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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Today we saw another limp performance of Keir Starmer at Prime Minister’s Questions after being almost totally MIA as Johnson dragged the Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to his knees over a tier three lockdown Starmer’s. As has become his standard routine Starmer wasted his PMQ quota of six questions, by belabouring the same point without advancing a new question; this is not ‘forensic’ questioning it is a forlorn enablement of this Tory Government with the Captain of Capitulation failing to provide robust opposition. After a string of abstention votes imposed on Labour MPs over massively important Bills with huge Human Rights implications, and his belated mention of Burnham and Manchester’s plight, people are wondering what he really stands for? During his time as Director of Public Prosecutions at the Crown Prosecution Service Sir Keir Starmer QC had a disgraceful track record of not protecting the most vulnerable and advancing measures that significantly undermined British Justice; he remains on that track.

In a Medium Article Lucy Nevitt analyses his most significant failures while he was Director of Public Prosecutions, under Starmer she describe the CPS as “Shambolic,” saying that he was, “previously dubbed ‘an enemy to women’, proves he is unfit to serve as a member of parliament, let alone leader of the opposition.” In the piece that was published before he won Nevitt warns that, “In her role as Home Secretary, Priti Patel has already crafted the attack lines the Labour Party will face if Sir Keir Starmer becomes its next leader. After having been appointed head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in November 2008, Sir Keir’s half decade in the position oversaw cases as large and polarising as the Rochdale grooming gang scandal, mass sexual abuse scandals involving entertainment figures such as Jimmy Savile, and the John Worboys case. Patel noted Sir Keir has a complete ‘lack of interest in prosecuting horrendous crimes against women’, a statement hard to argue with when presented with his record.”

According to Nevitt, “Arguably the biggest scandal during his time as DPP came right at the beginning of his tenure. A victim of the Rochdale Grooming gang had reported to Greater Manchester Police the sexual exploitation she’d been experiencing since the age of 15, including becoming pregnant by one of the men abusing her. When referred to the CPS, they decided that the victim was ‘not credible’ and that due to ‘insufficient evidence’ there was an ‘unrealistic prospect of conviction’. Victims continued to be plied with alcohol, drugs and gifts and were prostituted out to multiple men a night, multiple times a week for a further five years. In 2011, Nazir Afzal, who was then the chief prosecutor in the North West, reopened the case. The evidence previously deemed ‘insufficient’ by Starmer’s CPS, evidence which included DNA and eventually led to 47 other victims allegations, proved vital to securing the convictions of ten men.”

Nevitt highlight the disgraceful abandonment of one of the grooming gang’s helpless young victims saying that, “One of the victims was still not seen as ‘credible’ enough by the CPS because, despite being abused herself, she had later assisted in recruiting other girls to be groomed.” This was hardly a surprising consequence given her impressionable age and lack of support, but it seems the CPS were oblivious to her plight, Nevitt says, “The CPS did not want to call her as a witness and had ruled it was not in the public interest to prosecute the men who had abused her, but they needed to use the victim’s evidence. The CPS chose to name this victim as a co-conspirator without informing her that she had been named on the indictment along with the men who had trafficked and raped her. This resulted in social services attempting to remove her child from her custody and the resignation of the Detective Constable overseeing the case resigning from the force, so that he could publicly criticise the CPS’s treatment of victims.”

Nevitt explained that, “Local authorities had previously blamed their reluctance to prosecute on the fear of being perceived as racist due to the fact the perpetrators were of South Asian origin and the victims were mostly white British girls. This reluctance and inaction saw a rise in far-right agitation across northern England; a father of one of the victims even joined the BNP for a short period over frustration at the lack of action by authorities. After significant public backlash, Sir Keir was forced to apologise for the mishandling of the case, saying that prosecutors shouldn’t ‘shy away’ from the ‘issue of ethnicity’ which had to be ‘understood and addressed’, and that ‘a number of assumptions, myths and stereotypes’ about sexual violence had resulted in the previous decision to ‘no further action’ the case.”

