UNESCO Shame 7

I am truly sorry to say it, but UNESCO really is an appalling organisation. Good article here by Liberal Vision.


The links to Global Witness are well worth following up, too. I have a lot of time for Global Witness.

UNESCO have put millions of UN money into “reconstruction” of Tamerlane monumental architecture in Uzbekistan. Astonishingly, the process often involves demolition of the original remains being “reconstructed”. The entire purpose of these Disneyland reconstructions is to host Karimov regime spectaculars featuring singing soldiers and massed ranks of dancers celebrating the cotton harvest.

UNESCO seems devoid of moral sense – indeed any sense. I remember, as an internationalist, being appalled when Thatcher withdrew Britain from UNESCO for a while. But she was right.

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7 thoughts on “UNESCO Shame

  • Arsalan

    More shameful remembering that the cotton is collected by child slave labour. Even more considering the Uzbecks will never see their cotton because it will all go to China, and they will never see the money for it as it will all go to Karimovs bank accounts in Europe.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    Yes corruption is rife and funds misappropriated. President Obiang has responded here:


    and here:


    But should we blame or deride UNESCO, considering it’s work in Iraq and Gaza?

  • My Party Wrong or Right

    “I remember, as an internationalist, being appalled when Thatcher withdrew Britain from UNESCO for a while. But she was right”

    I think you’re misunderstanding the tribal nature of sophisticated parliamentary democracy there Craig. You can’t go round saying things like that

  • Apostate


    Now where exactly did the idea that UNESCO was a force for good in the world come from in the first place?

    Probably from imbibing wholesale all the lies and propaganda re-WW2.

    The eugenics/social Darwinism idea may have been brought into disrepute by the Nazis but the elites have never lost their appetite for global population control.

    If you’d bothered to do some research you’d have worked out that the Nazi scientists with eugenics as their specialism like Mengele were smuggled out of Germany at the end of the war.

    Eugenic programmes continued to be propagated by global, especially British elites, after the war.They just opted to use more cuddly names like UNESCO which was founded by eugenic elitists like Bertrand Russell.

    Russell and later Zbrezinski though from different generations both prescribed mass education as a process of dumbing down so that the general population for whom the elite had no real further use would simply be programmed to be incapable of independent thought.They would only be able to repeat what had been downloaded into their minds by the previous night’s news!

    You bumped into anyone that could only do that? It pretty much describes the British art of conversation doesn’t it?

    UNESCO is all about educating children as “human resources” to become “worker bees” for the corporate workforce.Judging by the level of much conversation it’s worked a treat!

    Google UNESCO and Workforce Development to discover what the organization really intends for our children.

    Meanwhile you’re obviously so far behind the game to believe the UNESCO started with noble intentions bull you need to get your head round where the globalist agenda began and where it’s headed.


    In mainstream commentary there seems little or no understanding of how elites have got to the position of dominance thay now enjoy.These elites are as far removed from the interests of the mass of humanity as it’s possible to get!

    Maybe you think the World Wildlife Fund is all about saving pandas too!

    Those guys in suits who call themselves “philanthropists” are not really your friends at all.They never were-do some homework for Chrissakes!


  • Freeborn

    It’s a little pathetic the way the British like to parade their allegiance to elite “good causes” like the UN and its subsidiary organizations such as UNESC0 and the WWF.

    Without any understanding of the narrow elite controlling interests behind such collectives or their long-held globalist agenda they will be the first to succumb to the corporate NWO game-plan.

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