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I understand both stances in a way. But the answer to Steph is that the forum chosen and the company kept are important when you look at the message, but I agree that to counteract these often propagandistic and self advancing individuals it is also important to refute their insidious methods. In fact your mention of RT has reminded me of why I now do not get as much news from there as I used to. RT is splendid in reporting from the point of view of Russia and in certain other political reporting. But they also do like to gloat over difficulties in the west, not unlike what the BBC does here. The answer is to be selective in what information you get from which site.
There are a number of scientists who have great achievements in one field who go rogue and pontificate in other fields, often leading others astray. A case in point is the discoverer of the PCR who won a Nobel science prize but then turned climate and HIV skeptic, using his previous fame and knowledge to mislead others.