Nevitt pointed out that, “This response feebly indicated that the CPS needed to review how staff viewed sexual violence and the treatment of victims. Unfortunately, as later demonstrated by repeated failings on such issues, any internal review that may have gone on seems to have further embedded assumptions, myths and stereotypes within the institution. Retrospectively looking at Sir Keir’s language, it is quite clear now that his wording, though seemingly confident on this issue, lacked any substance.” This flaw is proving typical of Starmer’s bland proclamations and public demonstrations of support on various vitally important Human Rights issues that are not then underwritten by clear substantiate political statements or a bold voting record that is expected of a Leader. Indeed Starmer’s record of failures and accomplishments while Director of Public Prosecutions clearly demonstrates the unjust biases he has retained to this day which made him perhaps the worst possible choice among the Labour Leadership contenders.

Nevitt reported that, “In 2009, whilst Jimmy Savile was still alive, police in Surrey and Sussex referred 4 cases to the CPS alleging that Jimmy Savile had abused 3 girls under the age of 16. Savile was interviewed under caution at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where one of the incidents allegedly took place in the seventies. Within the same month, the CPS had received the files from police, but dropped the case due to ‘insufficient evidence’’. It would later emerge after Savile’s death that he had abused up to 500 victims over a four-decade period. In 2012 Emily Thornberry, Sir Keir’s former opponent in the current Labour leadership contest, stated that she found it ‘deeply disappointing’ that the CPS was ‘presented with evidence of a clear pattern of sexual assaults by Savile and decided not to act’.” It is hard to understand how Starmer’s systematic failure to protect women and minors from harm was not raised as a strike against him, but he was the Mainstream Media pick for the ideal ineffectual opposition candidate.

Nevitt then highlighted, “one of the most crucial cases is related to John Worboys, the black cab driver who spiked the drinks of scores of unsuspecting women before sexually assaulting them while they were unconscious in the back of his taxi. Worboys was convicted in 2009 of 19 charges against 12 women. It was suspected that there were over 100 more victims. But Sir Keir ruled not to pursue further charges. What is most interesting about the case is that Carrie Symonds, the current partner of Boris Johnson, was a victim of Worboys. If Sir Keir is elected Labour’s next leader elected, the party would face a situation where they would have not only failed to elect a woman leader, but they would also elected a man who oversaw the mishandling of a high-profile rape case involving the prime minister’s partner.” One would have thought that Boris Johnson would be more concerned about this flaw in his primary opponents track record, but as a hard core misogynist, having a weak opposition sparring partner was far more important.

Although the abysmally low conviction rate for rape cases has been in the news lately no one is linking the former Director of Public Prosecutions to this worrying trend. However Nevitt reminds us that, “Sir Keir also oversaw the dramatic decline in the prosecution rate of rape cases as a result of the introduction of new guidance which led to police referring fewer cases to the CPS for charging decisions. The guidance saw an increase in the burden of proof from 50% to 60% which resulted in more complex cases that were more difficult to prosecute being dropped, with thousands of victims seeing their cases ‘no further actioned’ due to ‘insufficient evidence’ and an ‘unrealistic prospect of conviction’.” She notes that these were, “the same things the victims of both Savile and the Rochdale grooming gang were originally told, which points to systemic failures resulting in untold numbers of abusers walking free without ever facing trial.”

Nevitt said, “A senior Met officer told the Bureau of Investigative Journalism that ‘referrals (to the CPS) had dropped as a result of policy change put in place in response to the CPS director’s 2011 guidance on charging’. This has contributed to the current crisis in the criminal justice system where campaigners have described rape as being ‘effectively decriminalised’. As a result, the End Violence Against Women and Girls Coalition and Centre for Women’s Justice have brought a judicial review against the CPS for their failure to prosecute rape cases. Sir Keir also failed to end the process of survivors who are disbelieved by authorities, or who withdraw their allegations from being charged for ‘false reporting’. The fear of false accusations is hugely disproportionate to the frequency of this occurrence. False allegations are extremely rare, ones that are labelled as ‘false’ often result in being true years later or are legitimate allegations that were withdrawn under pressure from the attacker, family and friends or the police.”

