Cameron and Iain Dale 10

Still in Accra. Nadira just phoned me from London to say that little Cameron – now 6 months old – was playing with the keys of her laptop – he has a fascination for mobile phones, remote controls and anything technical. Somehow he managed to open up firefox and navigate to Iain Dale’s blog.

The amazing thing is that it was Nadira’s laptop, not mine, and she can’t work out how he would have found the site, which she never looks at. Cameron is a family name – it was my father’s and is my brother’s middle name. But now I am worried that he has caught the zeitgeist and baby Cameron has become a Tory. Should I seek medical advice?

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10 thoughts on “Cameron and Iain Dale

  • Bill Kristol-Balls

    If he’s channeling DC to get to Dale I’d think an exorcist might be more appropriate 😉

    Good luck.

  • Abe Rene

    Six months old and surfing the net! Just think, with his brains he might become ambassador to Wotsitstan, get fired for telling Cabinet ministers not to participate in crimes aganst humanity, marry Miss World (or near as damn it) and start his own blog…

  • ingo

    When he was only three month old and here and in Norwich, whipping up and down in his seat on top of the residence kitchen table,I gave him a quick tuition, there were so many laptops around, sorry Craig. I showed him how to google his name, you know how the formula goes ‘if in doubt, blame a Kraut’ (;-)

    Ian Dale must use the name ‘Cameron’ very often and it probably came top of the list, which your little expert son clicked on, hey presto.

    My best to you all

  • crockhamtown

    When you get to my age you can’t read small type. Can you increase the font size a couple of notches?

  • Frank Bowles

    My concern is that the child is halfway technically competent. I would seek a paternity test immediately.

  • Frank Bowles

    What concerns me is that the child is halfway technically competent. You should seek a paternity test immediately…

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