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Kim Sanders-Fisher

For me it was always incomprehensible to imagine that former Labour supporters could possibly have consciously ignored the relentlessly cruel austerity agenda of the past decade that has plunged so many of their families into destitution, to overwhelmingly ‘lend’ their votes to the perpetrators of that atrocity in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. Despite expansive lies supported by the biased BBC and corrupt right wing media to promote the illusive claim of ‘levelling up’ the Tories were never going to change; once again ‘Free school meals for the poorest children’ forms the bedrock of this Government’s intentional “Decimating Down” plan. We have sunk to this low point before, right after former PM Theresa May announced help for the “Just about Managing,” but the only discernable difference is a new slogan for Tory lies! To claim voters were too gullible to recognize Johnson’s ruthless intentions as PM or that they were so obsessed with Brexit they just didn’t care is totally insane: we must investigate the Tory ‘landslide victory.’

The deceitfully fabricated façade of ‘levelling up’ crumbled into dust over the past week as the PM, probably under the direction of his master manipulator Dominic Cummings, carved up the country into three tiers of increasing oppression to intentionally destroy the economies of the Labour supporting cities in the north. The refusal to acknowledge that it was not the hospitality sector, but the schools that were driving the new surge in Covid infections remains discreetly obscured by the press as the Government double-down on the pressure to keep schools open by voting against the support for free school meals during the holidays. These young ‘vectors’ are far too important to the Cummings eugenics project to cull the ‘economically inactive’ elderly, disabled and vulnerable all crammed into multigenerational homes in deprived areas; the Tories will not budge despite the exposure of their hypocrisy. The penalty for a school closure to suppress the virus is that the children will be forced into starvation without Government support.

Back in a 2018 Evolve Politics Article entitled, “Tories launch scheme that completely destroys their own argument for cutting Free School Meals” they were playing a similar sleight of hand game to fool the British public. “Despite implementing cruel policies that will reportedly steal free school meals from the mouths of a million disadvantaged children, the Tories have spent today promoting a new scheme that completely flies in the face of their illogical arguments for implementing their latest despicable free school meals policy. With great fanfare, the Tories today announced the Holiday Activities and Food Research Fund which will – no word of a lie – look at how to help disadvantaged children to benefit from ‘healthy meals and enriching activities’.”

Evolve Politics reported that, “Launching the fund, the Department for Education said the fund would go to organisations to explore: ‘how best to help the most disadvantaged children to benefit from healthy meals and enriching activities’ and was designed to ‘help to ensure that every child, whatever their background or wherever they are growing up, has the opportunity to reach their potential’. Incredibly, the announcement of the pilot programme comes just three days before the government are set to restrict access to free school meals.” They said, “what’s more, the Tories are trying to take all the credit for the new fund – despite it not even being their idea! Labour MP Frank Field first introduced a private member’s bill calling for local authorities to be required to provide food and activities for children during school holidays. But Education minister Nadim Zahawi made it clear that the government would not support the bill, saying that he did not believe that primary legislation was required.”

Exposing the charade Evolve Politics said, “Instead, the government has put a tiny amount into a pilot programme, and is claiming all the credit. The government cut £26bn from the welfare budget in 2016/17 alone, so the £2m for the fund represents just 0.008% of the money cut from welfare in that year. Put another way, it’s worth less than 50p for each of the 4.1m British children now living in poverty. And whilst this is just a pilot project, there is no holiday project which could possibly make up for the damage caused by ongoing cuts. As usual, Twitter was quick to respond to the Tories’ latest deeply ironic PR scheme.” [email protected] on Mar 29, 2018. Tweeted: “Weve launched a new fund to support disadvantaged families during the school holidays. We want every child to reach their potential. That’s why this fund will support new holiday programs for the most disadvantaged families. Because healthy meals and activities in the holidays can contribute to their development and improved attainment.”

But while the Conservative Mar 29, 2018 Tweet claims, “We’ve launched a new fund to support disadvantaged families during the school holidays. We want every child to reach their potential. That’s why this fund will support new holiday programs for the most disadvantaged families. Because healthy meals and activities in the holidays can contribute to their development and improved attainment.” Evolve Politics noted the widespread skepticism as “Highly [email protected] Tweeted: “How do you qualify?? The poorest families don’t get free school meals, so do you have to be even poorer to get this??? There were 3.9 million children living in poverty in the UK in 2014-15 That’s 29% of children or 9 in a class of 30. (Source: Households Below Average Income An analysis of the income distribution 1994/95 – 2015/16 tables 4a and 4b Department of Work and Pensions 2016.)” The current Tory claim that Universal Credit and other support packages make prioritizing free school meals unnecessary is eerily familiar!