Nevitt remarked that, “After Sir Keir’s resignation from the role, he called on the CPS to implement changes to how rape cases were investigated and even helped the Labour Party draw up a victim’s law outlining how it could be done. This was after he had the power to push for these changes himself within the institution. Instead he left deeply held biases and myths go mostly unchallenged, allowing for a culture of disbelief to continue, paving the way for the further decline of conviction rates.” This is typical of Starmer playing to the public for kudos after failing to take responsibility while in post; his actions are superficial publicity stunts with the sole priority of advancing his political career and no firm conviction to back up the measures he claims to support. “Survivors deserve support and justice, but Sir Keir reserved that for a small few choosing suspicion first and foremost, even in cases with multiple victims like the Rochdale grooming gang and Jimmy Savile scandals.”

Nevitt claims that, “As shown when it comes to sexual violence, Sir Keir is not a man of principle, he won’t champion justice or stand up for human rights, he will actively deny you them. Sir Keir doesn’t believe sex crimes to be in the public interest to prosecute. Evidence of this is on public record for all to see. If Labour Party members ignore Sir Keir’s history at the CPS we risk sending a damning message that his previous judgements as DPP do not matter and by extension those victims who were let down don’t either.” The only reason these damning facts did not destroy Keir Starmer’s chances in the Leadership contest is that the right wing Media knew that as a compliant, enabling Trojan horse Starmer’s total lack of principals would be a huge asset to a smooth transition into Tory Dictatorship. By forcing all Labour MPs to abstain on the CHIS Spycops Bill Starmer is once again reinforcing his absolute disregard for the Human Rights of women in situations of extreme and persistent exploitation and abuse.

But Keir Starmer is an equal opportunity let down and turncoat devoid of any moral compass. He pretended to champion the Left promising to keep progressive policies in place, but he has made a strong point of ditching everything the Labour Party fought so hard for under Jeremy Corbyn. He also touted his desire to unify the Party, only to selectively remove all progressive Labour Left influence including with his disgraceful firing of Rebecca Long Bailey on a flimsy pretext. Against the sound advice of Labour’s Legal team he betrayed the entire Labour membership by paying off the SLAPP Lawsuit filed by John Ware, thereby hardwiring unwarranted guilt for the ongoing fantisemitism smear campaign into the ‘fake news’ history of the Labour Party and driving an exodus anong the members. He failed to demand the removal of Dominic Cummings for his gross violation of lockdown restrictions and Keir Starmer has bent over backwards to enable Boris Johnson offering zero opposition to his shambolic Covid strategy.

The once strident champion of calls for a ‘Peoples Vote’ that proved divisive among some Labour members, and was blamed as a contributing factor in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, has not been mentioned by Starmer since then. I do not understand how, if so many staunch Labour supporters ‘lent’ the Tories their vote, supposedly because they were so determined to “Get Brexit Done,” those Party members would have voted for the leadership candidate with the strongest anti-Brexit conviction? They would have still had membership cards or at least had time to join to show their anger towards Starmer, but sadly he won! That is just one of the still unexplained anomalies that discredits the legitimacy of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, which is why the result should be fully Investigated, because the fake Tory ‘landslide victory’ due to ‘borrowed votes’ has never made any logical sense. Now as the UK careens towards a catastrophically damaging crash-out Brexit the Captain of Capitulation, Keir Starmer has fallen eerily silent.

