defence.” They say that, “It might be technically illegal, but Johnson’s ‘did what any parent would’ excuse for Cummings would surely open the door for group legal action if Tories try to pursue parents for keeping their kids safe from unsafe school environment. The Tories are threatening parents with a £120 fine if they keep their children home out of fear for their safety while the coronavirus is still a threat.” They point out that, “But Boris Johnson’s decision to excuse Dominic Cummings’s complete disregard for the law in driving to Durham – and at least once, probably twice, to Barnard Castle – during lockdown by claiming Cummings only did what any responsible parent would do in the circumstances means that any pursuit of parents, for doing what they think the circumstances require, is intrinsically unjust and unsafe.”

Skwawkbox remind the public that, “Parents have more than justifiable cause for concern,” and they outline a list of reasons.
“almost 40 schools already in the midst of outbreaks before the general return to school next month
• scientists warning of the ease of transmission among and by children and studies showing how fast a school outbreak can spread
• the government’s own scientists admitting the school return will drive the ‘R’ rate of infection up – yet insisting there is no evidence for even the use of masks in school while still mandating masks in high-incidence areas
• the clear danger to older family members if a child becomes infected
• doctors calling on the government to abandon fines for missing school because of the dangers to the mental health of both parents and children”

• I would add to that list the totally inadequate Track and Trace system that was supposed to be up and running months ago!”

The Skwawkbox explain that, “Any parents penalised for keeping their children home would surely have a clear basis for a class-action style legal case against the government for acting against them and against the Cummings precedent – and Johnson would be committing political self-immolation if he fought it.” They suggest that you should, “Do what you think is right for your child and your family. What ‘any responsible parent would’.” Ultimately, the interpretation of British laws is governed by precedent and cannot se selectively or arbitrarily applied. The Government cannot selectively choose to prosecute parents for acting in the best interests of their children’s safety without explaining why it was acceptable for Dominic Cummings to do so. Just recently, further witlessness have come forward claiming to have spotted Cummings on a second visit to Durham during lockdown and one couple are determined to put pressure on the police to fully investigate, forcing Cummings to prove that he had remained in London.

This comes at a sensitive time when news is being leaked of Cummings strong connections to the exam grade fiasco that has caused so much distress to students. Both Cummings and his wife do themselves no favours with their writing. Cummings’s wife Mary Wakefield wrote an article about emerging from their lockdown experience as if they had never left London; it failed to hide the truth and demonstrated her deliberate attempt to deceive the public. Cummings is even more brazen with his blog diatribe on controversial subjects like eugenics that makes for a revealing, if painfully laborious, read. He had to go back and edit out earlier posts on ‘Herd Immunity,’ when the whole idea went pear shaped. Embarrassingly for him, he was not fast enough to avoid his ramblings being captured for posterity and ‘rewriting history’ is never a good look. His personal sentiments on making higher education exclusively for the elite, due to his belief in their inherited superior intelligence, could also use a rewrite, but dare he try?

Just when Johnson was hoping that the Cummings scandal was blowing over, another of his hastily applied threats, levelled as per usual at ordinary citizens, is due to come unstuck, exposing the PM to yet another chorus of loud calls for him to fire his slippery Chief Adviser. Although he might be desperately in need of a hasty escape, the PM has only just returned from his ‘get me out’a here’ experience camping in the Scottish Highlands to ride out his last two screeching U-turn crisis decisions. But was this healthy adventuresome break just a ‘Boris-Shit’ hoax? The pictures of his alleged campsite look fabricated, but maybe he was up in Scotland on a ‘leadership course’ learning ‘how to run a country?’ Our part-time Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, should seek a longer lasting hide than a fake camping getaway or just darting into a fridge to dodge the press. Perhaps the PM could be cryogenically preserved until the rest of humanity has become extinct; then he could emerge to realize his ultimate dream of becoming ‘World King!’

The whole back to schools issue isn’t being pushed by Boris Johnson out of his deep concern over the damaging impact that a prolonged gap in education might have on children, especially those from deprived backgrounds who were promised a computer to keep up with their schoolwork. The learning laptop deal was another ‘Boris-Shit’ lie as most have not received this enticing tool, but this fake promise was a great PR stunt at the time. The real push is to force as many people back to work as possible; home schooling cannot be allowed as an option despite valid lingering concerns. In an earlier Skwawkbox Article they elaborate on how, “Johnson responds to removal of opposition in education by announcing parents will be fined for not sending kids back to school in September – safe or not.” The Captain of capitulation was already persuaded. They say, “Starmer has backed rapid schools return, while sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey sided with unions in their concern about explosion of coronavirus outbreaks in schools.”