Commenting on this announcement back in 2018 Evolve Politics wrote, “At the moment, children from families receiving Universal Credit are eligible for free meals. But after April 1st, an earnings threshold of £7,400 will be implemented, with families earning more than that no longer eligible, although those already in receipt of meals will continue to get them. The Children’s Society has reported that the Tories’ changes will result in one million poor children missing out on free school meals.This whole charade really sums up the Tory austerity agenda in a nutshell: force millions of children into poverty with one utterly despicable policy, and then throw them a few crumbs with another and hope everybody just shuts up. Let’s hope the Tories don’t also expect those children to be grateful.” This is the Tory deprivation agenda that Boris Johnson inherited from his Tory predecessor that formed the basis of an disgustingly consistent track record of deliberate deprivation that voters would need to accept in order to vote Tory: they did not!

Published at the same time The Week Article entitled “Children to ‘go hungry’ after free school meals cuts” they highlighted how the, “Tories face backlash for exempting Northern Ireland from reforms which could affect one million children. Under the new legalisation, English families on universal credit will have their income threshold for free school meals slashed to £7,400 a year. The cuts mean around 212,000 children in London stand to go hungry, 130,000 in the West Midlands and another 130,000 in the North West.” Sam Royston of the Children’s Society wrote in The Guardian that “the total number of children who lose out could be as high as one million, the majority from working class families. Once a family with one child passes the £7,400 mark, it will need to earn an extra £1,000 a year, working 2.4 hours more each week at the national living wage, to cover the cost, he says.” He also cited research that found “loss of free school meals is a major disincentive to work” – extra hours would deny future support.

The Week note that, Northern Ireland would to be protected from free school meal cuts despite the fact that “the Government had just taken direct control of budgets, the same threshold for eligibility will be nearly double the rest of the country, at £14,000.” They report that “HuffPost UK says this has led to ‘fresh criticism’ of Theresa May’s alliance with the DUP…” Evolve Politics commented that “In order to get the requisite amount of votes for a deeply unpopular policy, they are reduced to exempting Northern Ireland from the fallout of that policy so that the DUP can vote it through for other areas. The perverseness is astounding.” At the time, “A last-minute series of votes tabled by Labour aimed at blocking changes to universal credit benefit thresholds and mitigating the effects of the cuts was defeated…” But they said that, “Whatever the economic rationale behind the move, it never looks good for the party in power to be seen to be taking food away from children – as Margaret ‘milk snatcher’ Thatcher found out in 1970.”

It was a slew of policies like this that would have dissuaded Labour voters and even the allegedly critical older voters in ‘Red Wall’ constituencies from trusting a serial liar like Boris Johnson not to continue punishing the working poor in northern cities to the point where they would seriously consider ‘lending’ the Tories their vote. Grandparents who have had their children move back home after an eviction caused by the wicked deprivation and stalled payout of Universal Credit would not vote for the grandchildren, now crammed into their house, to go short of food. I simply cannot believe that their fantasy nostalgia for pre EU Britain was enough to generate such overwhelming selfishness in the elderly that they accepted the strong possibility of condemning their grandchildren to starve by voting for Boris to ‘Get Brexit Done’. Do I think these same delusional voters were so deeply troubled by reports of how Corbyn was inadequately dealing with fantisemitism that they could not support Labour; this was a pathetically obscure red herring!

Were such woefully bizarre and inaccurate lines of warped reasoning enough to justify a Tory ‘landslide victory’ in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election? Despite a nonexistent ground campaign with Tory candidates, including Johnson himself, not even bothering to show up for Hustings, if valid, such a win would have been truly astounding. After an even more shambolic election campaign than ‘the Maybot,’ where Boris Johnson was so consistently heckled by the public that the BBC had to stage manage small meticulously well controlled groups in their effusively supporting coverage of the PM and he was once forced to hide in a fridge, he shocked the nation with a ‘landslide victory!’ Why do the public believe this clear impossibility? The conspicuous absence of victorious Tories explaining their triumph should have alerted us all to the scam. But the Tory controlled BBC bailed out Boris yet again by parading dozens of Labour MPs on TV shows and forcibly humiliating them into selling the veracity of a totally fabricated defeat.