The poorest people in the UK are facing the greatest hardship, but zero conviction Starmer now offers zero opposition to crash-out Brexit! In an Independent Article published back in 2017 entitled, “Brexit could cut wages by 30% over next two decades, says private equity boss Guy Hands,” they highlighted the winners and losers in Britain after we leave the EU. Quoted Hands they said, “Leaving the European Union will be bad for most people but good for his own multi-billion pound fund, he says.” They described Hands as, “One of the most high profile names in finance has said that Brexit is going to lead to dramatic economic upheaval which will be bad for most people but good for his multi billion-pound private equity firm.” They say, “Guy Hands, chairman of Terra Firma, one of Europe’s largest private equity groups, warned that the country will have to get rid of much of its social safety net and may see a 30 per cent decline in wages in real terms in the next 20 years to enable it to compete outside of Europe.”

How does Hands see our post Brexit future playing out? It looks decidedly grim for most of us as, “Debt will command higher interest rates as more risk is ascribed to an independent UK, and immigrants from Europe will be replaced with workers from the Indian subcontinent and Africa, who may be willing to accept ‘substantially’ lower pay, he said.” UK citizens will not be competing with EU migrants on the level playing field of equal rights at work for equal pay. The numbers will not reduce, but those who come here from further afield have far more to lose making them more compliant with low wages and poor working conditions. The entire workforce will be dragged down to this lower level with Covid used as an excuse to help cover for the Brexit fiasco. The lockdown restrictions are helping to acclimatize the working poor to what will become the new normal of extreme poverty wages a third lower than the current minimum wage; people will be told this adjustment is necessary to help crippled businesses recover.

The Independent report that, “Still, ultimately, the exit will be a good thing for the economy, Hands said.” Most savvy progressives now realize that, “good for the economy” is Tory code for healthy profits for major Corporations and the wealthy elite at the grim expense of grinding poverty for the vast majority of ordinary workers who will suffer unemployment, wage regression, debt and destitution. Without expressing the slightest degree of genuine regret Hands says, “The slightly sad thing is the people who voted for Brexit aren’t the people who are going to have to make these sacrifices.” Hands then added, “That’s not unusual for big, political decisions when people don’t fully analyse what the economic consequences are.” There is simply no excuse for the Tories ongoing deliberate deception or lack of opposition from Starmer as Labour Leader. Hands statement sounds like a disingenuous way of telling us we were all duped by dishonest politicians, which has become pretty much standard practice, but we are getting sick of it.

Back in 2017 the Independent reported that, “that Prime Minister Theresa May said this month that the country would leave the European Union’s single market, pursuing a so-called hard Brexit and severing the bloc’s influence over the UK’s immigration and laws. She’s aiming to preserve tariff-free trade between Britain and the continent while securing the liberty to make new deals with other countries. Brexit will also present opportunities for buyout funds, Hands said. As interest rates go up, some businesses will go bankrupt, leading to buying opportunities, he said. ‘Sadly, and this is always one of the strange things about business, I think it’s probably a bad thing for the majority of people and bad for the country, but I think, for my business, it’s probably going to be good,’ he said.” We know that the selective restriction the Tories are imposing will accelerate bankruptcies. This is why Tory MPs are so eager to keep us duped with zero transparency over the catastrophic impact of Brexit; they will be laughing all the way to the bank!

We are facing a crisis of Leadership on both sides of the political divide. The lying, dismissive narcissist Boris Johnson is too lazy and inept to run the country, but he is controlled by a far more devious eugenicist the ‘Herd Nerd’ Dominic Cummings. Meanwhile, masquerading as Leader of the opposition, our Captain of Capitulation the Tories faithful Trojan horse Sir Keir Starmer is equally deserving of removal from office. What will it take to rid us of both men? Starmer could easily be caught out by the exposure of the fantisemitism scam that he manipulated to his favour in betrayal of Party members or Labour could reach a tipping point of sheer disgust in his self-serving lack of moral fibre; he needs to ‘grow a spine’ fast. The Tories are so embroiled in corruption it seems impossible that they will be able to continue using their stolen victory to plunder the public purse and ‘Slaughtering the Sheeple’ while dragging the entire population into destitution under the excuse of Covid. These toxic tyrants have to go ASAP! DO NOT MOVE ON!