The Inane Mary Dejevsky 11

The mind-numbingly stupid Mary Dejevsky seems to belive that diplomats should not be allowed to be divorced, or should lose their jobs if they do divorce.

…it has come out that our man in Yemen, Tim Torlot, is living at his official residence with an American journalist, who is expecting his baby… does the Foreign Office have to be quite as indulgent as it appears to be when the face of Britain abroad trades in a long-time partner

Wow! Ambassador has a girlfriend! Absolutely shocking. How did the Independent miss this one off the front page? But hasn’t this happened before somewhere? Mary reminds us:

The courage of our (former) man in Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, in exposing torture, seemed to blot out in the generous public mind the fact that he had installed a cabaret dancer in his official residence.

And plainly that was much more important than the torture stuff eh? And even worse than an American journalist, a cabaret dancer. Whisper it quietly.

I hope that none of this will “blot out in the generous public mind the fact” that Mary Dejevsky wrote this shameless gushing puff piece about murderous co-dictator of Uzbekistan, Gulnara Karimova:

What is certain is that Karimova is the product of a unique moment in history, her fate caught up between two ages and cultures: between Soviet Communism and its chaotic, free-market successor, between Asia and the West.

Interestingly the Independent seem to have been embarassed into pulling the piece from their website.

For someone who lectures us on morality, Dejevsky’s own seems to be curiously pliable. Besides which, she must have fucked someone at the Independent to be writing there rather than at Mills and Boon, where she belongs.

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11 thoughts on “The Inane Mary Dejevsky

  • Dick the Prick

    Whaddya onaboaaat? She’s perfect for pseuds corner. ‘…her fate caught up between two ages and cultures’ – only 2? Surely she could have done a bit better – 6 at least. Hmm

  • Tom Welsh

    I knew the name Mary Dejevsky rang a bell. “Newspeak in the 21st Century” by David Edwards and David Cromwell, pp 96-100. Writing in the Indescribablyboring, she rubbished the Johns Hopkins/Lancet report on the number of excess Iraqi deaths due to the war.

    When the authors (representing medialens) wrote to complain about her misrepresentations, she replied in the most astonishingly foolish terms. (A search for “Dejevsky” at will immediately bring you to the relevant articles). Her main points were (in my words):

    1. The “extrapolation technique” failed to take into account regional variations. (Actually, the survey did not use extrapolation, and it somewhat overcompensated for regional variations – for instance, by excluding Fallujah and other massacre sites).

    2. It didn’t matter whether the facts were right and the methodology correct – the important thing was that uneducated people like Mary Dejevsky felt there was something wrong with the numbers.

    3. The authors had “little to counter” government criticisms with, ****”bar the defence that their methods were standard for those sort [sic] of surveys”****. (What other defence could possibly be needed?)

    So, not just immoral but uneducated, stupid, and unreasonably proud of all those things.

  • dodoze

    At risk of being pilloried by a few Stop the War activists, I have seen a daguerreotype or some such of Mrs Mary Dejevsky. I am reminded of an earlier post: “if I were married to Jacqui Smith…..”. Now I know the chaps and chapesses over at the Independent are having something of a hard time, but REALLY!

  • Bananas in the Falklands

    Clearly the foreign office should be hiring cambridge graduates whom are bisexual and spy for both sides.

    The straight thing is boring it seems for Ms Dejevsky.

  • MikeD

    Craig _ I miss when you don’t post and love your directness when you do:

    ….Besides which, she must have fucked someone at the Independent to be writing there rather than at Mills and Boon, where she belongs.

    You are simply the best and I look forward to what you say about the Iarq enquiry…

  • MS

    Gosh,you wouldn’t guess that Ms Karimova would be such a bloodthirsty beast judging by her fluffy website:

    But one look at her ‘creative work’ tells me why she needs loads of money to shove it(especially the jewellery) down people’s throat!

    • John Hirst

      Dejevsky would make an ideal 5th Columnist from the 4th Estate should things get a bit naughty between the West and an aggressive Putin.

  • glenn

    I still say that the pompous, sexist and racist Howard Jacobson is worse. Have you seen the picture accompanying his arrogant blatherings lately? The poor fool clearly thinks himself suave! But then, what woman would not swoon at a gut like his?

  • metem

    Wow, you have a cabaret dancer at your ‘residence’! Does this mean you just hire a full-time personal cabaret dancer or that your girlfriend is a cabaret dancer? Either way congratulations. As for Ms. Djevsky it’s odd, I’m from the states and I had the impression you Europeans were beyond being prudish about couples remaining unmarried. I guess it’s just statistically more rare, but still pokes its head up.

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