Within just a few short months Johnson was manipulating the Covid crisis to devastate northern businesses, punish the working poor, disadvantage their children and most sickening of all cull their elderly relatives with the Cummings eugenics ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple!” So why would Johnson deliberately kill off his strongest voting support base? Dictators are liberated from the unreliable vagaries of actually allowing the population to vote in free and fair elections. If this corrupt Tory Government is allowed to get away with their falsified win in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, there will be no further opportunities to restore our democracy after they solidify their absolute power with crash-out Brexit. The no-deal scenario was planned from day one as it will provide catastrophic hardship bringing an already severely weakened and subjugated population to their knees, ripe for excessive Tory exploitation that will further enrich the wealthy elite. We must act immediately to derail this deadly process with robust opposition.

Robust opposition will require the removal of the Tory Trojan horse, Captain of Capitulation Keir Starmer. The timid enabling of the Tories refusal to fund free school meals drew abhorrent, but sadly accurate comparisons with a previous Tory PM. The Skwawkbox Article entitled, “Starmer should be shouting about scandal of people having to feed poor kids because Tories are psychopaths – not sounding like David Cameron” lays his inadequacies bare. They say that, “Keir Starmer has appalled many Labour supporters by ‘doing a Cameron’ on English people’s response to the Tories’ conscious cruelty toward the nation’s poorest and most vulnerable children. The Tories voted earlier this week to leave at least 1.5 million children in England hungry during school holidays (and any eventual lockdown), despite a massive campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford and his supporters – and in spite of Johnson’s u-turn during the summer on Rashford’s initial campaign to provide food for kids entitled to free school meals.”

The Skwawkbox report that, “Labour – rightly and unusually under Starmer – opposed the Tories and exposed the cruelty at the heart of the conservative party, but Starmer has now made Johnson’s life easier by opting to treat the response of English people, councils, football clubs and businesses as if it’s a positive and not a scandal that they have to step up and fill the gap left by the Tories’ utter disregard for the wellbeing of the nation’s children. Starmer tweeted a Daily Mirror headline about the response and added his own rider implying that it’s the people’s responsibility to ‘get us through this crisis’ of starving children. He didn’t even mention the Tories: It was a comment reminiscent of David Cameron’s appalling attempt to treat food banks as part of the welfare state, instead of the damning indictment of the Tories’ contempt for the poor, including millions of ‘working poor’ people.”

Skwawkbox report that, “Labour giant Clement Attlee rightly took the view that for a government or people to rely on charity to fill the gaps left by inadequate taxes and state action is anything but a positive thing” He is quoted as saying, “Charity is a cold grey loveless thing. If a rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim.” Skwawkbox assert that, “The response of the UK’s people, councils and businesses is hugely praiseworthy and has become essential because of the Tories’ reckless disregard for children and the poor. But it is not their job to provide something that government should be doing. It is a desperate last resort and an absolute scandal that they are having to do it.” They say that, “Keir Starmer should be loudly and relentlessly be calling attention to that, not sounding like David ****ing Cameron.” It is well past time to unambiguously ditch the deceitful pretence of the Tory ‘levelling up’ agenda; they have unequivocally eradicated that fantasy by letting kids starve,

If you really were taken in by the bold, but totally vacuous slogan ‘Get Brexit Done;” how is that ‘oven ready deal’ that was not just half baked, but still growing the wheat to mill into flour; how is that deeply duplicitous deception working for you? When you hear solid evidence that the Tory Party used public funds to create defamatory lies and distribute this vile propaganda to deliberately deceive you and influence your vote, do you think their crime should be punishable with jail sentences or rewarded with a stolen victory? Do you think the ongoing Tory plundering of public funds to enrich their cronies and Corporate donors should continue unabated with the Tory Government able to shut down Judicial Review, abolish the Electoral Commission and install compliant politically appointed Judges? Is starving our children a necessary price to pay for the promised Brexit utopia that is rapidly shaping up to be a dystopian nightmare scenario enabling a prolonged Tory dictatorship of slave labour, hardship and extreme deprivation?

Sadly it has become almost as much of a priority to unseat the current Labour Leader as it is to oust PM Boris Johnson and his corrupt Tory cabal. While Rashford’s efforts are to be applauded, it should not require a footballer to dropkick a conscience into the minds of thoughtless, detached and far too wealthy political leaders. We need to respect the fact that not only are the ‘Res Wall’ constituencies seriously aggrieved by the betrayal of their new Tory representatives, they never voted them into power during the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. The massive proliferation of TV reporters avidly encouraging carefully selected participants to rant about their anti-Labour gripes have all miraculously evaporated; they served their purpose supporting the fake narrative, bit now local views need to be tightly gagged to keep the Tories in power unchallenged. We cannot rely on the BBC or conventional right wing media to voice our concerns, but then again, we cannot afford to remain passively silent as we slide into Tory Dictatorship. DO NOT MOVE ON!