The Skwawkbox report that, “Boris Johnson has wasted no time in exploiting the removal of any opposition to his rush to re-open schools. Labour leader Keir Starmer sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey – in spite of the prevailing cover story – because she refused to stop backing the National Education Union (NEU), Unite and other unions in their insistence that children and teachers must only go back into the classroom when it is safe to do so. The doubling of coronavirus outbreaks in schools over the last few days shows that the UK is a long way from such safety – yet Starmer has continued to support an early return – and a string of so-called ‘centrists’ undermined Long-Bailey even when she was in post, appearing in radio, TV and print interviews to agree with their boss’s accommodation of Johnson’s wishes.” Starmer may soon regret ignoring Union advice as Union Leaders have threatened voting to withdraw their funding and new Union leadership will favour left leaning candidates determined to protect workers’ rights.

According to the Skwawkbox, “with opposition removed from the Shadow Education brief, Johnson has immediately announced that children will be forced back to school in September – come what may – and that parents will be fined if they try to protect their kids by refusing to comply.” They say that, “Johnson told an interviewer: ‘I want all children back in school in September.’ Asked whether it would be compulsory, he responded: ‘Yes, it’s the law.’ It’s worth noting that Johnson is not demanding that all MPs return to the Commons chamber.” Even back then the warned, “How the Tories will enforce any prosecution if parents claim the ‘Cummings defence’ of following “the instincts of every father and every parent” is unclear. The UK epidemic has already seen at least 148 teachers die – and doctors are still trying to understand a new inflammatory disease in children following coronavirus infection. But with the opposition away, the man responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people from the virus can play.”

The call for Boris Johnson to get rid of his Machiavellian unelected puppet master has continued unabated and from all quarters. Three months ago the Skwawkbox Article highlighted how, “Senior clergy come out in numbers to condemn Johnson’s double-standard and threat to public health.They reported that, “A string of senior Anglican clergy have made public statements calling Boris Johnson a liar or lacking integrity – and calling for the sacking of Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings.” This followed the revelation that, “Cummings has admitted one 260-plus mile journey from London to Durham during the lock-down and while infected with the coronavirus – and is accused both of at least one more journey to the same destination and of a 30-mile trip from Durham to Barnard Castle after he recovered from the virus – yet Johnson yesterday feebly absolved his aide of any wrongdoing.”

Saying, “The Church of England bishops were unequivocal in their condemnation,” The Skwawkbox Article posted a Video, and remarked on their utter surprise that, “even more remarkably, the BBC News channel covered their comments. At least six bishops condemned Johnson on social media, while the Bishop of Liverpool appeared on the BBC in person to agree with his colleagues. The Skwawkbox reported that at that time, “Senior Tory MPs have also called for Cummings’s removal – and even members of Johnson’s behavioural science advisory group have accused him of ‘trashing’ their work in bringing the public on board with the anti-coronavirus measures and of not being willing to listen to science – while police arrived at the Cummings’ home in London yesterday. Cummings must go – and the longer Johnson delays, the weaker and more abject he looks.” But several months later Cummings is still clinging on like the toughest barnacle to scrape off the bottom of the boat: we need to deep six the Dom!

The sheer arrogance of protecting the incompetent, glossing over their blunders and finding scapegoats to blame for the chaos they are causing in Government is not going unnoticed in the media despite their overall support for the Tories. The stalled Brexit negotiation are creeping back into the news as the public are being prepared for the inevitable self-harm of crash-out Brexit. We do not need to settle for bad Governance, the reckless incompetence of a roller-coaster of last ditch U-turns and sham negotiations to deliver an even worse recession than Covid alone will inflict. People need to put this Tory Government under intense pressure with protests and strikes, because the ‘levelling up’ lie is heading for a ‘decimating down’ winter of desperation, soaring unemployment and a Tory enabled resurgence of the Covid ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple!’ We must restore accountability, demand an Investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election to get this Tory Government out, but Cummings is the grenade, oust him and you pull the pin! DO NOT MOVE ON!